Classy Modern Home Wine Cellar with Standout Features

Modern Home Wine Cellar Designed by Los Angeles Master Builders

Modern Home Wine Cellar Designed by Los Angeles Master Builders

A classy modern home wine cellar was built by a team of master builders in Los Angeles, California. The homeowners are a married couple who love wine and alcohol. Their different preferences had an impact on the final design created by Coastal Custom Wine Cellars, one of our partners in wine room construction. Read on to learn more about the outstanding features of this wine cellar.   

Inspiring Modern Home Wine Cellar: Incorporating Outstanding Features into the Design  

In one of their projects, they helped a married couple build their dream modern wine cellar to life. The husband like spirits, while his wife enjoys wines.  

The Coastal team decided to create a design for a custom wine display that could accommodate the various bottles in the client’s collection. The final design was impressive and transformed the space into a showpiece. They combined metal and glass elements, resulting in a luxurious-looking wine cellar.  

Designing Metal Wine Racks Perfect for a Modern Home Wine Cellar  

The wine storage system has a significant impact on the overall appearance and functionality of a wine cellar. Therefore, it is best to work with a builder with the creativity and knowledge necessary to create the most suitable design for your wine room. At Coastal Custom Wine Cellars, they interview our client’s to know their needs and incorporate them into the design.  

They always want every wine room they build to add aesthetic value to a space and make the owners happy seeing a beautiful display of their collection inside their home.  

Stylish Wine Display with Metal Wine Pegs 

The Metal Wine Pegs were Perfect for the Modern Home Wine Cellar

The Metal Wine Pegs were Perfect for the Modern Home Wine Cellar

Upon entering the living room, you will be impressed by the modern home wine cellar. The top section consists of metal wine pegs that hold the bottles securely. 

The glossy finish of the wine pegs bounced the light back to the wine bottles, creating a dramatic illumination of the wine cellar. The label-forward orientation of the racking shows the wine labels, allowing the owners and their guests to read the wine description easily.  

The left and right sections of the modern wine display are separated by a wooden shelf that provides storage for a few bottles and a tabletop for decanting wine. The bottom section has a custom wooden racking that goes well with the metal wine racks.  

Wine Cellar Lighting 

The lighting system in your wine cellar has a significant impact on the overall mood and appeal of your wine room. Working with an expert will ensure that the type and placement of the lights will create a striking appeal.  

In this project, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars installed an LED lighting system, a safe lighting option known for its low heat emission. The LED light panel was placed at the back of the racking, emphasizing the beautiful display of the bottles.

There is a 3/4” acrylic board to sandwich the LED lighting behind it. The panels have a subdued look when the lights are off. However, you will be impressed with the beauty of the wine cellar when the lights are on. 

Glass Wine Cellar Door and Walls 

The front glass allows the ‘floating’ wine display to be viewed from outside the modern home wine cellar. Coastal Custom Wine Cellars used thermally insulated glass panels to prevent condensation build-up inside the climate-controlled wine room. They also used metal frames to enclose the glass panels and added insulation materials to the channel between the metal frames to prevent wine storage issues.  

Wine Cellar Cooling System: How Master Builders Dealt with a Challenge 

The wine room is located in an area where it is exposed to sunlight most times of the day, which can affect the storage conditions inside the wine cellar. Too much heat can cause extreme temperature fluctuations and varying humidity levels, damaging the quality of the wines.

Calculating the heat load is a crucial step in building wine cellars. It helps determine the BTUs needed for a wine room, helping Los Angeles wine cellar builders determine the correct size and type of wine cooling system for each project.    

After performing a heat load calculation, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars decided to install a wine cooling unit suitable for the location and size of the wine cellar, as well as the amount of glass used in the wine room. They installed WhisperKOOL 7000, a split-type wine refrigeration unit designed for wall mount installation.    

The components are located separately. The evaporator was installed in a soffit and concealed, while the condenser was places on the roof. Only the vent, which can be found at the entrance of the wine cellar, is visible inside the wine room.  

Let Us Build a Modern Home Wine Cellar with Distinctive Features  

Work with Reliable Builders of Modern Home Wine Cellars

Work with Reliable Builders of Modern Home Wine Cellars

Building refrigerated wine rooms requires technical skills, knowledge, and creativity. It is best to work with a design specialist like Coastal Custom Wine Cellars, who is passionate about helping clients build their dream wine cellars without breaking the bank.  

In this modern home wine cellar project, the team incorporated metal and glass elements to achieve the aesthetic and functional requirements of the owners, resulting in a distinctive minimalist yet elegant wine display.     

If you plan to convert a space into a safe and beautiful wine room, we will help you! Please call us at (323) 825-9846…