Design Ideas for Small Modern Wine Cellars at Home

Constructing a wine cellar and matching it with the design of a home can be achieved if you’re working with the right professionals. At Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles, we work with partners like Coastal Custom Wine Cellars to ensure that every wine cellar looks polished and serves its function with state-of-the-art cooling, lighting, and insulating systems.

With years of experience in cellar-making, Coastal Wine Cellars and Custom Wine Cellar Los Angeles can lay out and build different types of small modern wine cellars, no matter how limited or big your space is — like this one in California! 


Check out another wine cellar we fit into a small space here in Los Angeles

Despite its small size, this modern wine cellar brought more personality to the home’s hallway.

A Fascinating Modern Wine Cellar in A Small Hallway

At Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles, our goal is always to build wine cellars around the design and architecture of the entire house. This house, in particular, had a classic off-white exterior with some rough cladding and glass block windows that you typically find in a lot of colonial homes. However, when you step inside, you’re greeted with a contemporary and luxurious interior that complements the stunning overlooking views of the area.  

Modern home wine cellars create vibrant and refreshing approach to the interior of the house. Inside, the floor, ceiling, and walls come in shades of black and white, with some rooms designed with Wainscot paneling. The modern feel comes from the touch of metal elements in the furniture and large glass windows that allow you to see the backside of the house — where an infinity pool rests and a glass railing secures the outdoor lounging area.  

Because many of the rooms already had striking designs, the team figured the best place to put the cellar was in the hallway — an empty white hallway that would give visitors uninterrupted views of the owner’s wine collection. They stuck to a modern yet minimalist wine cellar design, which fits well with the hallway’s simplistic look. They also used a glass wine cellar door, metal peg wine racking system, and modern LED lighting to complete the style they were going for. 

A Modern Cooling System for the Modern-Day Wine Cellar

Take a look at how we install a split-system cooling unit here.

Air ducts can be covered to make them less conspicuous inside compact, modern wine closets.

Since the space was a bit limited, a split-type cooling system was the best option for this small glass wine cellar. We built the cellar to store around 160 wine bottles, so the team needed to have a ducted, commercial-grade air conditioning unit that could provide enough coolness for every bottle and still constantly run for a long time. Plenty of ducted cooling units also have humidity controls, so there wasn’t any need to put in a separate humidifier anymore — just the perfect choice! 

This high-performing cooling system came with a temperature and humidity control panel which the Coastal team installed outside the wine cellar. This way, there wasn’t any need to “disturb” the cellar’s environment if the owner wanted to adjust or monitor both temperature and humidity. The control panel was fitted with tactile sensors that allow the user to operate it with just a soft touch. 

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Digital cooling unit control panels are easy to operate, and you can place them outside small modern wine storage units too!

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The air duct was also installed on the wine cellar’s ceiling to optimize air distribution. And to maintain that aesthetic harmony, the duct was hidden beneath a black-painted, union jack metal grille. 

A 160-Bottle Metal Wine Racking System for Space-Savvy Homeowners

Compared to wood racking systems, metal racks are more durable and suitable for very tight areas — not to mention stylish and elegant! This is because metals aren’t susceptible to rotting. For this project, our craftsmen attached the metal pegs to a dark-hued wall that was made radiant using soft, modern LED backlighting. The lighting made this small modern understairs wine cellar more noticeable for guests along the hallway, at the same time adding to the overall luxurious ambiance of the home. 

The narrow width of the hallway only permitted them to build the racks on one side. To maximize the space, they built the metal peg wine rack deep enough to accommodate three (3) wine bottles for every two (2) pegs. You can arrange the pegs in any way you like, so they’re perfect for small modern wine cellars, no matter the shape. All in all, the metal pegs alone could hold 159 wine bottles.   

Look at these other wine rack designs we can install in your small modern home wine cellar.

Small wine cellars can store plenty of wine bottles with the right wine rack system.


The team added a stylish, metal display box in the center of the rack where the owner could feature her most-loved wines. It was designed to hold up to three (3) large bottles. Lastly, to help reflect light inside the enclosure, a small mirror wall was placed behind the metal box.  

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A modern display box enhances the design of a narrow wine cellar.

Racking systems serve as both supporting and design elements that complete the styling of any wine cellar. With Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles and its partners, you are confident that we always put time and effort into planning the perfect wine racks for every home wine cellar. 

Creating Small, Modern Wine Cellars with a Timeless, Minimalistic Approach

Here's how to choose the right lighting for your small modern wine cellar.

Modern LED backlighting gives a wine collection a subtle yet elegant glow inside modest wine cellars.

The architecture of this beautiful California home showcases a colonial wine cellar design that has been an earmark of a classic American home. The design masters at Coastal Custom Wine Cellars wanted this small modern wine cellar to inherit this kind of character, so they paid attention to creating a cellar that looks timeless overall.  

A timeless wine cellar design stands out from a sea of ever-changing design trends. Using this kind of design would mean that your wine cellar will always look beautiful, attractive, and sophisticated even after so many years. To achieve this look, the design consultants needed to combine traditional and modern elements and arrange them in a way that complemented the modern minimalistic theme of the hallway. 

By keeping the flooring and walls of the corridor visible inside the wine cellar, they were able to maintain that minimalist vibe throughout. A frameless glass door for wine cellars was also used to prevent visible obstruction, allowing the combined allure of the wood, metal, cement, and glass elements to be fully revealed. 

This project right here is a great example of a flawless, modern, and simple yet sophisticated wine cellar that could certainly pass time. 

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Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles has been providing expert wine cellar installation services for more than a decade. We provide custom-built, small, modern wine cellars to various types of homes, and we are passionate about building wine cellars exactly how you envision them to be. Our master craftsmen can help you plan out your wine cellar and provide you with a quick quote based on your preferences and the actual conditions of your home.  

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