Cable Wine Displays

This incredible modern wine cellar is a wonderful home for Cable Wine Displays racking.

Cable Wine Displays is a new product line available from Coastal Custom Wine Cellars, a partner of Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles.

It’s a very special modern wine racking system. The first generation of this product has been such a success, and now our partners at Coastal Custom Wine Cellars have innovated the next
generation of this versatile modern wine racking.

The History of the Cable Wine Displays Racking System

This style of wine racking was first introduced in 2011, with the goal to develop a stylish alternative to the more traditional styles of wood and metal wine racking systems. When Cable Wine Displays were first released; builders, designers, and architects raved about it, talking about how the floating cable wine rack creates an illusion of bottles floating in mid-air.

With in-house manufacturing options, they were able to quickly become competitors within the cable wine storage market.

Cable Wine Displays

Available Options for Cable Wine Displays

There are three finishes available: Gold, Silver, and Black. The black and silver color options offer some beautiful contrast in a well-lit contemporary space. The gold color option has a beautiful brush finish that can blend perfectly with warm tones and woods.

Hardware for Cable Wine Displays is available in Gold, Black, and Silver.

The bottom mount measures at a slender 4 inches, while the top mount measures at a minimalist size of three inches. The sleek nature of the Cable Wine Displays wine racks allow for excellent label visibility throughout an entire wine cellar, regardless of where particular bottles are situated.

The minimum use of materials provides maximum airflow throughout the floating illusion display which keeps your wine temperatures consistent. And because the Cable Wine Displays wine racks are assembled one piece at a time on-site, level adjustments can be made to custom fit your wine bottles.

A Flexible Way to Store Your Wine

The hand-crafted nature of the Cable Wine Displays assembly process allows the consumer to showcase their wine however they prefer. You have the option to assemble the Cable Wine Displays wine racks with the neck of the bottles slightly angled down or having the bottles lay perfectly horizontal, allowing for more wine collecting versatility than any other wine racking system available to date.

The spacing of the cables can accommodate a much wider variety of bottle shapes and sizes, from 500ml to 1500ml. When you integrate Cable Wine Displays wine racks with a variety of accent lighting to illuminate your collection, it transforms your wine storage space into an art piece. These various features can be incorporated almost anywhere within the design of your custom residential or commercial wine cellar.

We are also proud to offer LED backpanel lighting – an excellent way to showcase your beautiful wine bottles.

Homeowners now have the option of displaying their wine collection nearly anywhere in their home. This luxury Cable Wine Displays wine racking system is versatile enough to be mounted
in places of the home that may not be accessible to less customizable racks. This allows homeowners the chance to display their wine in the spot they choose without having to sacrifice their unique style.

Our partners over at Coastal Custom Wine Cellars are always innovating creative ways to showcase wine. If this new product sparks your interest, then click this link
or call us at (323) 825-9846 to talk to one of our experts now!

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