Home Renovation Project in Beverly Crest, California: Construction of a Small Basement Wine Cellar

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to have their houses renovated after a few years of living in it. Sometimes, renovations are done to repair areas that need to be fixed. But most of the time, homes are renovated to improve it — to create a brand new atmosphere and to increase its aesthetic value. This is why many people would have more rooms added or expand existing spaces. In a recent project in Beverly Crest, California, a client had her small basement turned into a wine cellar as part of the renovations in her home.  

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California Renovations: Making a Beverly Crest Home More Stunning by Adding a Glass Wine Cellar 

In Beverly Crest, a neighborhood in the Westside area of Los Angeles, California, a client was having her house renovated. Part of the changes she wanted in her new home was a beautifully designed glass wine cellar. The client hired our team of builders, from Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles, to turn her basement into a wine storage facility. 

We always meet with our clients prior to any construction activity. This meeting involves a thorough consultation and discussion, which will identify the client’s storage requirements as well as their design goals. We met with the Beverly Crest client and talked about her expectations. She expressed that she had a very limited budget for the cellar construction. She wanted us to help her achieve her dream wine storage room without going beyond her available budget.  

Our wine cellar designers created 3D drawings based on the details that were gathered during the client consultation. We presented the sketches to the client. As soon as she approved the proposed design, we started building the custom wine room.  

A Cost-Effective Design for a Functional Residential Wine Cellar 

The designers proposed a small basement wine cellar that could accommodate approximately 1,003 bottles. To make sure that the wine room would be within the client’s budget, the designers incorporated a combination of wine racking styles to the cellar. The home wine cellar was also designed to have a cooling unit that vented out warm air to an adjacent room.  

On Going Wine Cellar Construction Project

On-Going Wine Cellar Construction Project in a Small Basement

Application of a Vapor Barrier and Installation of Proper Insulation 

We selected a corner in the client’s basement that had a space adjacent to it where the refrigeration system would vent out to. Our team of builders started to frame the area where the cellar was to be built. Then, we sealed the entire room with a vapor barrier and applied proper insulation. A tight seal is necessary in all climate-controlled storage facilities, in order to keep the temperature and humidity inside at the ideal levels. Constant fluctuations in temperature and humidity can easily spoil wine.  

Unfinished Small Basement Wine Cellar

Unfinished Small Basement Wine Cellar

An Assortment of Wine Racking Systems Installed 

Since the client wanted our contractors to work within a limited budget, we needed to use a combination of racking types to keep the costs at a minimum. One of the types of racks we used was a modular racking system. The kit racks were a 6-foot series of semi-custom wooden racks that were made from Mahogany with a natural finish applied. Then, to maintain a customized appearance, we added custom-built features to the cellar.  

There were single bottle storage racks installed for accommodating standard-sized wines. We also added a high reveal display row meant for showcasing the client’s most expensive wines.

Display rows are a brilliant way to effectively organize a wine collection. In this glass wine room, for example, the client arranged her bottles by keeping like wines above and below the displayed labels.  

One of the most interesting features of this residential wine cellar was the table top that we custom-built for the client. This table top was made from solid Redwood with a clear lacquer finish applied. A stem rack was installed above the table top for hanging wine glasses.

Underneath the table top was a lattice diamond bin, which was meant for bulk storage. We opted for a lattice-style diamond bin, instead of one made from solid wood, because we needed to keep the construction costs down. A 1” x 12” section of Redwood is very expensive! 

To ensure that there is a smooth transition of racks from one wall to another, our contractors installed a true radius curved rack. This racking system was also made from Mahogany and had a natural finish applied.  

We built a window on the left wall of the cellar. This window was meant for the client and her guests to be able to see the collection inside the cellar from outside. Dual pane glass was used for the window, so that the cellar would be kept tightly sealed. Also, dual pane glass is necessary to minimize condensation.  

Traditional Custom Wine Racks Designed for a Small Basement Wine Cellar

Traditional Custom Wine Racks Designed for a Small Basement Wine Cellar

At the center of the wine room, the client added a wine barrel. Besides being an accent to the overall design of the cellar, the wooden barrel also served as a tasting area for guests.  

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The Wine Barrel Table was Added to Additional Tasting Area in the  Small Basement Wine Cellar

A Barolo Style Wine Cellar Glass Door 

The entryway for any wine storage structure should be well-designed. In the Beverly Crest home  wine cellar, we installed a pre-fit Barolo style door. It beautifully complemented the other elements of the wine room. A cellar door should also be able to keep the storage room tightly sealed. To ensure a tight seal, we used a dual pane glass center panel for the cellar, with weather stripping and an automatic door sweep.  

Glass Wine Cellar Door

Glass Wine Cellar Door

Efficient HVAC Unit Installed  

A self-contained through-the-wall refrigeration system was installed in this wine cellar. The cooling unit was set up to exhaust warm air and noise into the space adjacent to the wine room.  

Dream Wine Cellar Builder in Los Angeles, California 

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