Contemporary Home Wine Cellar Design Ideas That Will Make Your Wine Display Stand Out

Contemporary Wine Cellar Designed for a Home

Contemporary Wine Cellar Designed for a Home

Are you looking for a way to enhance the aesthetic and resale value of your residential property? You can add an upgrade feature in your home by building a contemporary wine cellar in it. Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles designs and builds wine storage rooms that stand out from the rest. Learn appealing design ideas for custom home wine cellars using elegant wine racks and doors 

Design Ideas that Will Help You Create an Exceptional Wine Display in Your Home 

Most wine enthusiasts who love to entertain guests or host wine tasting parties want to have a custom home wine cellar where they can showcase their wine collection impressively. Nowadays, many homeowners prefer a minimalist and sleek wine rack system.  

At Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles, we are composed of designers and builders who have extensive knowledge in creating tastefully designed wine storage and display areasWe will help build your contemporary wine display according to your needs.   

Creating a design that will meet the needs of a client is both challenging and fun. It is challenging because we have to have keen attention to detail to ensure that all of the aesthetic, functional, and technical requirements are met. Designing custom home wine cellars is fun because it allows us to unleash our creativity to create a one-of-a-kind-wine-display and storage area.   

Here are some design ideas that will inspire you in creating an exceptional contemporary wine cellar in your home.  

Contemporary Wine Cellar Racks   

The design of your wine rack system plays a crucial role in achieving the look that you desire for your custom home wine cellar. Contemporary wine cellar racks are widely used in building sleek and minimalist wine storage rooms 

Metal is a popular material used for manufacturing contemporary wine racks. It looks elegant, blends well with any existing décor, and is easy to maintain.   

High-Quality VintageView Racking Systems are Recommended for Your Contemporary Home Wine Cellar 

VintageView Contemporary Home Wine Cellar Racks Look Elegant

VintageView Contemporary Home Wine Cellar Racks Look Elegant

VintageView is one of the premier manufacturers of contemporary wine racks. They have been one of our suppliers of metal wine storage systems for many years. 

Wine racks from VintageView are known for their numerous benefits, which make their products popular and widely used by designers, builders, contractors, and architects in their projects. Their wine storage systems are made with excellent stability, durability, and high resistance to warping. With proper care, their wine racks can last for decades.  

Another advantage of contemporary wine racks from VintageView is their installation and design flexibility. They are available in various depths (single, double, and triple). You can choose between the different types of metal wine racks: wall-mounted, freestanding, and floor-to-ceiling.  

At Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles, we offer the following finish options: Antique Brown, Copper, Black Pearl, Brass, Rustic Red, and Chrome. You can choose kit wine racks if you want a more affordable wine rack solution. Although custom contemporary wine racks are more expensive than readily built ones, we recommend them for wine collectors who want a racking system designed to fit their unique requirements.  

Stylish Ultra Wine Racks are Ideal for Creating Contemporary Wine Displays    

The Ultra Wine Racks are also famous for their elegant and high-quality metal wine storage systems. Their contemporary wine racks make use of durable pegs and panel boards. You may choose stainless steel, acrylic, or wood for the pegs. There are also different options for the backer board or panels.  

STACT Contemporary Wine Cellar Racks for a Sexy Wine Display in Your Home  

If you are looking for a sexy way to display your wine collection and bring your boring wall to life, we recommend the STACT wine racks. They are designed for wall installation, making them ideal for small apartments, unused space under the stairs, and narrow hallways. 

STACT wine racks are also perfect for those who are planning to add more bottles to their collection. Increasing the capacity of the racking is easy. You do not have to modify the whole racking. You just have to add more anodized bottle supports to accommodate more bottles.  

Cable Wine Systems for a High-End Custom Home Wines cellar 

The Cable Wine System is a high-end wine rack system that uses durable tension sets, glass cradles, and brass clamps. The spacing between the horizontal cables can be adjusted to accommodate larger bottles and create the look you desire.  

Floating Wine Racks for a Visually Appealing Home Wine Cellar 

Float Wine Display Contemporary Wine Racks

Float Wine Display Contemporary Wine Racks

Blue Grouse Wine Cellars has created an innovating wine storage system called Float Wine Display & Racking System. Similar to the Cable Wine System, this type of wine rack utilizes glass cradles and tension cables.  

Customization options for these contemporary wine racks are allowed to cater to your specific needs. The glass cradles are available in Light Grey, Dark Grey, Light Green, and Light Blue. You may choose a neck-forward or label-forward orientation. A minimum of plywood backing with ¾-inch thickness is required.     

Degre 12 Wine Racks for an Elegant Wine Room  

Create a focal point in your contemporary wine cellar with Degré 12 wine racks. These wine racks are made from high-grade materials. Another benefit offered by Degré 12 wine racks is design flexibility. Custom options include different tray styles, such as sliding and fixed trays.    

Add a Contemporary Door to Your Wine Cellar  

In creating a contemporary wine cellar design, Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles incorporates glass into the door to complement the sleek wine racks. We offer seamless glass doors, wood and glass doors, and wood with wrought iron and glass entryways.   

You can choose from our pre-designed doors. Let us know if you want to use your own door design. Choose seamless glass doors if you want your wine collection to be viewed without any obstruction. 

Check out our gallery of wine cellar doors  

Let Our Experts Help Build Your Contemporary Wine Cellar  

Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles is one of the premier builders of beautiful and functional wine storage rooms. Our creative and knowledgeable team will help build your contemporary wine cellar using elegant metal wine racks and wine cellar doors.  

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