Custom-Built Under Stairs Wine Cellars for Los Angeles Homes

For wine cellar enthusiasts, unique custom under stairs wine cellars can be created even in limited spaces. Recently, we provided a service for building a custom wine cellar for one of our clients in Los Angeles. They decided to design the cellar to be placed underneath the stairs. This particular cellar stands out because of its horizontal wine display racks, visible from outside through the wall. 

glass under-stairs wine cellar

This under-stairs wine cellar exudes a modern approach with glass doors and modern wine racking display with LED lighting.

Overview of the Contemporary Under Stairs Wine Cellars Project

under stairs wine cellar

The clever usage of the under stairs space is a testament of our expertise in flexible wine cellar designs

This wine cellar has an elegant look, featuring 3/4-inch tempered frameless glass doors and reclaimed wine This elegant wine cellar features 3/4-inch tempered frameless glass doors and reclaimed wine barrel flooring. Inside the cellar is cork-forward style racking. This includes diamond-shaped X bins, reveal row racks, and label forward racks in the windows. A WhisperKOOL wall-mount cooling unit was also installed to ensure the optimal temperature within the confined space. 

Take a look at this gorgeous under-stairs wine cellar design from Wine Cellar Specialists!

Under Stairs Wine Cellars: Making the Most of Any Size Space

understairs wine cellar racking

You can showcase your most prized and most favorite wine bottles with this understairs wine cellar racking display.

When deciding on wine storage ideas, it is crucial to consider the size and shape of the space. Under-stairs wine cellars with built-in wall wine racks are an excellent fit for narrow spaces. Wall-to-wall wine storage spaces with industrial cooling systems are often favored for larger spaces. If you want something more modern and unique, glass walls and display cases may be the way to go.  

If you’re looking for a custom wine cellar design, experienced professionals can provide helpful tips and advice. Basement, attic, or under-stairs spaces offer many creative possibilities for building wine cellars. Smaller closets and pantries can also be transformed into custom wine storage units.  

Whichever style you choose, use quality materials and professional installation services to ensure your wine collection stays safe and secure. With careful planning, your new wine cellar could become a showpiece in your home. 

Different Types of Wine Racking for the Glass Understairs Wine Cellar

The glass stairs wine storage displays a unique set of wine racking systems. Outside the wine closet, horizontal wine racking is embedded in the wall and protected by glass panels. Inside the wine cellar are different types of wine racking, such as reveal row, cork-forward, and diamond bin racks. These distinct variations of wine cellar racks create an atmosphere evoking sophistication, luxury, and elegance.  

The diamond bins at the bottom of this wine racking system are perfect for storing bottles that need to age. These Alder wood bins, stained and lacquered to a glossy shine, are like jewels adorning the home’s interiors. Holding nine magnums, 12 champagnes, or 16 regular-sized wines, they offer an ideal spot for aging favorite wine bottles. 

Maximizing the Utility of LED Lighting in Small-Sized Wine Cellars

understairs wine cellar cooling unit

The WhisperKOOL cooling unit for this understairs wine cellar is placed well, blending in with the whole wine cellar’s simple yet modern aesthetics.

LED lighting is ideal for this modern wine cellar, highlighting the collection without producing heat that could harm the bottles. Plus, its increased visibility makes showcasing favorite selections and their labels easy. This helps to create an inviting atmosphere for visitors, making them feel welcomed into the space.  

LED lighting in wine cellars has become increasingly popular for people who love wine due to its many benefits. From an energy efficiency standpoint, LEDs consume significantly less electricity than traditional incandescent or halogen bulbs. This results in a decrease in utility costs and a reduction in overall carbon emissions.  

LEDs have a longer lifespan than other light sources. Some LEDs can last up to 25 years before needing to be replaced. Furthermore, they provide consistent and even lighting throughout the wine room.  

The low operating temperatures of LEDs also make it easier to maintain the desired temperature inside the wine closet. Finally, their small size makes them easy to install in tight spaces, especially in tight-spaced wine-racking systems. 

The Benefits of a Split-Type Cooling System for an Understairs Wine Room

The wine cellar is centrally located in the house. It is not exposed to direct sunlight. Using a ¾ inch tempered, frameless glass for its doors didn’t cause any problems for this wine cellar.   

 The team installed a WhisperKOOL Platinum Split System 4000 for this wine cellar. It’s a split-type cooling unit, which means the evaporator and condensing units are separated. This setup has the advantage of being less noisy and cluttered (since there are fewer cooling system parts).  

 The WhisperKOOL cooling system installed for this understairs wine room is practical and efficient. The only visible part from inside the wine cellar is the evaporator coil. Meanwhile, the condensing unit is outside the wine cellar. 

Have Your Own Custom Understairs Glass Wine Cellar with CWCLA’s Expert Wine Cellar Designers

This glass under stairs wine cellars masterpiece was crafted to perfection for these beloved clients. The wine racking system can store many bottles in a small space. Meanwhile, the wine refrigeration system keeps the temperature and humidity perfect for storing wine.  

 Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles takes immense pride in every project they take on, no matter how big or small. If you want to build your custom-built wine cellar, contact us at (323) 825-9846 and get a free quote.