Luxurious Design for a Small Custom Wine Cellar in California

This Los Angeles project is a beautiful example of a small glass display wine cellar. Wine Cellars like this are an excellent solution for wine collectors who want to have a space for their prized wines.

Another showpiece was created by a team of master builders in Huntington Beach, Los Angeles in California. Arctic Metalworks recently built a wine storage room packed with luxurious features. Using metal and wood elements, they were able to convert their client’s room into an awe-inspiring custom wine cellar with a glass door.  

Luxurious Design for a Glass Custom Wine Cellar  

Arctic Metalworks provides innovative wine storage solutions to wine collectors who want to have a safe and stylish space for their prized wines. The team’s creativity, expertise, and passion make them one of the most sought-after builders in California and the nearby areas.  

Custom Wine Cellar Designed with Stylish Features

Custom Wine Cellars Designed with Stylish Features. In this case, metal wine racks by VintageView were added. VintageView is a popular manufacturer of contemporary-looking wine racks.

Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles has been working with the Arctic team for many years, and they have proven their reliability in wine cellar design, installation, and refrigeration.  

In their recent project, they were contacted by the homeowners of a beautiful home in Huntington Beach. They worked closely with the owners, and with keen attention to detail, they determined the specific requirements for this storage project. The goal of Arctic Metalworks was, and will always be, to exceed the expectations of the homeowners. 

Part of the process was the assessment of the client’s needs. After gathering information that would have a significant impact on the overall appeal and functionality of the wine cellar, they created a custom wine cellar design. It includes 3-dimensional images that show the room’s dimension, racking styles and bottle capacities.       

Before putting up the walls, and installing the racking, wine cooling unit, lighting, and door, the Arctic team framed and insulated the wine cellar walls with polyurethane. They also added a vapor barrier before installing the drywall. Proper insulation choice and vapor barrier installation will help in regulating the conditions in a wine cellar.   

Custom Wine Rack Design for an Elegant Home Wine Cellar 

The room utilized in this project is small, but space constraints did not hinder Arctic Metalworks from creating a wine rack design with a wow factor. They transformed the small space into a luxurious custom wine cellar filled with attractive wine racks and a lighting system.  

Metal Wine Racks from VintageView: Ideal for a Modern Custom Wine Cellar Design  

Elegan Wine Celalr Design with Metal and Wood Wine Racks

Elegant Wine Cellar Design with Metal and Wood Wine Racks. The wine racks installed on the sidewalls are in a label forward orientation. This type of bottle orientation allows wines to be identified more easily.

In this modern wine cellar design, Arctic Metalworks incorporated metal wine racks supplied by VintageView. VintageView is a popular manufacturer of contemporary wine racks. Their products are known for their durability, stability, sleek appeal, and ease of installation.    

The wine racks installed on the sidewalls consist of racking with a label forward orientation, holding the bottles with the label facing out. In addition to aesthetic benefits, this type of bottle orientation allows wines to be located easily.  

It eliminates the need to flip a bottle of wine to see the wine label. Flipping the bottle will cause a wine storage problem. It will disturb the sediments that have settled on one side of the bottle. When this happens, the flavor and texture of the wine in that bottle will be affected.    

The wall-mounted metal wine racks are secured in a wooden backing so they can bear the weight of the bottles.   

Wooden Wine Racks  

Arctic Metalworks incorporated wooden components on the back wall. The wine racks consist of rectangular bins at the bottom, which are intended to provide storage space for a few wine bottles, accessories, and decorative stuff. Above it is a big rectangular opening with a brick-style mirror.  

They also added a tabletop for decanting and serving wines. The individual wine racks and X bins surround the rectangular opening.   

Commercial-Grade Wine Cellar Cooling Unit 

Commercial Grade Wine Cellar Cooling Unit. In this project, The evaporator was installed inside the wine cellar above the racking on the left wall. Concealed by a removable wooden grill cover to make it look like it was part of the racking.

In creating a custom wine cellar design, it is also crucial to choose the right size and type of wine cellar cooling system. The placement of the cooling unit will depend on different factors such as the size and location of the wine room and the availability of an exhaust room.  

During the assessment stage, your chosen builder or contractor will ask you whether you want your wine refrigeration unit to be hidden from view or you do not mind if there is any visible equipment inside your wine cellar.  

In this project, Arctic Metalworks installed the evaporator inside the wine cellar above the racking on the left wall. They concealed the unit in a removable wooden grill cover to make it look like it was part of the racking. The condenser, which is the noisier component, was placed outdoors. A split-type wine cooling system like this offers a quiet operation.   

The Arctic team calculated the heat load to determine the BTUs needed to cool the wine room, given its size and the amount of glass utilized. This process helps us in the proper sizing of wine refrigeration systems. A climate control unit that is too small or too big for a wine cellar will cause wine storage issues.  

Arctic Metalworks is composed of licensed HVAC technicians who are skilled and trained to do correct installations and maintenance services.  

Dramatic Wine Cellar Lighting    

The lighting system has a significant impact on the overall design of your custom wine cellar. In this installation project in California, the elegant residential wine room is illuminated by a lovely chandelier recessed at the center of the wine room. It complements the contemporary features of the wine cellar.  

Modern Wine Cellars in Los Angeles Using VintageView Wine Racks

VintageView wine cellars and displays are also available in wine rack kit form. This can allow easier installation for DIYers and as well as for design professionals. The possibilities are endless. They can be floor-to-ceiling displays away from walls, glass wine walls, and more. Use VintageView wine racks when a modern look is a priority.

VintageView wine rack kits – Modern wine cellar designs

Work with Our Wine Cellar Design Experts  

Do you have a space that you want to transform into beautiful wine storage and display area for your collection? Wait no more! At Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles, we collaborate with professional builders in creating luxurious custom home wine cellar designs. Arctic Metalworks, one of our partners in building wine rooms, has proven its expertise in the construction industry.   

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