Modern Wine Cellar Design Created Using Metal Wine Pegs, Elegant Glass Enclosure, and Dramatic Lighting

Modern Wine Cellar Design by Los Angeles Experts

Modern Wine Cellar Design by Los Angeles Experts

Another small space was transformed by Coastal Custom Wine Cellars in California. Steve, the lead designer of the Coastal team, created a modern wine cellar design that would fit wines and spirits. They utilized metal wine racks and wood to cater to the needs of the couple. Read on to learn more about the impressive features incorporated into the design to create a showpiece in the client’s home.  

Modern Wine Cellar Design: Elegant Features Incorporated by Experts  

Designing a wine cellar requires skills, knowledge, and a thorough assessment of the client’s needs. Coastal Custom Wine Cellars is led by Steve Pantalemon, an expert who created this modern wine cellar design in Los Angeles. The team always makes sure that every wine cellar they build exceeds the expectations of the owner. They work closely with the client to ensure that everything is in place.   

In this wine room construction project, the sleek design they created was tailored to the specific needs of the couple. The wife loves wines, while the husband loves to collect spirits. Coastal Custom Wine Cellars had to create a wine storage system to accommodate these types of bottles without compromising aesthetic quality.  

Racking Style Perfect for a Modern Wine Cellar Design   

This Modern Wine Cellar Design Consists of Elegant Racking and an Impressive Lighting System

This Modern Wine Cellar Design Consists of Elegant Racking and an Impressive Lighting System

In this California installation project, the modern wine cellar design created by Coastal Custom Wine Cellars consists of metal and wooden components.  

Steve and his team installed metal wine racks from Wine Cellar Designers Group. The metal wine pegs are triple deep to maximize the storage capacity of the wine closet. Two pegs can hold three bottles horizontally, showing the labels for convenience in browsing.   

This modern wine wall design stands out because the bottles appear to float in the air. It also creates a minimalist appeal, complementing the existing décor of the home. The wine pegs have a glossy finish reflecting light back to the wine bottles.  

The two large panels consisting of metal wine pegs are separated by a vertical shelf for serving wines or display accouterments or art pieces. To add style and functionality to the racking, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars included wooden shelves at the bottom section. There are horizontal bins for alcohol and champagne bottles on both sides of the shelves. There are also openings for storing wooden cases and wine cellar accessories. The center of bottom racking consists of self-closing cabinets and drawers.  

Wine Cellar Lighting Perfect for a Modern Wine Cellar Design     

The lighting system of your wine cellar must be designed and installed by a specialist to achieve the perfect lighting effect and ensure that it does not emit harmful UV light. Coastal Custom Wine Cellars installed an LED light panel that highlights the bottles in the home wine cellar, releasing a subtle glow behind the metal racking. LED lights are widely used in wine cellars because they emit a low amount of heat without UV light emission, protecting the wines from damage.  

Steve and his team installed a standoff raised about an inch from the back and placed lighting in between the standoff and a ¾-inch acrylic board. The area intended for the husband’s liquor collection is also illuminated by an LED lighting system.  

Glass Wine Cellar Door and Walls: Installation and Features Ideal for a Beautiful and Safe Modern Wine Cellar Design   

This Modern Wine Cellar Design Created by Master Builders Consists of Wooden Components

Modern Wine Cellar Design by Master Builders

Glass doors are ideal for a modern wine cellar design. They add a timeless appeal to the space and allow the wines and spirits to be viewed from the living area without any obstruction. In this particular home wine cellar project in California, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars installed a glass front door framed in metal. It is flanked by two large glass walls. 

Building a glass wine cellar is quite challenging because it requires technical requirements and knowledge. Doors installed in climate-controlled wine rooms must be sealed properly to help create the best wine storage conditions needed by wines to age.  

The greater the amount of glass, the higher will be the required insulation. Insulating wine cellar doors will prevent the cold air produced by the wine cooling unit from escaping the wine room and the warm air from entering. A poor or lack of insulation will affect the cooling efficiency of your wine refrigeration system and cause wine storage issues.    

One of the challenges in this project Steve and his team had to deal with was the location of the wine cellar. It faces the sun most time of the day, which can affect the temperatures and humidity levels. Without proper insulation, the quality of the wines will be at risk and force your wine cooling unit to work harder to achieve the ideal wine storage environment. When this happens, the equipment will break down, resulting in costly repairs or replacements.   

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars created a solution that would prevent condensation and wine storage problems by sealing the glass panels with metal frames. They filled the channels between the metal frames using insulation components.  

Wine Cellar Cooling System: Correct Type and Installation  

The Coastal team conducted a heat load calculation to ensure that the most suitable size and type of wine refrigeration system were chosen considering the size and location of the wine room and the amount of glass utilized. A self-contained unit was not recommended for this type of setup.  

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars installed a WhisperKOOL 7000 wine cooling system. It is a split-type ceiling mount unit, allowing the evaporator and condenser to be located separately. They placed the condenser (the noisier component) on the roof, preventing any unwanted noise inside the wine cellar. Other wine cooling parts were placed in the soffit. The only visible component inside the wine room is the vent, which is in line with the wine cellar entryway.  

Let Us Create a Modern Wine Cellar Design for a Stand-Out Wine Display in Your Home    

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars created another modern wine cellar design for a minimalist home in California. Using metal wine pegs and a glass enclosure, they transformed a small space into a wow-worthy wine cellar.  

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