The Perfect Custom Glass Wine Cellar Door for Your Residential or Commercial Wine Room in Los Angeles

Modern Glass Wine Cellar Designed by Top-Notch Los Angeles Installers

Modern Glass Wine Cellar Los Angeles

Why is it important to consult an expert in the manufacturing and installing of doors for climate-controlled residential and commercial wine rooms? At Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles, our glass wine cellar doors are perfect for modern and high-end interiors but will also complement traditional style homes and commercial establishments. We will help you choose the right door and install it correctly to prevent costly expenses in the future.

Why Choose Custom Glass Wine Cellar Doors Manufactured and Installed by Experts in Los Angeles  

Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles is composed of designers and builders who have extensive knowledge in manufacturing stylish doors and installing them the right way. We have been working with top-notch designers and builders for many years, including Coastal Custom Wine Cellars, and Blue Grouse Wine Cellars. 

We have had many projects where our clients chose a custom glass wine cellar door, regardless of the style of their wine room, and they experienced the benefits! 

Sleek and Blends Well with Any Décor or Interior 

The door is the first thing that you see before entering your wine room. A custom glass wine cellar door can be a conversation starter. It is sleek and offers a minimalist appeal.   

Unlike solid wooden doors, glass doors can blend well with any existing décor. However, you must consult with a wine cellar specialist to ensure that the entryway to your wine room is not only beautiful but is installed correctly.         

Durable, Insulated, and Easy to Maintain 

Our custom wine cellar doors are durable. They are made of high-quality glass panels and frames. We construct them using ½”-thick insulated glass panels. Thermal insulation is essential because: 

  • It reduces heat transfer through glass panes, resulting in low heat emission.    
  • It helps the wine cellar cooling unit to function normally. 
  • It helps reduce energy consumption.  
  • It prevents moisture build-up inside your wine cellar.  

We also make sure that our glass wine cellar doors are installed with components to help create an airtight seal in refrigerated wine rooms. Moreover, glass doors are easier to clean and maintain than wooden doors. They can last for many years with proper care. 

Provide a Clear View of the Bottles Inside Your Glass Wine Cellar  

Solid wooden doors are beautiful, but they hide your wine collection when you are outside the wine room. There’s nothing more impressive than seeing your wine display without having to enter your wine cellar. We recommend custom glass wine cellar doors for residential and commercial wine cellars.  

Residential Wine Rooms with Glass Custom Wine Cellar Doors 

Imagine having a residential wine cellar with a custom glass door built in your entertainment area, dining area, or next to your wine bar. It showcases your wine collection and can be a conversation starter. 

We had many clients who chose a glass door for their custom home wine cellar while others chose a glass-enclosed wine display area 

Tastefully Designed Glass Custom Home Wine Cellar Built 

Contemporary wine rooms are simple yet sophisticated. They are usually built using metal and glass components, as well as clean lines and neutral colors. Black, white, and other neutral colors are dominant in contemporary style interiors. 

The seamless glass wine cellar door was the perfect choice to showcase the client’s more than 200 bottles.   

Contemporary Custom Home Wine Cellar with Metal Wine Racks by Blue Grouse Wine Cellars 
Contemporary Custom Home Wine Cellar with Metal Racking

Contemporary Custom Home Wine Cellar

Blue Grouse Wine Cellars has been our partner in building residential wine roomsThey are known for their creativity and passion for designing and installing wine storage facilities. In their recent project, the homeowners sought their help in transforming a mid-sized wine room into a contemporary style wine cellar

As master builders in Los Angeles, we recommend the most suitable type of door for every project. We discuss the pros and cons of each option. However, the final decision will still come from the owner. 

The entryway matched not only the existing home décor but also the metal wine racks, which were made of stainless steel rods and rails. The team added a large pull, which suited the overall design of this luxury custom home wine cellar.        

Glass-Enclosed Custom Residential Wine Room by Blue Grouse Wine Cellars 
Glass-Enclosed Residential Custom Wine Room

Glass-Enclosed Residential Custom Wine Room

Here is another project completed by Blue Grouse Wine Cellars. This custom home wine cellar is small but was designed with elegance. It not only has glass doors but has a glass enclosure, making the aquarium-like wine cellar the focal point of the high-end home. Such an outstanding job, isn’t it?  

Commercial Wine Cellars with Glass Doors: How Will They Affect Businesses Sales?  

If you are selling wine, you can use a lot of marketing strategies to promote your products. However, not all will be effective. At Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles, we help entrepreneurs market their wines effectively.   

Wrecommend creating a wine cellar design that will make your wine display stand out from the rest. We will create not only a striking racking system designed to highlight your products, but we will also choose the perfect type of door for your commercial wine cellar.    

Glass wine cellar doors can help generate wine sales by attracting potential clients with the elegant wine display installed by a professional in your retail store, hotel, bar, or restaurant. 

In a dining establishment, for example, people who ordered their favorite meal can see the wines displayed in a wine room with a glass door. They will be enticed to buy a bottle of wine to pair with their chosen meal.    

This Commercial Custom Wine Cellar with a Glass Door Will Inspire You to Have Your Own
Commercial Custom Wine Cellar with Contemporary Racking

Commercial Custom Wine Cellar with Contemporary Racking

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars is one of the best commercial wine cellar installers in Los Angeles. They have extensive experience in designing and installing glass wine cellar doors. One example of their project was for a restaurant where they had to maximize the space to allow high-density storage. They installed a glass wine cellar door to provide the customers with a clear view of the wine bottles while dining in the modern restaurant.   

Different Styles of Glass Custom Wine Cellar Doors Offered by Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles 

Double Wrought Iron Custom Wine Cellar Doors

Double Wrought Iron Custom Wine Cellar Doors

We have pre-hung glass custom wine cellar doors, but we highly recommend customizing your door so you can incorporate your unique design! You can choose a style based on your personal preference. Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles offers stylish glass wine cellar doors, which can be built with a rectangular or arched top.   

  • Seamless glass wine cellar doors 
  • Glass wine cellar doors framed in wood 
  • Glass wine cellar doors framed in iron 
  • Glass wine cellar doors with hand-forged wrought iron  
  • Etched glass wine cellar doors 
  • Painted glass wine cellar doors 
Glass Wine Cellar Door Styles Los Angeles Specialists

Glass Wine Cellar Door Styles Los Angeles Specialists

Showcase Your Wine Collection in a Wine Room with a Glass Custom Wine Cellar Door 

Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles designs elegant glass custom doors with form and function in mind. We install the right way to keep your collection safe. 

If you need help, please do not hesitate to consult with one of our specialists at (323) 825-9846. We will manufacture the grandest entrance to your wine cellar!