Custom Wine Cellar Tips: Knowing Which Wine Cellar Accessories You Need

Custom wine cellars in California should not only be beautifully designed, but also functional. Wine cellar accessories can help make your custom wine cellar more functional and improve how it looks. There are many wine cellar accessories to choose from, such as wine racks, wine holders, wine bottle openers, corkscrews, etc. Among the many wine accessories on the market, which ones do you really need and which ones don’t you? Here are a few of the essential wine cellar accessories that your custom wine cellar in Orange County should have:

1. Barcode Readers

Barcode readers will specifically benefit those who have large wine cellars in Los Angeles. Barcode readers will help you keep track of wine bottles that have recently been added to or removed from your wine storage room. You might want to consider using plug and play barcode readers that can be plugged into the USB port of a computer. These types are easy to use and are usually at 120 to 175 USD. These USB barcode scanners are able to automatically distinguish between all the popular barcodes. You may even choose to use your own barcode tags and other information on each wine bottle. Once you add or remove a bottle from your wine cellar in California, you simply need to scan the barcode label on the scanner and your records will automatically be updated.

2. Printable Wine Tags

Printable wine tags are another way to keep large custom wine cellars in Orange County, California organized. Regular wine tags can be hand written, but there are also those that can be put into your inkjet printer and you can print your own layout or notes. You may even include a barcode too. Of course, hand written wine tags are cheaper than those that need to be printed. These tags can also be made of plastic instead of paper. Plastic, of course, is more durable than paper, and these usually fit securely around the neck of your wine bottles. Plastic wine tags are reusable, so, although they are more expensive at purchase, you save more in the long run because you can use them over and over for many years.

3. Hygrometer or Hygro-Thermometer

Wines require specific conditions to be stored in. The right temperature and humidity have to be maintained in the custom wine cellar in order for wines to age tastefully. Hygrometers or hygro-thermometers detect changes in temperature and humidity and are capable of adjusting these accordingly.