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Choosing Custom Wine Cellar Lighting Fixtures in San Diego, California

The beauty of a custom wine cellar can be improved with the proper lighting fixtures. There are various types of wine cellar lighting fixtures in San Diego, California. Iron Wine Cellars offers a wide array of wine cellar lighting options, that are durable and energy-efficient. They also custom design lighting fixtures to create personalized wine […]

Types of Wine Cellar Lighting Fixtures

One of the things that completes the aesthetic appeal of a custom wine cellar is the selection of lighting fixtures installed. Besides creating a beautiful ambiance in a wine cellar, lighting fixtures can also affect the climate conditions inside the storage room. Learn about the various options of wine cellar lighting fixtures in Los Angeles, […]

The Importance of Proper Wine Cellar Lighting

 Wine cellar lighting plays an important role in wine storage structures, because the type of lighting you install can affect the effectiveness of your storage room in providing the ideal conditions for wines to age. There are various kinds of wine cellar lighting fixtures to choose from on the market. Choose the one that can […]

Different Lighting Options for Your Los Angeles Wine Cellar

Wine cellar lighting is an important factor of proper wine storage and an essential element of Los Angeles wine cellar design.  The right amount of lighting not only protects wines from harmful light sources but also sets the perfect mood in the wine room.  LED (light emitting diode) lighting is highly recommended because it is energy efficient and emits less […]