These Modern Home Wine Cellars Will Amaze You

Modern Home Wine Cellars by Los Angeles Builders

Modern Home Wine Cellars Los Angeles Builders

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars and Vintage Cellars, our partners in wine room construction, are master builders in Los Angeles, California. Their expertise in designing unique and functional wine rooms has brought spaces to life using innovative wine storage solutions. They have had clients who wanted a wine display area with minimalist features. Check out some of the jaw-dropping modern home wine cellars they have built. 

Jaw-Dropping Modern Home Wine Cellars Built by Los Angeles Master Builders  

Nowadays, minimalist interior design is in demand among homeowners who want to add a luxurious appeal to their homes.  Many homeowners have settled for modern home wine cellars to highlight their prized wines.

Modern wine room designs are created using clean lines and metal and glass elements. Metal wine racks supplied by top-notch manufacturers are widely used in building modern residential wine cellars. We recommend glass doors to achieve a luxurious appeal.  

At Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles, we work with master builders of refrigerated wine rooms in Los Angeles, California. Coastal Custom Wine Cellars and Vintage Cellars are teams composed of designers and installers dedicated to creating exceptional wine displays. Let us take a look at some of the jaw-dropping modern home wine cellars they have built with minimalist features. 

Modern Home Wine Cellars with VintageView Wine Racks  

Modern Home Wine Cellar Design

Modern Home Wine Cellar Design

Most modern home wine cellars built by experts utilize metal wine racks from VintageView. Their wine storage systems offer many benefits. Master builders have been using their products for many years.   

In one of the projects completed by Vintage Cellars, they transformed a small space into a lovely wine cellar using wall-mounted wine racks from VintageView. The wine display with modern features consists of metal wine racks surrounding a rectangular arch display made from wood.

The team installed double-deep racking to maximize the storage capacity of the room. With the labels facing out, it is easier for homeowners to browse their wine collection. The handcrafted wrought-iron door complements the overall design of the wine cellar.  

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars also builds modern wine rooms using VintageView wine racks. In one of their projects, they installed triple-deep metal racking mounted on wooden panels. Glass shelves were added to provide additional storage for wine bottles. The seamless glass door and walls allow the client’s collection to be viewed from the dining area. 

Modern Custom Wine Cellars with Peg Wine Racks  

Modern Home Wine Cellar with Peg Wine Racks

Modern Home Wine Cellar with Peg Wine Racks

Wine pegs are a trend in wine cellar design. The design flexibility of peg wine racks makes them a favorite of homeowners and builders. Two pegs can hold one, two, or three bottles, depending on the depth of the pegs.  

Vintage Cellars built an exceptional wine wall display for a client who owns a high-end home in Los Angeles. They installed Kessick “Wine as Art” pins or pegs on a small wall before the living area. This type of racking creates an art piece that makes the bottles look like they are floating in mid-air. It focuses on displaying the wine labels. 

This wine display system utilizes metal components, acrylic, European panels, semi-custom casework, and LED lighting. The wall-mounted decorative panels are available in single and multi-panel storage. The Wine as Art wine storage system consisting of panels, hardware, and optional lighting can be customized to meet your specific requirements. If you want to sore your wines and display them as art, Kessick “Wine as Art” is the perfect solution for your racking needs.   

Another supplier of peg wine racks is Ultra Wine and Cellar Racks, which are recommended and used by Coastal Custom Wine Cellars in its projects. In a recent project, they built a luxurious-looking residential wine cellar using wine pegs made from chrome and polished stainless steel. The pegs are triple deep, which means two pegs can hold three bottles in a label-forward bottle orientation. The glass walls and door were perfect for viewing the wine bottles from the outside.  

Ultra Modern Residential Custom Wine Cellars with Cable Wine Systems  

Cable Wine Systems is another popular manufacturer of wine racks used in modern home wine cellars. They are increasing in demand nowadays because they look unique and impressive. This wine storage system makes use of strong tension cables, which are held in place by metallic clamps on both ends. They are engineered to support the weight of the bottles.  

In addition to aesthetic quality, cable wine systems also offer custom options. You may choose the spacing between the cradles to accommodate various bottle sizes in your collection.  

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars has used a cable wine system in some of its projects. They had constructed a wine room for a minimalist home where the racking was designed to hold up to 500 bottles. To make the small wine room appear bigger, the Coastal team installed bronze mirrors, which complement the theme of the wine cellar. Another unique feature of this wine room is the LED lighting panel built behind an acrylic board. The lighting system is adjustable to achieve the effect the owners want in their wine room.  

We Build Modern Home Wine Cellars Designed to Impress 

Master builders like Coastal Custom Wine Cellars and Vintage Cellars have many years of experience building exceptional wine rooms. They specialize in designing Los Angeles modern home wine cellars utilizing metal wine racks, glass doors, and beautiful lighting.    

If you need help with our wine cellar construction project, please do not hesitate to call us at (323) 825-9846.