How Stylish Wine Racks Transformed a Room into an Impressive Home Wine Cellar in California

Rustic Home Wine Cellar Design Created by California Master Builders

Whether you are a beginner or a wine connoisseur, investing in a custom wine cellar offers many advantages. In California, the owners of a beautiful home contacted Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles because they needed professional help for their wine room construction project. They wanted to have a safe and elegant wine storage area for their wines and liquors. Our team provided an innovative solution that would exceed the client’s expectations. 

Impressive Home Wine Cellar Design Created for a Home in California  

Before choosing a contractor or builder for your wine room project, it is crucial to do thorough research about companies in your area that provide the services you need. When you work with Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles, you can have peace of mind that all your requirements are met. Our trained and creative team will make sure that you will have hassle free experience.  

The different styles of wine cellars are traditional, contemporary, and transitional. In this project, we built a traditional wine room using wooden wine racks.  We also added a lighting system that would complement rustic charm of the racking. 

Before designing the wine cellar, we made a thorough assessment of the client’s needs. This process helped us determine the perfect wine rack styles, cooling system, and door for the wine room.  

Designing the Wine Racks with Form and Function in Mind  

Designing the wine racks requires creativity, knowledge, and expertise. It should be designed to complement the existing décor of your home and meet your budget and aesthetic needs. It should also be designed according to the number and type of bottles the client plans to store in the wine room.

As a master builder of home wine cellars, we always make sure that the end product exceeds the client’s expectations. In one of our projects in California, we included various racking configurations to accommodate the wines and liquors o the owners.  

Racking Styles for Wines: the Focal Point of this Home Wine Cellar in California  

Home Wine Cellar with Stylish Wine Racks

The focal point of this home wine cellar is the arch display located at the center of the back wall. It also consists of horizontal display bins intended for large format bottles. It is surrounded by individual wine racks.  

We also added a high-reveal display row on both sides of the arch and a tabletop with a drawer. The display rows pitch the bottles at an angle.  

The tabletop provides a place for decanting and serving wine. The homeowners can store some of their wine accessories in the drawer. At the bottom section, we incorporated diamond bins to add character to the overall appeal of the wine cellar and make wine organization convenient.  

Wine Racks for the Client’s Liquor Collection 

For the liquor bottles of the client, we created horizontal display racks and panels that hold the bottles in a horizontal position. We decided to add dramatic lighting to highlight this section beautifully. A 3-level rectangular opening was designed for storing the liquor bottles and wine accouterments in a vertical position.  

High-Grade Material for the Custom Wine Racks  

At Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles, we are known for providing high-quality wine racks. We use only commercial-grade materials to ensure stability and durability. We use the following types of wood:

  • Mahogany 
  • Redwood 
  • Knotty Alder  
  • Pine  

Let us know your needs so we can determine the best material for your wine racks. In this elegant home wine cellar, we utilized Knotty Alder. It is known for its attractive knots and burls that add character to the wine storage racks. Its durability and high resistance to high humid conditions. Our team applied a rustic stain lacquer to create a vintage feel inside the wine room.   

Wine Cellar Door: Design and Functionality  

Insulated Custom Wine Cellar Door

Another crucial component of a refrigerated wine cellar is the door. It should not only be eye-catching; it should also be manufactured with a high-quality material and installed correctly. Therefore, working with a professional will ensure that it serves its function.  

Our doors are manufactured with exterior grade material, making them ideal for spaces with high humid conditions like refrigerated wine cellars. In this home wine cellar in California, we installed a rectangular door with arched glass at the center. Keep in mind that we always want to make sure that our client’s collection is safe. Installing the door correctly helps us achieve this.    

The wooden frame is made of Knotty Alder, the same material we used for the wine racks. We used the LVL (laminated Veneer Lumber) technology to increase the strength and stability of the door. Moreover, we also equipped it with a Q-Lon seal to create an airtight seal, which is necessary for regulating the storage conditions in the home wine cellar. This sealing component minimizes the gaps around the door and helps reduce energy consumption.  

For the glass part, we used thermally insulated glass panels to prevent condensation formation in the room. Condensation will trigger mold growth, which can damage the quality of the wine sad structural integrity of the wine cellar.  

Wine Cellar Cooling Unit 

Wine storage issues can be avoided if an efficient wine refrigeration system is installed in the wine room. When you work with an expert lie Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles, you will have peace of mind. Our HVAC technicians are well trained and possess the skills required for refrigeration system installation and repair.     

After performing a heat load calculation and determining the BTUs required for this home wine cellar, we decided to use an HS wine cooling unit from US Cellar Systems. The evaporator was ducted up in the attic while the condenser (the noisier component) was installed outdoors in the garden area. This type of climate control system offers a quiet operation. 

Transform Your Space into a Sophisticated Home Wine Cellar with the Help of Our Experts 

Let us create a safe and beautiful wine storage place for your collection. This home wine cellar project in California proves our passion and expertise in designing and building custom wine rooms. 

If you need help, please call us at (323) 825-9846.