Building a Wine Cellar in Your Home: What You Must Know

Design and Wine Cooling Experts Will Build an Elegant and Safe Wine Cellar in Your Home

Design and Wine Cooling Experts Will Build an Elegant and Safe Wine Cellar in Your Home

There is an increasing demand for wine cellars among homeowners. A well-built wine storage facility offers many benefits. If you build a wine cellar in your home, you can store your wines safely for many years, you will have a hassle-free experience while enjoying a sip of your favorite vintage, you will have easy access to your collection, and you will provide a luxurious place for your and your guests. Work with an expert and experienced builder like Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles! 

How Our Experts Can Help Build a Beautiful and Safe Wine Cellar in Your Home 

Building a refrigerated wine storage facility has technical requirements. It requires extensive knowledge, skills, and expertise to build a high-quality wine cellar in your home.  

At Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles, we are composed of teams of experts who understand the needs and requirements of every wine room project we deal with. If you are a serious wine collector who needs a wine room for long-term storage, we will help you!  

What to Expect from Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles 

Options for building a wine cellar in your home continue to grow. Whether you have a small, moderate, or largesized room, you have to seek the help of an expert like Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles. When you work with our team, you will be happy with the finished product.  

1. We Will Ensure That All of the Components Installed in Your Home Wine Cellar are of High Quality 

We will build a wine cellar for your home utilizing high-grade components. Our wine cellar racks and flooring are made from durable wood species that can withstand extreme humid conditions in refrigerated wine cellars. They are also equipped with horizontal dado spacer bars for added stability, strength, and integrity.   

Our wine cooling systems are commercial grade and engineered to offer superior performance, and are supplied by top-notch manufacturers. Our most trusted manufacturers of wine refrigeration units are Wine Guardian, CellarPro, WhisperKOOL, and US Cellar Systems. 

Our wood wine cellar doors are made of exterior grade material that can withstand extreme conditions. Our glass doors consist of thermally insulated glass panels that will help prevent condensation inside the wine room.   

2. You Will Have a Worry-Free Experience Because Everything is in Place 

At Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles, we will install the components in your home wine cellar correctly, following standard procedures. These include wine room insulation, vapor barrier, wine cooling system, wine racks, door, and flooring.   

We will create an airtight seal in your wine storage area to prevent air leakage. We have to ensure that condensation will not occur, cold air will not escape from your wine cellar, and no heat can enter. To achieve these, we will install the correct insulation, vapor barrier, and climate control system. 

We will perform a thorough assessment and a heat load calculation, which will help us determine the right BTUs required for your wine room. These steps will ensure that the size and capacity of your wine refrigeration unit suit the size and location of the wine cellar in your home. We consider the size, location, and availability of an exhaust room in choosing the type the cooling system to install in your home wine cellar.  

3. We Will Create a Design for Your Home Wine Cellar According to Your Aesthetic Needs 

We Will Construct Your Home Wine Cellar Based on Your Needs

We Will Construct Your Home Wine Cellar Based on Your Needs

We have been in the industry for many years now. We always aim to create a home wine cellar designed to reflect your personality and complement the existing décor of your space.  

We will assess your requirements and take note of every detail to help us incorporate all the features into the wine room design. You will be happy with the overall design of the wine cellar we built in your home because our team is very creative and has a keen attention to detail. 

You can enhance the beauty of your residential wine cellar by adding custom features such as wall murals, wine barrel art, wine barrel tabletops, stonework, bar area, and a lot more! 

4. Your Wine Room Will be Constructed According to Your Budget 

You do not have to break the bank to build a dream wine cellar in your home. We will create a layout plan that will suit your budget without compromising functional and aesthetic quality.    

We Offer Different Types and Styles of Wine Racks   

Wood Wine Racks Designed for a Home Wine Cellar

Wood Wine Racks Designed for a Home Wine Cellar

Each homeowner has unique requirements. Therefore, we offer a wide array of wine rack styles and materials. Wine racks can be readily made, semi-custom, or customized. You may choose wood or metal wine racks, depending on the overall appeal that you want in your wine cellar 

You may also choose to combine these materials to create a transitional style wine display area.     

We use wood wine racks for building traditional wine cellars. Wood choices are Mahogany, Pine, Alder, Redwoodand reclaimed Oak wine barrels. All of these wood species are known for their natural beauty and stability. The different styles of wood wine racks we offer are: 

  • Waterfall display racks 
  • Individual wine racks 
  • Quarter round display racks 
  • Curved corner wine racks 
  • Diamond bins (solid and lattice) 
  • Rectangular bins  
  • X-cube bins 
  • Arch display with a tabletop 
  • Wooden case storage racks 
  • Stemware racks  

 Our metal wine racks are known for their longevity and sleek appeal. They are ideal for building contemporary wine rooms. VintageView is a premier provider of metal wine storage systems. Their wine rack styles include Evolution Series, Column Wall Series, Vino Series, and Floor-to-Ceiling wine racks.   

Wine Cellar Doors for Elegant Entryways  

At Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles, we always want ensure our client’s entry to their home wine cellar is not only installed properly but is attractive as well. We offer stylish pre-hung and custom wine cellar doors 

We have seamless glass doors, solid wood doors, doors with wooden frame and glass panel, with/without wrought iron. You may choose a custom design for your carved wooden door or a wrought iron door.  

We Will Build a Unique and Safe Wine Cellar in Your Home 

Work with Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles in your home wine cellar project and enjoy the benefits! We are dedicated to building beautiful and functional wine rooms where our clients can store and display their collection safely.   

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