Los Angeles Wine Cellar Under the Stairs Idea for Your Home

Traditional wine cellars are often seen in areas where light and heat are sparse. Due to modern science and human ingenuity, though, you can already install a wine cellar above ground where light is abundant, such as in this high-rise condominium unit. 

One of our partners in wine cellar design and construction, Wine Cellar Specialists, created this beautiful Los Angeles wine cellar under the stairs inside a high-rise condominium.  Fitted with the right amount of both functional and aesthetic elements, this closet has become the highlight of the room, giving that visually relaxing appeal to the owners and their guests.

Read along this page to know more about how this project came to life! Check this top-notch under-stairs modern glass wine cellar as well!

Los Angeles Wine Cellar Under the Stairs Idea for Your Home

Do Wine Closets Function Well in High-Rise Condos?

Click on this photo for another glass wine cellar we built in a California home.

Full view of the modern, under-the-stairs glass wine cellar in a Los Angeles home

Like the demand for residential condominiums, there has been a growing interest in condominium wine closets and cellars for years. Installing a wine storage unit above ground can be a challenge because you have to battle out the power of natural light and heat. That’s why you need to find a professional wine cellar builder who has the experience, passion, and skill to assemble a fully-functional wine cellar high up on the ground.  

For this particular homeowner, he wanted to utilize the empty space beside the bottom of the stairs to store and showcase his wine collection. The question was, what kind of wine cellar design would be able to house all the bottles he had given the small space?  

If you’re a condo unit owner who shares the same sentiment, you’re in the right place because Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles are masters at creating high-quality wine storage units inside a condo. We’re trained and passionate about finding solutions, so homeowners like you can enjoy the full flavor of their wines all throughout the year. 

Small glass wine cellars aren't only for under the stair spaces. Check this glass wine cellar we built in resdiential hallway in California.

Glass wine cellar doors give that modern touch to any wine cellar in Los Angeles

A Contemporary Wine Closet Built for Small Spaces

Wine closets, wine cellars, and wine rooms all serve the same purpose — to maintain the quality, flavor, and aroma of wines. No matter the size, it has to be able to keep the temperature and humidity levels at a certain degree. Couple that with the owner’s aesthetic preferences, deliberate planning is always necessary to achieve a certain kind of wine closet design.  

We work hard to ensure that every limited space is maximized whilst meeting all of our client’s design requirements. This involves planning the right racking system, calculating the absolute cooling requirement, installing adequate insulation, and putting in a safe amount of lighting. A glass wine cellar under the stairs wouldn’t be much of a problem when you work with Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles. 

Neat-Looking, Glass Wine Enclosure

This 2-story condominium unit comes with a very clean, contemporary design. Classic white walls and dark-toned hardwood floors fill the entire home, brightened by the natural rays of light coming through large picture windows.    

Because the condo unit was in great condition, our partners didn’t have to change too much for the wine closet’s structure, apart from adding a thermally-insulated double glass door. The glass wine cellar door comes with a black-painted iron frame, so it adds to the contemporary aesthetic of the condo.   

Making Enough Room with A Modern Wine Racking System


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Metal pegs for this L.A. condo’s wine rack are fitted with rubber O-rings.

There are different types of residential wine racks, including those made of wood and metal. Metal wine organizers are popular among small wine cellars and closets because they can carry heavy wine bottles without taking up too much space. For this project, the team used aluminum pegs that were attached to an Aluma steel panel.   

A peg racking system allows wines to be stored with their labels forward. Meaning, you won’t have to lift a bottle to see what wine it is. Remember that wines should be kept away from too much shaking and vibration in order to preserve their flavor and texture.    

Each peg was fitted with six (6) O-rings to accommodate three (3) bottles. So, despite its size, this small modern wine closet can actually fit more than a hundred wine bottles! There are other contemporary wine cellar racks you can use for your collection. You can talk to us so our specialists can help you choose which one would look best for the design you want. 

Keeping Wines Fresh with A Highly-Efficient Cooling System

Learn about WhisperKool cooling units for understair wine cellars here.

Wine cellar cooling unit is hidden behind the wine cellar’s ceiling.

Wines ought to be kept at a temperature between 55oF – 85oF and relative humidity between 50% – 70%. This kind of environment is achieved only with the right insulation and refrigeration system. Because the wine closet was located on one of the higher floors of the building, we expected that heat was stronger in that part of the complex. Hence, we needed to find a great-quality, split-type air conditioning system durable enough to fight the heat.  

For this project, they brought in the WhisperKOOL split wine cooling unit. A split type was the logical option because it didn’t take up space inside the wine closet. They attached the evaporator to the ceiling and covered it with a simple dot-type and slit-type grille. That way, the closet looked clean, and they were able to allocate more room for the wines. 

Perfect Lighting for A Dramatic Los Angeles Wine Cellar Under the Stairs Glass 

The color theme of the condo unit involved neutral tones of white, brown, and black. Most of the lighting came from natural light and recessed LED lights. Adding a wine closet was a good idea to give that unique glow to the space. To achieve this, the construction team mounted LED lights at the back of the Aluma Steel Panel. This didn’t just lead people’s attention to the collection, but this also allowed them to illuminate the closet evenly so the owner could see all the wines perfectly at a glance — no slipping or bumping! 

Read through this article and see how important it is to install the right lighting in wine cellars.


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LED mood lights always transform any L.A. wine cellar under the stairs into a dramatic-looking space.

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