Contemporary Home Wine Cellars Los Angeles Dining Room Project

Contemporary Home Wine Cellars: a Dining Room Transformed Los Angeles

Contemporary Home Wine Cellars: a Dining Room Transformed Los Angeles

Contemporary home wine cellars are increasing in popularity in Los Angeles and many areas in California. The homeowners of a beautiful home decided to invest in a dedicated wine cellar where they could store and display their collection safely and beautifully. Read on to learn more about the stylish and functional features a team of experts incorporated into the design. 

Contemporary Home Wine Cellars: Converting a Small Space into an Elegant Wine Display in the Dining Room 

Our Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles team works with experts in building unique wine rooms. One of our partners in wine cellar construction is Vintage Cellars. They offer innovative wine storage solutions for every budget, regardless of the size of your space.  

In one of the contemporary home wine cellars they built, the builders transformed a space in the client’s dining room into a striking wine display. The overall design includes metal and glass elements, resulting in a minimalist yet beautiful residential wine cellar.     

Space did not stop Vintage Cellars from creating an inspiring wine display area. With a thorough assessment and careful planning, they created a design proposal using 3-dimensional drawings. The CAD images show the measurement of the room and racking, racking styles, bottle capacities, and the placements of the door.  

Contemporary Home Wine Cellars Design: Metal Racking Features  

Metal Racking Contemporary Home Wine Cellars Dining Room Los Angeles

Metal Racking Contemporary Home Wine Cellars Dining Room Los Angeles

When designing the racking for contemporary home wine cellars, metal wine racks are widely used by builders, designers, and contractors. Metal adds a luxurious touch to a space, and it can blend well with any existing home décor.  

With different metal wine storage systems available in the market, it is best to work with a design specialist with extensive experience and creativity in creating striking wine displays. In this particular project, Vintage Cellars installed metal wine racks from VintageView.  

VintageView is a top-notch manufacturer and supplier of contemporary wine racks in the USA. Their wine racks are stylish and offer design flexibility. They offer standalone, wall-mounted, and floor-to-ceiling wine racks to cater to the needs of their customers.  

In this project, Vintage Cellars utilized metal wine pegs. These wall wine racks were the perfect choice for this wine room because of the limited space. Wall-mounted racking eliminates the use of floor space while maximizing the storage capacity.  

Ultra-Modern and High-Quality Metal Wine Pegs: Widely-Used in Building Contemporary Home Wine Cellars in Los Angeles  

VintageView’s peg wine rack system consists of durable wine pegs with black stain to complement the modern home of the owners. The racking is double deep, which means two pegs can hold two bottles in a label-forward configuration.  

In addition to their eye-catching appeal, peg wine racks offer design flexibility. Increasing the bottle capacity of your existing wine racks will not require modifying the entire racking. Just add more pegs, and voila! You can now add more bottles to your wall wine cellar display! Moreover, you may adjust the spacing of the pegs to achieve the look you desire for your walls.  

Glass Doors and Walls: How Los Angeles Experts Install Them to Create a Beautiful and Safe Wine Storage Environment  

Contemporary home wine cellars ideally have glass doors and walls to create a good view of the stunning wine display from the outside. In this wine room, the glass front framed in metal allows the owners and their guests to enjoy the view of the client’s wine collection from the dining area. The bottles look as if they are floating in mid-air.  

When installing glass doors and walls in climate-controlled wine cellars, you will need the help of knowledgeable builders because there are technical requirements. An airtight seal should be created to and from the wine room. Vintage Cellars used thermally insulated glass panels to prevent the build-up of condensation and mold growth. 

Wine Cellar Cooling System 

In addition to insulating the wine room correctly, it is also crucial that a reliable wine cooling system is installed to create stable conditions needed by wines to preserve their desirable characteristics. A regular air conditioning system is not capable of maintaining constant temperature and humidity levels in wine cellars.  

Vintage Cellars performed a heat load calculation to determine the required BTUs for the wine room, considering its size, location, and amount of glass used on the walls and doors. This process helped them choose the right size of refrigeration unit for the wine cellar. Remember that using a wine cooling system that is too small or too large for the wine room will result in wine storage problems in the future. Working with HVAC specialists will ensure that your wine storage facility is works at its best.  

Since there is a large amount of glass installed in this residential wine cellar, a large climate control system was chosen. It is a split-type wine cooling unit, with the condenser and evaporator located separately, creating a virtually quiet operation.   

Work with Experts in Building Los Angeles Contemporary Home Wine Cellars  

Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles works with master builders in California, including Vintage Cellars. This team has proven its expertise in designing and building contemporary home wine cellars using exceptional wine rack solutions.  

If you need help converting a space in your home into an outstanding wine display or have questions about wine cellar design and construction, please call us at 1.800.876.8789.