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Los Angeles Home Wine Cellar Construction Project 

Recently, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars completed the construction of a residential storage room in Los Angeles, California. The structure had many interesting features, and among them were the wine racks and shelves that were made from Redwood.  Lacquer Finished Redwood Used for the Wine Racking There are various kinds of wood used for building wine […]

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars Construction and Design Project in Los Angeles, California

Wine collections should be kept in a storage structure that is not only functional and dependable, but also beautifully designed. Coastal Custom Wine Cellars, an expert builder in California, recently completed a unique home cellar project for a client in Los Angeles, California. The construction team made sure that the room was capable of providing […]

Custom Wine Cellar Flooring in Orange County, California

Your custom wine cellar cannot be complete without wine cellar flooring. In fact, the wine cellar flooring is just as important as the other elements of your wine storage room. What’s fun about wine cellar flooring is that you can choose from a variety of design options, to suit your taste and complement the rest […]

Wine Storage Essentials for the Wine Collector in California

  It doesn’t matter if your wine collection is only a handful of wine bottles or thousands of vintages that you have gathered from different places, one thing is always important: storing these wines properly in order to keep them at their best quality.   The following are a few tips that you need to […]

Custom Wine Cellar Tips: Knowing Which Wine Cellar Accessories You Need

Custom wine cellars in California should not only be beautifully designed, but also functional. Wine cellar accessories can help make your custom wine cellar more functional and improve how it looks. There are many wine cellar accessories to choose from, such as wine racks, wine holders, wine bottle openers, corkscrews, etc. Among the many wine […]

Choosing the Ideal Wood for Your California Wine Cellar

Once you have decided to expand your wine collection and want to have good wine storage like having your own residential wine cellar, there are a few things that you have to consider. One of the things to consider is the wood that you want your California wine cellar builder to use. Study, research, and canvass on what types of wood species are […]

California Wine Racks – Buying Tips and Advice

If you are a wine collector or just planning to start your own wine collection, you have to consider what kind of wine rack you have to avail. Some wine storage racks are readily available on the market while some can be built especially based on your given specifications. In California and other parts of the world, most wine enthusiasts […]

Mahogany – Ideal Material for California Wine Cellar Racks

Wood is the most sought after material in wine rack construction mainly because of its affordability and workability. This material provides versatility in design options that can accommodate various preferences. Wood is also naturally beautiful and can enhance the interior of any home and convey elegance in any living space. Wooden wine racks are available in […]

Where Form Meets Function – A Santa Barbara Wine Cellar Design by IWA Designer Jimmy Simmons

Custom wine cellars are excellent, particularly in areas with unique or unusual attributes.  For example, one was built in Santa Barbara California, and was made earthquake proof due to the common occurrence of earthquakes there. As any resident in California will tell you, earthquake resistance is an important aspect of any construction project. Taking this into account, when […]

Custom Wine Cellars Wine Rack Opening Sizes – Wine Cellar Builders

Custom Wine Cellars Wine Rack Opening Sizes – Wine Cellar Builders – A Processed Video Transcription Standard Cubicle Size for Custom Wine Racks. Hi and thanks for visiting Coastal Custom Wine Cellars.  We’re going to talk today a little bit about the single bottle wine storage racks.  Single bottle wood wine racks dominate the wine cellar environment typically.   Certainly there […]

The Evolution of Contemporary Los Angeles Custom Wine Cellars and Wine Racks

The design of home wine cellars has evolved through the decades. This time, contemporary residential wine cellars are increasing in popularity, especially in Los Angeles, California. VintageView modern wine racks are the best option to achieve that modern minimalist appearance for your custom wine storage.  Contemporary Design for Residential Custom Wine Cellars is in! There […]

Wine Cellar Builders Create Quality Wine Cellars for Famous New Zealand Wines

Grape vines are grown, harvested and made into wine and stored in wine cellars all over the world.  They come from some of the finest wine producers, including those of New Zealand.  New Zealand is a country of luxury, with gentle, rolling hills, gourmet food and, of course -wine.  Wine started out in New Zealand many years ago, dated at […]

Journey: Vineyard to Residential Wine Cellar & Wine Storage

Wine has been one of the most famous alcoholic beverages for hundreds of years, its popularity going strong throughout the ages.  Almost everyone has heard of wine, but less know how it’s made, or that it can be created from fruits other than grapes, as well as plants and nuts. The wine-making process is pretty […]

Wine Cellar Construction Los Angeles – San Diego Home Rennovation Project

In this recent project the Los Angeles Wine Cellar Builders community just completed a project in San Diego, California.  This home wine room construction project was part of an overall residential home renovation plan.  The basement of this large home being completely finished with the wine cellar as the focal point. This was to be […]

Latest Custom Wine Cellars California Santa Ana Project

California master wine cellar builders is one of the most reliable wine cellar construction companies. They are reputable for creating the most beautiful wine cellar designs using only durable materials. They construct wine storage solutions both for residential and commercial purposes. California master wine cellar builders do it again with this residential custom wine cellar […]