Efficient Wine Guardian Cooling Units for Building Safe and Functional Wine Cellars in Los Angeles

Custom Wine Cellar wit a Wine Guardian Cooling Unit Installed by Los Angeles Experts

Custom Wine Cellar with a Wine Guardian Cooling Unit Installed by Los Angeles Experts

Installing the wrong wine cellar cooling unit will result in wine storage problems. Your wines will spoil, and the structural integrity of your wine room will become weak. A group of experts can help prevent this waste of investment. Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles offers commercial-grade wine cellar cooling units. One of our trusted manufacturers is Wine Guardian.  

Why Professional Designers and Builders in Los Angeles Recommend Wine Guardian Cooling Units 

Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles is one of the top-notch builders who aims to create safe wine storage facilities for homes and commercial establishments. We equip every wine cellar we build with an efficient wine cellar cooling unit. 

We always want to keep our client’s collection safe because we care for their wines. We offer high-grade wine cellar cooling units from reliable manufacturers, including Wine Guardian. 

Wine Guardian was founded bLarry Wetzel (father) and Mike Wetzel (son). With their extensive knowledge, many years of experience, and passion in wine cellar cooling, they manufactured Wine Guardian refrigeration products. Their products are designed to replicate the conditions in underground caves to provide superior cooling efficiency for both residential and commercial wine rooms.  

Below are the qualities and features of Wine Guardian wine cellar cooling units that make them popular among builders, contractors, architects, and interior designers: 

Manufactured with High-Quality Materials for a Longer Lifespan and Maximum Performance 

Wine Guardian Wine Cellar Cooling Units Have High-Grade Components

Wine Guardian Wine Cellar Cooling Units Have High-Grade Components

When choosing a climate control system, it is best to consult a professional. Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles offers durable wine cellar cooling products 

Wine Guardian wine cellar cooling units are manufactured using high-grade materials that help them have a longer lifespan and to operate with maximum efficiency. The components of Wine Guardian wine cellar cooling systems are resistant to corrosion.

These products will have a longer lifespan even when installed in a humid environment like in wine cellars. They are also ideal for outdoor installations. Wine Guardian wine cellar refrigeration units consist of high-static pressure fans.    

Wine Guardian Refrigeration Systems are Designed for Precise Temperature and Humidity Control  

Another crucial factor to consider when selecting a climate control system for your wine cellar is the ability of the unit to regulate the temperature and humidity level inside your wine room. Please do not purchase a wine cellar cooling unit because of its low price. Always seek the help of a professional.    

All of Wine Guardian wine cellar cooling units are tested in their factory to ensure that they are capable of creating the perfect wine storage environment for long-term storage. When you choose a Wine Guardian refrigeration system with the help of Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles, you will not have to worry about temperature fluctuations and varying humidity levels.  

Energy Efficient and Operates Quietly  

Another reason why we love wine cellar cooling units by Wine Guardian is because of their energy efficiency. They consume less energy than other brands of refrigeration systems while producing the ideal conditions for wine’s proper maturation.    

Moreover, their climate control systems operate quietly, which allows you and your guests to relax in your home or commercial wine cellar.   

Different Types of Wine Guardian Offered by Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles 

Every client has unique wine storage requirements. Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles offers different types of Wine Guardian cooling units: through-the-wall, ducted, ducted split, and Pro Specialty wine refrigeration systems.                                           

Through-the-Wall Wine Cellar Cooling Systems  

Wine Guardian Through the Wall Cooling Unit

Wine Guardian Through the Wall Cooling Unit

Wine Guardian’s through-the-wall (TTW) wine cellar refrigeration units are suitable small to medium wine cellars. These products offer optimum control of the temperatures and humidity levels. Other features of the TTW wine cellar cooling units are: 

  • Efficient and quiet operation  
  • Has temperature and humidity control display (remote interface controller) 
  • Has components that are corrosion resistant 
  • Has an all-aluminum frame for durability  
  • Support frame and one-piece wall  bracket included  
  • Offer a heater option 

Models available: 

  • TTW009  
  • TTW009 with heater 
  • TTW018  
  • TTW018 with heater 

Ducted Self-Contained Wine Refrigeration Systems by Wine Guardian  

D025 Self Contained Ducted Wine Guardian Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

D025 Ducted Self-Contained Wine Guardian Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

Wine Guardian’s ducted self-contained wine cellar cooling units are ideal for wine cellars of any size but are recommended for larger residential or commercial wine cellars. They offer design and installation flexibility.  

The equipment is installed outside the wine cellar, resulting in a quiet operation. Moreover, the ducted type wine cooling system is space-efficient because it does not take up any racking or wall space 


  • D025  
  • D050  
  • D050V Vertical Ducted 
  • D088 
  • D088V  
  • D200 

Ducted Split Wine Cellar Refrigeration Units  

Wine Guardian’s ducted split climate control systems are designed to create the optimum storage conditions in wine cellars. They also provide proper air circulation and virtually vibration-free operation. We recommend this system for wine rooms with little or no extra space for the equipment.  


  • DS025 
  • DS050 
  • DS088 
  • DS200 

Ductless Split Wine Cellar Refrigeration Units  

Wine Guardian Ductless Split Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

Ductless Split Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Wine Guardian

Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles recommends the ductless split wine cellar cooling unit by Wine Guardian for projects where space is limited. The unit offers versatility in installation because it can be mounted through the wall or on a surface. No ductwork is needed. These wine cellar refrigeration systems are sleek, with a stylish condensing unit.    


  • SS018 
  • WGS025 

Wine Guardian Pro –Specialty Wine Cellar Cooling Units  

Pro Specialty Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

Pro Specialty Ducted Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

When it comes to versatility and efficiency, Wine Guardian Pro specialty commercial and residential HVAC systems are the best.  They are intended to achieve low temperatures in almost any type of application. The Pro Series units are available in air-cooled and water-cooled models.  

  • DP200 Pro Low-Temperature  
  • DP25 Pro-Ducted Specialty  
  • DP50 Pro-Ducted Specialty  
  • DP88 Pro-Ducted Specialty  
  • SP200 Pro-Ducted Split Specialty 
  • SP25 Pro-Ductable Split Low Temperature  
  • SP50- Pro Specialty 
  • SP88 Pro Low-Temperature Ductable 

Get a Wine Guardian Cooling Unit to Keep Your Collection Safe in Your Los Angeles Wine Cellar 

Choose a Wine Guardian refrigeration system for your wine cellar. Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles will help determine the right type and model for your project. Talk to one of our specialists at (323) 825-9846