Where Form Meets Function – A Santa Barbara Wine Cellar Design by IWA Designer Jimmy Simmons

Custom wine cellars are excellent, particularly in areas with unique or unusual attributes. For example, one was built in Santa Barbara California, and was made earthquake proof due to the common occurrence of earthquakes there.

As any resident in California will tell you, earthquake resistance is an important aspect of any construction project. Taking this into account, when constructing a Los Angeles custom wine cellar, you’ll want to shop with a company who understands this.

The bottles were fastened firmly to the black-finished Vintage View Metal Wine racks with special straps. The racks and straps enabled the client to store up to 936 wine bottles safely.

Expert designer Jimmy Simmons was in charge of the cellar-building project, coming up with the high-capacity storage. He achieved this number through careful positioning, and racks that were 3 bottles deep. He also built them in such a way that they could hold a variety of bottle shapes, and situated them in a label forward display at his clients’ request. This made the many wine bottles stored there easily distinguishable from one another.

Jimmy Simmons, of International Wine Accessories, also picked a CellarPro 3200VSi cooling unit for his client’s cellar, which was a semi-underground storage room. The CellarPro cooling unit was perfect for this project in particular, as it is the only kind that comes with its own filtration system.

Because the cooling unit was set up to take in air from outside, the filtration system was ideal to prevent bits of stuff from outside the building getting inside the unit. Most units set up like this eventually fail without a filtration system, or require one to be purchased to accompany the cooling unit.

The project began in March and ended early May, taking just over 2 months to complete. One of the biggest parts of the project was undertaken near the beginning. You see, the storage room was only an open concrete enclosure to start with. An entire airtight wall, as well as a door with a combination lock, had to be constructed.

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