VintageView Modern Wine Racks for Exceptional Custom Wine Cellars

Modern Wine Racks are Perfect for Building Elegant Custom Wine Cellars

Modern Wine Racks are Perfect for Building Elegant Custom Wine Cellars

The benefits of modern wine racks cannot be underestimated. Coastal Custom Wine Cellars, a top-notch designer in Los Angeles, built exceptional wine rooms using VintageView wine storage systems. Learn more about these projects.  


Modern Wine Racks: Why Experts in California Use them in Building Exceptional Wine Cellars  

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars is an experienced builder of beautiful and functional wine rooms in California. They have proven their reliability and expertise in creating wine displays designed to show off collections impressively without compromising quality.  

Modern wine racks can blend well with any existing decors in homes. Additionally, they can fit narrow spaces and can be custom-designed to meet the requirements of clients who want high-end wine displays for their home or wine business. With various manufacturers of modern wine racks today, it is common for wine collectors to have a dilemma in choosing the best option for their project. 

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars Offers In-Demand Modern Wine Racks from VintageView 

VintageView is a popular choice of modern wine racks among contractors, builders, designers, and architects in California and many areas in the United States. Their wine storage systems are engineered to create appealing and high-quality wine displays in residential and commercial wine cellars, helping eliminate any elements that do not play a role in enhancing the beauty of your space.    

Metal wine racks from VintageView are known for their durability, strength, ease of maintenance, and sophistication. They are perfect for achieving a minimalist look in wine rooms.   

VintageView has awarded Coastal Custom Wine Cellars with the following badges: 

  • Regional Certified Designer 
  • Residential Design 
  • Wall Series Innovator 
  • Floor to Ceiling Series Innovator

Stylish VintageView Modern Wine Racks: Which One Suits Your Style?  

VintageView modern wine racks are available in kit and customized units. They come in various styles and finishes (satin black, brushed nickel, chrome, and black chrome) to cater to the unique needs of every client. It is best to consult a reliable designer from the Coastal team to ensure that the desired look and functionality of your wine storage system are achieved.  

Wall Series

VintageView’s Wall Series consists of modern wine racks with a label-forward bottle configuration. They are available in four standard heights and three bottle depths to fit any storage needs. Coastal Custom Wine Cellars offers options for champagne, magnum, and other large-format bottles.  

Floor-to-Ceiling Frame Series Modern Wine Racks  

The Floor-to-Ceiling Frame Series is a modular system that offers design and installation flexibilities. These modern wine racks can be combined to create walls of wine to act as room dividers. 

Evolution Series Wine Racks  

The Evolutions Series is composed of freestanding wine racks with a mix of steel and acrylic components available in 4-, 6-, and 8-foot heights.  Extension kits are available for those who wish to expand the capacity of their racking.  Steel rods are available in chrome and satin finishes. The widths and heights can be customized to accommodate your needs.  

W Series Wine Racks  

W Series modern wine racks by VintageView feature the original label-forward design. They are available from modular to scale to accommodate a wine collection of any size. Regardless of the size and number of bottles in your collection, there is a W Series racking unit that will suit your needs. One of the W Series wine racks is the Stemware Rack, designed to accommodate 2 to 6 wine glasses in every unit. 

WS Stemware Racks: Add a Modern Wine  

Integrating glass storage into your wall can be more fun with VintageView’s W Series stemware racks are wall-mounted wine racks available in heights ranging from 4 inches up to 6 feet. You may customize the height depending on your needs.   

Coastal Custom Wine Cellar Projects Using VintageView Modern Wine Racks  

Modern Home Wine Cellar with Metal Wine Racks

Modern Home Wine Cellar with Metal Wine Racks

For many years, the Coastal team has been using metal wine storage systems from VintageView for designing modern wine racks. Their being consistent in exceeding their client’s expectations makes them one of the most sought-after builders of custom wine cellars in Los Angeles.  

They are grateful VintageView products are part of their innovative wine storage solutions. Learn more about these modern wine racks and the projects they have completed and be inspired by the designs! 

An Impressive Custom Wine Cellar with Modern Wine Racks 

In this home wine cellar installation project, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars installed VintageView Platinum WS43 and WS33 Series wine racks in brushed nickel. WS43 wine racks are 4 feet high and 3-bottles deep. The WS33 wine racks are 3-feet high and 3-feet deep. The FCF (floor-to-ceiling frames) were used to hold the bottles securely.  

The frames are durable and easy to cut and mount. If you have a screwdriver and a saw on hand, assembly and installation will be an easy task. The Coastal team used plastic couplers before mounting the units on the frames. You can hire a professional if you cannot do it yourself.  

Sleek Modern Wine Racks Designed for a Wine Cellar Built in a Play Area  

VintageView Metal Wine Racks in a Contemporary Wine Cellar

VintageView Metal Wine Racks in a Contemporary Wine Cellar

A homeowner requested coastal Custom Wine Cellars to transform an unused basement play area into a wine cellar equipped with modern wine racks. However, we combined wood and metal racking because that was what the client wanted. He also wanted his wine room to serve as a tasting and cigar room.  

You will see double-deep VintageView metal wine racks in strategic areas in the wine cellar to make them stand out. These 3-bottle deep wine racks were placed in front of the glass wall to the left of the door and on the right wall of the wine room.  

Let Our Experts Create an Exceptional Wine Display with modern Wine Racks from VintageView 

Modern wine racks from VintageView are increasing in popularity in the wine cellar construction industry. Coastal Custom Wine Cellars has been using these metal wine storage systems for creating sleek and minimalist wine displays in residential and commercial applications.  

If you need help building a wine room or have any questions about wine cellar construction, please call us at (323) 825-9846.