Custom Home Wine Cellar Design

Building Out a Spare Room into a Beautiful California Custom Home Wine Cellar

Working with a professional in building your dream wine room is a must. If you’re planning to convert a space into a custom home wine cellar, a master builder in Los Angeles, California can help you. They offer different wine cellar design styles where you can request what you prefer. Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles has recently transformed an unused storage space into a residential wine cellar, designed with visual appeal and amazing features.

Amazing Transformation of a Room into a Home Wine Cellar


California Home WIne Cellar Design

Many wine enthusiasts invest in a residential wine cellar to provide a safe storage place for their collections. Wine needs a stable environment in order to mature properly.

Keep in mind that poor storage conditions can result in faulty wines and a waste of your investment.

It is highly recommended that your custom wine room be cooled by an efficient cooling system.

In Los Angeles, California, custom home wine cellars have been in demand for those who want to create a beautiful display of their wines and add value to their homes. This place is the heart of San Diego County where people love to drink and collect wines. We custom build storage units of various sizes including this small modern wine cellar in California, another example of our work apart from this LA projec.

This time, Custom Wine Cellar Los Angeles had a client who wanted to transform an unused storage room into a climate-controlled and stunning cellar.

Top-Notch Custom Wine Cellar Design

Overview Plan Custom Wine Cellar California Installation Project


Custom 3-Dimensional California Wine Cellar (Left Wall)

In creating modern or rustic wine cellar designs, we send our clients a CAD drawing. This allows them to have a visualization of the layout and features of their dream wine room.

The designs that we create are based on our client’s location and the size of the room. We also make sure that they meet all of the owner’s aesthetic, functional, and financial requirements of the owner.

The room is an unused storage space, which is approximately 14’x10’x8’ in size. It can hold around 3,300 bottles. We added features to achieve maximum storage space and to ease the cleaning of the wine racks.

Gorgeous and Functional Custom Racking Features


Custom Wine Rack Installation by Vintage Wine Cellars California

At Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles, we always make sure that every design creates an appealing display of the owner’s wines. In this project, we used various wine rack styles to add a dramatic effect to the wine room. Additionally, we also incorporated special custom features that helped maximize the storage capacity of the space. The entire racking is made of Premium Redwood.

Elevation 1 is the wall where the door is located. We utilized a bridge system above the entryway to maximize the space, which consists of single deep storage slots for magnum bottles. When you enter the room, you will find the double deep custom wooden wine racks to the left of the door. This racking has a double-high reveal display, allowing the client to highlight some of his bottles. High reveal display racks also allow for easy visibility of the wine labels.

Elevation 2 is the left wall when you enter the room. The racking is also double deep, just like the left wall racking. It also consists of a double-high reveal display row that lines the racking on the back wall.

Another custom feature of the California custom home wine cellar is the double high glass rack, with a tabletop, at the middle of the back wall. The tabletop, which is made from a Fontenay wine barrel, adds character and uniqueness to the room. The top and bottom sections are storage slots intended for magnums.

The back wall is the focal point of the wine cellar. It was originally a glass window, which we removed and insulated.

At the center of the double deep racking is a double-sided waterfall wine rack that leads down to a horizontal display row rack, with a wine barrel tabletop above. The eye-catching cascading racks hold magnum bottles. The end cap is a horizontal storage display.

We added case storage slots behind this racking to utilize some of the dead spaces behind the waterfall. These wine racks allow for storing wines in bulk, and for a more organized look. We also added a double-high reveal display row and magnum storage racks.


Gorgeous Waterfall Wine Rack California Residential Wine Cellar

Another single deep racking system is installed on the right wall. It has horizontal display storage for magnums and a single high reveal display. The rest of the racking is single bottle slots.

Illuminating the Residential Wine Room

With different wine cellar lighting system options, it is best to consult with your chosen builder to determine the most suitable way to illuminate your wine storage display area.

We used can lights for this beautiful custom home wine cellar in California. These lighting fixtures are recessed from the ceiling.

Insulating and Cooling the California Custom Home Wine Cellar


California Wine Cellar Insulation and Framing

Before the installation of the wine cooling unit, we made sure that the room was tightly sealed. We insulated the walls and ceiling using spray foam, which also acts as a vapor barrier, so you don’t have to wrap the room with plastic sheeting.

Proper insulation will prevent moisture build-up by regulating the humidity in the cellar. Moisture can trigger the growth of fungi and bacteria in the room and can affect the quality of your wines and the structural integrity of your racking.

Another important factor that affects the aging process of wine, is the refrigeration unit. Serious wine collectors should invest in a quality climate-control system to ensure that the temperature and humidity are regulated inside the cellar. Wine deteriorates easily if stored in areas with poor conditions.

In this project, we chose a 1-ton split ducted cooling system by Wine Guardian. This system can be concealed easily. The air handler and return vent were placed in a soffit above the doorway. We covered it to create a clean look in the cellar.

The compressor, which is the noisy component of a cooling system, was installed outside the wine room. We created a metal housing to protect it from weather changes. We placed the thermostat on the wall for easy monitoring of the room’s temperature and humidity levels.

Bring Your Dream to Reality. Build Your Private Wine Room with the Help of an Expert.

At Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles, we can transform any unused space into a stellar California custom home wine cellar. Our team has extensive experience in designing wine storage displays that meet our client‘s high expectations, including modern wine closets and brick-walled wine rooms. Call us NOW or contact our team of experts.