Custom Wine Cellar Flooring in Orange County, California

Your custom wine cellar cannot be complete without wine cellar flooring. In fact, the wine cellar flooring is just as important as the other elements of your wine storage room. What’s fun about wine cellar flooring is that you can choose from a variety of design options, to suit your taste and complement the rest of the cellar’s design.

The following are a few of the most interesting choices of wine cellar flooring:

1. Cork Flooring

Cork is a great material for wine cellar flooring, as it is an effective heat and sound insulator. Thus, your wines are protected not only from heat damage, but also sound vibrations. Cork also contains a substance called “subherin,”a natural insect repellant that protects the cork from termite infestation. If you do choose cork flooring for your custom wine cellar in California, the installers will treat the corks with Microban to protect it from mold and mildew. They will also apply a moisture protection system, so that the cork will last longer. Finally, cork flooring is a good choice because it is gentle on the feet!

2. Wine Barrel Flooring

Reclaimed wine barrels are another good choice for a wine cellar flooring. Wine barrels have 3 basic parts, and these are the cooperage, the stave and the infusion. The cooperage refers to the top and the bottom of the barrel, the stave refers to the outside of the barrel, and the infusion refers to the inside of the wine barrel. The different parts each create their own unique appeal inside the custom wine cellar. For example, the barrel’s infusion has beautiful coloring from the wines that used to be stored in them. When this part is used for the flooring, a warm and earthy ambiance is created. The stave, on the other hand, has a lot of distinct markings on it, so these will create an artistic feel in your wine storage room.

3. Tile Wine Cellar Flooring

Tiles are a great choice for wine cellar flooring, more so if you use tiles with hand-painted designs. The designs can be up to you. They can be a hand-painting of your favorite wine labels, of beautiful vineyards, or of anything that involves wine. Tiles are a very durable material for wine cellar flooring, and easily washed too. Tiles, generally, are able to retain color, even if they are scratched or chipped.

4. Mosaic Cellar Flooring

A mosaic is another good idea for your wine cellar flooring. A mosaic can be made by using a mixture of different materials, such as stained glass, porcelain tiles or antiques fine china. Break these into pieces and fit them into each other to form a design like a vineyard, a bundle of grapes, or whatever you like. A protective glaze is applied to the mosaic to preserve and protect the work of art.