Building Gorgeous Custom Home Wine Cellars with the Help of a Wine Room Design Specialist. Let Us Know Your Wants and Needs.

Careful Planning and Assessment Will Help Specialists Build an Outstanding Custom Design for Your Wine Cellar or Wine Closet

Careful Planning and Assessment Will Help Specialists Build Outstanding Custom Home Wine or Wine Closet

Designing residential wine rooms is a complicated task. However, if you work with an expert like Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles, you will not have to worry about the occurrence of wine storage problems or your wants not being met. As one of the top-notch and most reliable design and installation specialists, our team always aims to create an outstanding wine storage and display area for every client with cost-savvy and practical solutions. In this article, we will discuss the crucial questions we need to ask potential customers to help us create the perfect custom wine cellar design for their space.   

What are the Questions We Usually Ask Potential Customers Before Creating a Custom Wine Cellar Design for a Home? 

At Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles, we always want everything to be in place, the wine room design is perfect for the client’s needs, the components are made of high-quality materials and installed correctly, and the price is within the budget.  

Below is a list of questions that will help us create a custom wine cellar design that suits our client’s requirements. When we ask these questions, they start talking about their aesthetic and functional preferences, including how much they drink.  

1. Where is the Location? 

Knowing the location of your custom home wine cellar is one of the most important questions we ask our customers. You can build your wine cellar almost anywhere in your home. With the help of our specialist, you can turn a closet, garage, basement, space under your stairs, or any space available, into your dream wine cellar.  

The location of your wine cellar or wine closet is one of the factors that will affect the cost of your project. Moreover, it will help us determine the correct type of wine cellar cooling system that is ideal for the location of your residential wine room.    

If your wine cellar is located in a warmer location, you will need a larger refrigeration unit. On the other hand, if the room is located in an area with a colder environment, a smaller cooling system will be adequate to achieve the ideal conditions.  

2. What is the Size of the Wine Room or Wine Closet? 

Another crucial information we need to know before creating a design for your custom home wine cellar is the size of the room. We should know the dimensions of the area so we can make an excellent wine room design layout for your space.  

Ted, the founder and CEO of Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles, always does the consultation over the phone, but he makes an appointment for an on-site visit so he can see the location and take his own dimensions. Doing so will help him determine if modifying or bringing down some walls is necessary, and he can give them an idea of how many bottles they can store in a room with that size.   

3. What is Your Purpose for Building a Custom Wine Cellar in Your Home? 

Custom Wine Cellars Designed for Homes in Los Angeles

Custom Wine Cellar Designs Created for Homes in Los Angeles

Our custom wine cellar designers in Los Angeles must know the reason why you want to build a wine cellar in your home. Will it be a showcase design, or mainly for storage purposes? Based on our experience, most of our clients wanted both a display area and a safe storage place for their collection.    

We had customers in Los Angeles who chose not to install a wine cellar cooling system even though we recommended that it is an essential component. Their reason was that their primary purpose for investing in a wine room was primarily to showcase their small wine collection. 

Others do not drink; they just love the idea of having an elegant wine cellar or wine closet that will add value to their home and a place where they can showcase their prized vintages to their guestsWe do not even ask if they need a cooling system. I always let customers know that they need one, and it is up to them if they decide to have one or not.  

4. How Many Bottles Do You Intend to Store in Your Wine Cellar 

We also want to know how many bottles you intend to store and display in your custom wine cellar. Other wine collectors already have existing bottles in their collection. We want to aim for the wine storage capacity according to the number of bottles they are planning to store in their glass wine cellar, including the existing bottles they have, plus room for growth.  

5. What Types of Wines Do You Collect? 

We have to know the types of wines they collect so we can allocate storage space for different bottle sizes. The most common wine rack openings are for standard 750ml bottles. If the customer informed us that they have large-format bottles, such as champagne and magnum bottles, we would include larger storage slots in the custom wine cellar design. 

We will also make sure that it will be convenient for you to manage your wine collection and make an inventory by incorporating diamond bins and wooden case storage. These racking styles will allow you to group different types of wines. 

The Common Question We Get from Customers 

Work with a Los Angeles Specialist in Custom Home Wine Cellar Design and Construction

One of the Most Unique Custom Home Wine Cellars Constructed by a Los Angeles Expert

Potential customers will always have questions about their project. The common question we get from them is, “What is the price going to be?” It is difficult to answer that question because many factors will affect the price. We can give a budget range, but we usually provide a price range with a wider margin.  

Some of the factors that will affect the project cost are: 

  • Location of the space that will be transformed into a custom home wine cellar  
  • The wood species of their choice 
  • The finishing options for their custom wine racks (do they want them stained, lacquered, or left them unfinished?) 
  • The wine cellar cooling system to be installed   
  • The type and size of the wine cellar door 

Work with a Specialist in Designing Custom Home Wine Cellars in Los Angeles 

Our team has proven its reliability in designing and installing custom home wine cellars in Los Angeles. If you want to convert a space into an eye-catching a functional residential wine room or wine closet, please do not hesitate to talk to a specialist at (323) 825-9846.