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Wine Cellar Construction Using Eco-Friendly Materials and Reliable Wine Cooling Units

One of the crucial aspects of quality wine cellar construction is creating a functional and appealing design that suits the client’s requirements. Building a wine cellar requires extensive knowledge and skills in preparing the room for refrigeration and creating a design that will enhance the aesthetic value of the home. At Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles, we recommend incorporating green building materials and installing an efficient […]

These Exceptional Glass Wine Cellar Designs Will Inspire You

A glass wine cellar will not only add a luxurious appeal to your wine room but will also provide a clear view of your prized collection from your dining room or entertainment area. At Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles, we work with premier designers and builders of modern wine rooms. One of them is Vintage Cellars. Their glass wine […]

Wine Cellar Refrigeration Systems from Arctic Metalworks Used in Coastal Projects

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars offers innovative wine cellar designs and solutions for residential and commercial applications. They have been our partner in building refrigerated wine cellars for years. They work with Arctic MetalWorks, a top-notch manufacturer of wine cellar refrigeration systems. Learn more about the different projects completed by the Coastal team and the advantages of using the wine cooling systems from the Arctic team.    Coastal Custom Wine Cellars Works with a Wine Refrigeration Expert   […]

Building a Wine Cellar in Your Home: What You Must Know

There is an increasing demand for wine cellars among homeowners. A well-built wine storage facility offers many benefits. If you build a wine cellar in your home, you can store your wines safely for many years, you will have a hassle-free experience while enjoying a sip of your favorite vintage, you will have easy access to your collection, and you will […]

Contemporary Home Wine Cellar Design Ideas That Will Make Your Wine Display Stand Out

Are you looking for a way to enhance the aesthetic and resale value of your residential property? You can add an upgrade feature in your home by building a contemporary wine cellar in it. Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles designs and builds wine storage rooms that stand out from the rest. Learn appealing design ideas for custom home wine cellars using elegant wine racks and doors.   Design […]

Which of These Luxury Wine Room Designs Suits Your Custom Home Wine Cellar?

These luxury wine room designs will captivate your heart and will entice you to you have your own. We collaborate with top-notch designers, builders, and contractors to create exceptional custom home wine cellars that can enhance the value of our client’s home and allow them to entertain friends in an elegant place. Check out these captivating residential wine rooms and get inspiration for your next project!  Feast Your Eyes with These Luxurious Designs Created by […]

A Magnificent Refrigerated Commercial Wine Cellar with Contemporary Wine Racks

This refrigerated commercial wine cellar will leave you in awe with its elegant-looking contemporary wine racks installed in the perfect area inside the Fairmont Hotel. It was built by Blue Grouse Wine Cellars, one of the premier wine room designers and a member of Wine Cellar Designers Group. Learn more about the modern features incorporated into the design to boost wine sales.   […]

Experience the Benefits of Investing in a Refrigerated Custom Home Wine Cellar

Spoiled wines are common in wine storage rooms where there is no cooling unit installed. An unstable environment will damage your wines. A refrigerated wine cellar is what you need to protect your wines from external factors such as heat, UV light, vibration, and odor. Find out how a climate-controlled wine cellar built by a professional can provide […]

Building Gorgeous Custom Home Wine Cellars with the Help of a Wine Room Design Specialist. Let Us Know Your Wants and Needs.

Designing residential wine rooms is a complicated task. However, if you work with an expert like Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles, you will not have to worry about the occurrence of wine storage problems or your wants not being met. As one of the top-notch and most reliable design and installation specialists, our team always aims to create an outstanding wine storage and display area for every […]

Showcase Your Wine Collection Stylishly in a Contemporary Wine Cellar Designed by a Los Angeles Specialist

Do you think a contemporary wine cellar suits your space and requirements? Find out if this style of residential wine room is perfect for your needs. Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles has been designing and installing wine cellars for many years. They had many clients who preferred contemporary style wine display area. Find out why.  A Wine Cellar Specialist in Los Angeles Builds Elegant Contemporary Wine […]

Cooling Wine Cellars in Los Angeles: What are the Common Problems and How Experts in Los Angeles Can Prevent Them?

Problems related to wine cooling are common in wine cellars built by a non-expert. What are some issues that can cause a significant expense and a waste of investment? How can wine cellar cooling specialists in Los Angeles help prevent and fix them? Increase your knowledge and understanding of wine cellar cooling and why hiring a professional is essential.  Wine Cellar Cooling in Los Angeles: […]

This Luxury Home Wine Cellar Built by a Specialist in Los Angeles Will Make You Want to Have Your Own

Luxury home wine cellars can add aesthetic appeal and resale value of your residential property. It is one of the reasons why building custom wine rooms are increasing in demand in many areas of the world. At Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles, we work with reliable installers like Harvest Custom Wine Cellars and Saunas. They proved their creativity and expertise in a custom wine room conversion […]

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Stylish Metal Racksfor a Contemporary Wine Cellar Design in Los Angeles 

Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles has a wide experience in building wine storage systems of various styles. The latest trend in cellar design involves the use of steel displays to achieve a contemporary look. Moreover, metal contemporary wine racks are ideal for any-sized cellar because they are efficient in maximizing space. Our team installs metal […]

Calabasas Home Wine Cellar’s Superior Refrigeration System Installed with Least Disruption by Cooling Professionals

Here’s a transcript of a video series on a project completed by our partners, M&M Cellar Systems, who completed a refrigeration cooling system project in Calabasas, California. This stunning wine room required a special method of installing split cooling system, using a line set to prevent the use of ducting. To do so would have […]