Modern Glass Wine Cellar in California: a Beautiful Art Piece

Modern Glass Wine Cellar a Masterpiece by Coastal Custom Wine Cellars

California Modern Glass Wine Cellar a Masterpiece by Coastal Custom Wine Cellars

A modern glass swine cellar was designed and built by Coastal Custom Wine cellars, a master builder in Los Angeles, California. In one of their projects, they installed a glass-enclosed wine display area with metal wine racks, creating an aquarium-like feature in the client’s living room. They installed a beautiful lighting system to illuminate the bottles dramatically. Learn more about the features of this residential wine room.    

Wow-Worthy Modern Glass Wine Cellar in a California Home  

In one of their projects, they created a modern glass wine cellar in the living room of a home in California. The client wanted a showpiece. She was not after bottle capacity.  

Wine Room Insulation  

As a master builder, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars knows that insulating the wine room is critical to the proper preservation of the wine’s quality. They used spray foam insulation because it is proven the most efficient type of insulation. It can fill even the tiniest gaps or cracks in the walls and ceiling. They also added a U-channel to the top and bottom sections to insulate the California modern glass wine cellar from the warm environment outside. 

Awe-Inspiring Design for a Modern Glass Wine Cellar  

The Coastal team brought down a pillar to provide a space for the project. The completed wine room looks like a tall aquarium in the living area. The chosen wine racks, door, and lighting were perfect for this project. 

Cable Wine Systems: an Innovative Wine Storage Solution for this Modern Glass Wine Cellar in California  

Modern Glass Wine Cellar Cable Wine Racks

 Modern Glass Wine Cellar with Cable Wine Racks

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars installed a modern wine rack system from Cable Wine Systems.  Their wine racks consist of tension sets, vertical cables, and clamps, which are all made from durable materials to hold the bottles securely. The materials shine when the light is on, adding a luxurious feel to the wine display. The racking is 3-bottles deep with a total capacity of 86 bottles.   

The tension sets of a cable wine system can be finished with Satin Nickel or Chrome, while the finish option for brass clamps is only Chrome. The team placed plywood on top of the LED light panel above the cable wine racks to bear the weight of the wine bottles. 

The spacing between the bottles can be adjusted depending on your needs and preferences. For example, you have large format bottles like Champagne and Magnus in your collection, your cable wine system can be designed to fit the sizes of these bottles at no additional cost.    

If you intend to display a few bottles, the horizontal spacing between the cradles can be increased. If the wine racks are placed in front of your wall décor or backdrop, you may choose to adjust the vertical spacing of the cradles so as not to obstruct the view.  

Wine Cellar Lighting 

The lighting system plays a vital role in the overall appeal of a wine room. In this modern glass wine cellar in California, the Coastal team installed a light panel (¾-inch thick) at the top and bottom sections. The placement of the lights helps achieve an impressive wine display.  

The light panels illuminate the space with soft white lighting, which the owner can adjust according to the mood she wants to achieve. They can also be customized as shelves for displaying elegant wine bottles or liquors. You may also use them as backdrops for wine racks set against a wall.   

Glass Walls and Door 

Tempered or thermally insulated glass panels help regulate the conditions inside refrigerated wine rooms. When the wine storage environment is stable, condensation formation and mold growth will be prevented. Keep in mind that mold can damage the wine labels, cork, wine quality, and the structural integrity of your wine cellar.   

Wine Cellar Cooling System  

They built an open core to allow the copper lines of the wine refrigeration unit, which are connected to the condensing unit placed outside the home. They placed the evaporating coils on the mirrored wall inside the modern glass wine cellar 

Let Experts Design and Build a Modern Glass Wine Cellar in Your California Home

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars has proven its reliability and expertise in designing and building climate-controlled wine rooms. In the modern glass wine cellar they built in a California home, they created a wow-worthy wine display area. The wine racks create an illusion of bottles floating in the air.  

If you want to build a wine room that stands out, please do not hesitate to contact Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles at + 1 (323) 825-9846. We collaborate with top-notch builders in the industry.