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Turn Your Closet into a Beautiful Wine Cellar with Top-of-the-Line Wine Cabinets

Closet conversion is one of the hottest trends in the construction industry. There is an increasing demand for building a wine closet at home. More homeowners want to utilize an unused closet in their living room, kitchen, or under the stairs. If you are a wine lover, building a functional and stylish wine closet in that space is a smart idea! Learn […]

Manhattan Beach Los Angeles Wine Cabinet Custom Cellar Project Tour

Manhattan Beach Los Angeles Wine Cabinet Custom Cellar Project Tour – A Processed Video Transcription Hi.  We’re driving today in Manhattan Beach, California, to visit a project recently completed by Coastal Custom Wine Cellars.  When we were initially contacted in July 2014, we learned that the wine enclosure would be one aspect of a large renovation that was […]

Los Angeles Wine Cellars – Know the Calories in Your Wines

Nowadays, people are becoming more health conscious and critical with what they eat and drink. Most people tend to gear towards a healthy lifestyle. Nutritional facts that we see on the back of grocery items are commonly taken for granted by many. Now these pieces of information are commonly being read by consumers, especially those who are health conscious. They don’t just buy […]

Why Store Screw Cap Bottles in Your California Wine Cellar

  Cork has been around for centuries and has proven its worth to wine drinkers and wine makers, but as time goes by, there have been problems which have triggered wine makers to looks for alternative ways to seal wine. Cork taint is one of the problems associated with cork, and until now wine makers have yet to find a way to get rid of it. Advantages […]

Benefits of Wine Cabinets and the Importance of Wine Cellar Doors

If you are an avid wine collector on the lookout for a cost-effective storage solution to your growing wine collection, then you should consider getting a wine cabinet.  Wine cabinets provide a safe haven for your wines and keep them organized.  Each bottle has its own compartment so it stays snugly in place.  In terms of aesthetics, most […]