Glass Wine Room in Gorgeous Dana Point Home

Incredibly SMALL yet SPACIOUS Glass Wine Room in a California Home

We love designing and building custom wine cellars, and are always up for a challenge!

Many of the houses in Dana Point, California have their own home-built wine rooms. It’s a highend area known for modern and beautifully designed and decorated houses. The trend for residential wine rooms has been a growing demand in California. Steve and the team at Custom Wine Cellar Los Angeles are constantly working to create innovative and trendy wine room designs and ideas to meet the increasing market demand in the industry.

This glass-enclosed wine room turned out gorgeous as a centerpiece to the living room and a gathering place for friends and family.

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One particular client in Dana Point, California had a newly constructed home, and within the building process, they had already decided to have their own glass wine room built in a designated area in the living room area. They had consulted our team, and we quickly brainstormed for the best glass wine room ideas that would perfectly fit the design of the client’s newly constructed house. The results were breathtaking. Read on to learn more about how this beautifully lit glass wine room was materialized.  

Creating A Unique Glass Wine Room Design with Modern Wine Cellar Lighting Technology 

There is a new lighting technology emerging in the market and we wanted to install this wine cellar lighting system in the form of light panels in the wall. This lighting panel perfectly illuminates the whole glass wine room in this California residential project. With a wide frameless glass that separates the wine room from the living room, the wines are placed in a triple-deep peg on the LED-lit walls painted in white acrylic. This novel and clever approach give our client’s home a very modern and unique touch. The LED wall lighting beautifully highlights the wine collection from a distance. We’re excited to introduce this new lighting technology to the residential wine room industry and this project was the perfect opportunity.  

The Tiny Details That Make Up This Beautifully Lit Glass Wine Room in California 

Subtle lighting combined with a display row like this makes your impressive wine collection pop. Delicious and beautiful!

All the materials, placement, and designs used for this glass wine room project have been carefully picked and well thought out. We made sure every detail thoroughly complements the whole glass wine room experience. Upon entering the living room area of the house, you may be able to see the glass wine room from a distance. While the wine room design does not specifically require a very large space, the frameless glass wall gives a wide room illusion to the entire room. It also perfectly displays the wine collection with its LED light panels installed beneath the translucent acrylic wall. The triple deep brushed pegs are made of polished stainless steel giving a minimal look with very reliable and strong support for heavy bottles.

In the middle portion, we created a spot to display one six (6) liter bottle of wine brushed in a stainless steel frame. At the bottom of the pegs, we installed an alder wood cabinet in black stain. The type of wood and black stain design gives a modern traditional vibe to the glass wine room. The bottom storage portion is for the magnum wines which are the larger versions of the regular 750ml wine bottles. Magnum wines, which are 1.5L in size, are equivalent to two (2) regular wine bottles.

The magnum wines are displayed in a reveal rack in three (3) different positions. On the lower left and right portions, the wines are placed vertically through a reveal rack. On the lower middle portion, they are horizontally displayed. The reveal rack gives a better viewing option for anyone who enters the wine room.  

Choosing the Best Cooling System for An Efficient Glass Wine Room Experience  

Because of the limited space of the glass wine room, we opted to use a ducted cooling system as it is the perfect solution for small spaces. This type of cooling unit allows you to create a wine room environment without the eyesore of a cooling unit inside the room, so there are no unnecessary objects that don’t really contribute to the glass wine room design. We used an HS ducted cooling unit for this project. The coil is covered in the ceiling into the attic and as a result, produces minimal noises and lesser vibrations.

You will be able to see two ducted units covered in the ceiling which is the supply and the return of ventilation and insulation. The ducted cooling system supplies chilled air into the glass wine room and provides the proper cooling temperature between 50-65’F to achieve the right amount of refrigeration.

The cooling system also has flexible humidity options for optimal and long-term wine storage solutions. We make sure our client’s glass wine room will last for many years to come. 

Visualize Your Wine Room Dream into A Reality for Your Home in California! 

We make building wine rooms look easy. We draft out your wine room ideas into paper and start taking action by choosing the best design that fits your needs and wants. Our team of expert designers has been catering to numerous clients in California and we’ve built a pretty good reputation for building the best quality wine rooms for every home. Call us now at (323) 825-9846 or Request a Free 3D Design and let us help you turn your wine room dreams into a reality!  

Take a look through these stunning pictures for a closer look, and keep an eye on this page as we add video walkthroughs and an in-depth look at how Steve and the Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles team created this gorgeous glass wine room!