Contemporary Custom Wine Cellars: Balancing Beauty and Ideal Storage Conditions 

As our partner in building contemporary custom wine cellars, Harvest Custom Wine Cellars and Saunas is proud to present an incredible residential wine cellar project in Richmond, Virginia. This modern wine cellar was carefully designed according to the client’s style and preference, creating a unique fusion of various designs and inspirations. The stunning metal wine racks and beautiful wine cellar doors are some of the features that make this private space truly stand out. The goal was to create a structure that provides ideal conditions for aging wines, with balanced temperature and humidity levels. 

At Harvest Custom Wine Cellars and Saunas, they strive to provide their clients with innovative solutions that perfectly match their needs – in terms of aesthetics and functionality. Our Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles team hopes you will find inspiration for your custom modern wine cellars from this fantastic project! 

wine cellar with a mix of modern metal wine racks and traditional wooden shelves and door

Transform your wine storage with this visually impressive metal wine racking display, traditional wooden bottle shelves and tabletop

Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles can help you build wine cellars either traditional, modern, or a mix of such designs!

Building Contemporary Custom Wine Cellars: Framing, Insulation, and More 

Harvest’s team of designers met with a client to discuss the contemporary custom wine cellars design. After finding an image online that served as his inspiration, he requested Harvest Custom Wine Cellars to bring his vision to life. We consulted with him thoroughly and created 3-dimensional sketches of the proposed design. The plan was to build a 264″x79″ wine cellar space in an unused room in his dining area.  

The contractors began by vacating and installing all necessary equipment before proceeding with the construction according to our blueprints. The framing was done following the provided dimensions, along with a vapor barrier and proper insulation for the entire room. Once complete, we presented various elevations of the wine cellar, racking styles, and bottle capacities for approval.  

Upon agreement from all parties involved, they completed the project successfully and delivered a beautiful modern-traditional-themed wine cellar per the customer’s request. With this custom installation, the client can now enjoy their favorite wines at home without having to search for them elsewhere or worry about storage conditions being less than ideal. 

Dark metal wine racking system by VintageView

Maximize your wine storage capacity with a vertical metal wine racking system that can hold up to 1680 bottles in a sleek and stylish design.

VintageView Metal Wine Racks Take Center Stage in IronWine Cellar’s Rustic Wine Racking Design 

This sleek wine cellar is a stunning example of a rustic wine storage design. By fusing metal and wood together, the cellar can store up to 1680 bottles of wine. The centerpiece of this installation is an arched tabletop with hidden LED lighting illumination, which provides a space for decanting, serving, and tasting wines. There are also stemware racks where crystal glasses can be displayed.  

The walls have label-forward displays using wine racks to maximize the number of bottles that can fit in the cellar. These VintageView wine racks use a three-deep storage system so that browsing through different wines does not require turning over each bottle. Additionally, there are single-bottle storage racks with high-reveal display rows installed across both sides of the arch.  

Overall, this custom cotemporary wine cellar combines rustic and contemporary styles to create a unique look and feel while providing enough space to safely and securely store all necessary wines. This innovative design showcases how wood and metal elements can come together beautifully to provide a functional yet aesthetically pleasing space for any home or business. 

A 1,680-Bottle Contemporary Custom Wine Cellars Storage Design 

This modern residential wine cellar was designed to hold up to 1,680 bottles of wine collection. High-quality materials were used for superior durability and an elegant look. Harvest Wine Cellars prioritized the safety of the precious wines with a secure door that leads to a private room. This ensures the protection of these valued spirits and allows for proper preservation. 

The Stylish Wine Cellar Flooring and Lighting: Elements Adding Values to the Modern Luxurious Wine Cellars 

This contemporary wine cellar features a stunning floor of porcelain tiles arranged in diagonal offsets, providing an eye-catching aesthetic. Metallic wine racks are installed on the side walls to add to the rustic charm, while wrought iron doors and wooden shelves complete the look.  

Illumination is provided by LED lighting along the display row of metal wine racks and along the wooden shelving, highlighting the beauty of tabletops and arches. This provides an ideal setting for displaying prized wines with dramatic effect. 

traditional Custom Wooden Wine Cellar Door

A touch of traditional elegance meets modern sophistication with this custom wooden door for your wine cellar.

IronWine Cellars’ Coto-Style Wine Cellar Doors: A Luxurious Entrance to Your Private Collection 

IronWine Cellars’ Coto-style and rustic doors offer an elegant, vintage gateway into your private collections. The door is crafted from clear Alder wood and features intricate designs with a contemporary edge. The double-pane insulated glass has outer metal protection and mirrors the arch and tabletops inside the cellar.  

The technologically advanced door system also has a pre-fabricated channel and keypad locking system for additional security. The tight seal button ensures that the climate in wine cellars remains temperature controlled within the wine walls. 

These stylish yet secure wine cellar doors provide a luxurious entrance to your collections while keeping them safe from outside elements. IronWine Cellar’s unique design offers beauty and peace of mind for those who wish to keep their wines in optimal condition. 

Recommended Wine Cellar Cooling Units from HVAC Experts 

When installing a wine refrigeration system for a wine cellar, it is vital to choose the right refrigeration system to maintain the desired temperature. The team collaborated with WhisperKOOL to create a customized system that could fit within modern wine rooms. The expert HVAC technician recommended WhisperKOOL Series 8000 as the proper unit for this project due to its ability to hold a larger bottle count and split-type design which separates the evaporator and condensing unit from each other.  

The WhisperKOOL cooling system was installed efficiently, with the evaporator inside the wine cellar and the condenser outside of the house. This ductless ceiling mount cooling system was chosen for its insulation capacity and easy repair access. Additionally, since it is centrally located in the house and not exposed to direct sunlight, it provides optimal conditions for storing wines at ideal temperatures. 

Choose Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles for Expert Modern Wine Cellar Construction! 

As contemporary custom wine cellars become increasingly popular, our skilled wine cellar builders are bringing to life unique and beautiful designs that go beyond the imagination. Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles is a trusted contractor who can make these ideas into reality across Beverly Hills, Malibu, and all over California.  

Whatever your vision for your residential space may be, our experienced team is here to help you design perfect wine cellar ideas. Contact us at (323) 825-9846 or click here for more information!