Best of Houzz Awards for an Exceptional Home Wine Cellar Design and Customer Service

Houzz Best in Wine Cellar Design

One of the top-notch wine cellar designers in California earned the Best of Houzz awards. The Cape Cod project completed by Coastal Custom Wine Cellars made 2015 a fruitful year. Their brand is built on values like those reflected in these two award categories,” Best in Design” and “Best in Customer Service.” The Coastal team’s passion and expertise make them a sought-after builder of wine cellars. Learn more about the award-winning home wine cellar with a tasting room packed with stylish features.  

2015 Best of Houzz Awards Given to Coastal Custom Wine Cellars: Bes in Design and Bes in Customer Service  

For many years, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars has proven its expertise in designing stylish wine cellars. They have received many awards for the awe-inspiring wine rooms they built. In one of their projects, they transformed a space into a refrigerated wine room.  

They incorporated stylish and eco-friendly features into the wine cellar design, and the result was amazing! They received two awards from Houzz, the world’s top home remodeling website: the Best in Design and Best in Customer Service.  

The Award-Wining Home Wine Cellar Design: Attractive and Functional Features  

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars is composed of creative designers whose goal is to bring spaces to a new level. In this home wine cellar project, they created a luxurious design, combining various racking styles and utilizing an eco-friendly material. No doubt, they won the Best in Design award from Houzz.     

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars built a wine cellar and a tasting room. They created a glass partition between these two rooms so that the homeowners can entertain their guests in the tasting room while enjoying the beautiful wine display.  

Sophisticated Wine Racks Designed for a Home Wine Cellar 

Mahogany Wood Wine Cellar Racks with a Traditional Design

When designing wine racks, considering the factors and the client’s requirements is of utmost importance to us. Some of the factors that play a significant impact on the overall appearance and functionality of a wine rack system are the following:  

  • Size and shape of the wine room 
  • The number and size of the bottles the client intends to keep in the wine cellar 
  • The overall ambiance that the owner wants to achieve  
  • The existing décor of the home 

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars focused on capacity instead of aesthetics. They used kit and custom wine racks to meet the requirements of the homeowners. All the bottle openings measure 3.75 inches by 3.75 inches, which are ideal for standard 750 ml bottles.  Different racking styles were combined to create a unique design.  

You will find individual wine racks and display rows on the left and right walls of the wine cellar. The only difference is the horizontal racking on the left wall, intended to store the bottles with the labels facing out.  

The back wall is the focal point of the wine room. It consists of diamond bins, X cubes, individual wine racks, a display row, and wooden case storage. They used Malaysian Mahogany for the wine racks and applied the wood with a Chappo stain and clear lacquer to add luster to the racking.  

Instead of incorporating an opening with a tabletop into the design, the Coastal team added a custom wine tasting table at the center of the wine room. To maximize the storage capacity of the room, they utilized the space around the table by adding a single bottle and case storage on the sides and horizontal racking on the end. The tabletop is made of Sapele Mahogany.  

Eco-Friendly Wine Cellar Flooring Adds Character to the Overall Design  

Another distinctive feature of this home wine cellar that earned awards from Houzz is the environment-friendly flooring. It was manufactured using Fontenay’s Napa Valley Oak Barrel, which adding a timeless appeal and warm ambiance to the wine room.   

Wine Tasting Room: a Great Place for Entertainment   

Adding a wine tasting room was a perfect idea for this home wine cellar project. Guests should enter the tasting room before they can reach the elegant wine cellar. Coastal Custom Wine cellars installed a large cabinetry on the right wall. It consists of a large rectangular opening, providing ample space for decanting, serving, and tasting wines.   

You will find double-door cabinets at the bottom section of the cabinet. These are intended for storing wine cellar accessories and glasses.  

The Unremarkable Customer Service by Coastal Custom Wine Cellars  

Best in Wine Cellar Design and Best in Customer Service

The Best in Customer Service award from Houzz is a proof that Coastal Custom Wine Cellars ensures that every client they work with feels comfortable about discussing their wants and needs. Their desire is to make everything easy from the beginning until after the project is completed. They are serious about getting positive feedbacks from their customers, confirming that their team satisfied or exceeded the expectations of their clients.  

The common dilemma most customers experience is whether they can afford to build a dedicated wine cellar or not.  One of the best things about working with a professional Coastal Custom Wine Cellars is that customers are able to set the budget for their project.   

They communicate very well with every client to ensure that all of their concerns are addressed. After a thorough assessment, they will create a design proposal and plan that will reflect the taste of the homeowners, considering the allotted budget. The estimated turnover time is also discussed.  

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars has an impressive Houzz profile that when you see the stylish wine cellars we built, you will be enticed to have your own. Keep in mind that building your dream wine cellar is possible regardless of your budget.  

Work with Award-Winning Wine Cellar Designers for Your Dream Project  

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars is one of the most trusted designers of wine cellars in California. They have proven that nothing can hinder them from transforming spaces into luxurious-looking wine rooms. We have been working with them for many years.  

If you want your wine cellar built by an award-winning company that has proven its expertise, skills, creativity, and excellent customer service, please call us at 323) 825-9846.