California Modern Home Wine Cellar with a Cigar Humidor

Modern Home Wine Cellar with a Cigar Humidor

Modern Home Wine Cellar with a Cigar Humidor

Building a tastefully designed wine display area will add a distinctive feature to your space. In one of their projects, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars installed a modern home wine cellar with a cigar humidor. Learn more about this project and be impressed! 

A Modern Home Wine Cellar with a Cigar Humidor  

Residential wine rooms are growing in demand in and around the California area. A modern home wine cellar adds value to a property, enhances the visual appeal of a space, and provides convenience in accessing their favorite vintages.

In one of their projects, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars was contacted by the homeowners who wanted to build a modern home wine cellar with unique features in their newly renovated house on Port Street.  

The Coastal team made sure that every detail was noted to come up with a design that would meet the requirements of the owners. They also utilized materials that would complement the contemporary design of the house and incorporated designs that add a personalized touch to the overall design of the racking.  

The couple loves to host parties and entertain friends, so investing in a climate-controlled wine room was a good idea. They wanted a beautiful display for their collection and a storage area for their cigars.   

Cigar Humidor: a Stylish Feature in this Modern Home Wine Cellar   

California Modern Home Wine Cellar with a Cigar Humidor

California Modern Home Wine Cellar with a Cigar Humidor

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars installed a cigar humidor to accommodate the husband’s cigar collection. A cigar humidor is intended to provide the ideal storage for cigars by allowing the fresh air to circulate around the area where it is kept. Since cigars have different room temperature requirements from wines, it was an excellent idea to include a cigar humidor within the modern home wine cellar.   

The cigar humidor is located at the center of the wall, flanked by the metal wine racks. It consists of a double-door cabinet with polished framed glass.    

Most humidifiers require adding water and changing filters every week. To eliminate regular water check-ups, the Coastal team taped cold water into the humidification system so the water would be automatically added in when the water runs out.   

Wine Racks Made from Modern Pegs and Panels 

The design for this modern home wine cellar in California was carefully thought out to exceed the client’s expectations. Coastal Custom Wine Cellars installed a peg wine rack system. The chrome-built polished stainless-steel pegs are perfect for this project since the owners wanted a contemporary-style wine display area.  

The peg wine racks and panels were placed on both sides of the cigar humidor. The peg wine racks display the bottles as if they are flying in mid-air. The pegs are double deep, so two pegs can hold two bottles, maximizing the storage capacity of the wine room.  

The label-forward orientation of the wine racks allows for easy browsing of the wines. It makes locating a specific type of wine an easy task. It eliminates the need to flip the bottle to read the wine labels. The sediments that have settled on one side of the bottle will be disturbed when you flip the bottle. It will affect the texture and taste of the wine.  

Innovative Wine Cellar Lighting system  

California Modern Home Wine Cellar with Peg Wine Racks

California Modern Home Wine Cellar with Peg Wine Racks

A wine cellar wouldn’t be complete without a lighting system. Lighting in a wine room must be chosen and installed carefully to achieve the ambiance and appeal that the client wants. In this project, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars installed LED lights within the wall interiors of the modern California home wine cellar.  

One of the features of the Luton lighting system is its ability to create a luxurious atmosphere in wine cellars. Additionally, it can be controlled separately in each space using easy-to-use and elegant keypad buttons. Managing the light levels and reconfiguring the lighting zones in the wine room becomes more convenient. It allows making changes in the space without the need for rewiring.    

Glass Wine Cellar Door and Walls  

The modern home wine cellar is a total package. In addition to the luxurious-looking peg wine racks and elegant lighting, it has frameless glass wall panels and a glass door on the left. The glass enclosure allows the client’s prized wines to be visible from the entertainment and dining area without any obstruction.   

You Can Have Your Own Modern California Home Wine Cellar with a Cigar Humidor 

A modern California home wine cellar will enhance the value of your property. Customizing it will allow you to add a personalized touch like the client in this project who incorporated a cigar humidor into the design to accommodate her husband’s cigar collection.  

If you need help or have any questions about wine cellar design and construction, please do not hesitate to call us at (323) 825-9846.