A Magnificent Refrigerated Commercial Wine Cellar with Contemporary Wine Racks

Refrigerated Commercial Wine Cellar with Contemporary Wine Racks

High-End Refrigerated Commercial Wine Cellar with Contemporary Wine Racks

This refrigerated commercial wine cellar will leave you in awe with its elegant-looking contemporary wine racks installed in the perfect area inside the Fairmont Hotel. Learn more about the modern features incorporated into the design to boost wine sales.

How this Refrigerated Commercial Wine Cellar Stands Out with Contemporary Wine Racks

When designing commercial wine cellars, we always want to achieve a sale-boosting wine display. For many years, we have been collaborating with top-notch builders of wine cellars. One of them is Blue Grouse Wine Cellars. In one of their projects for a business establishment, they proved their expertise and creativity in building refrigerated commercial wine cellars.

Blue Grouse Wine Cellars is proud to be part of a project for Fairmont Hotel, which is also known as the “Castle in the City” because of its luxurious design and amenities. There is a restaurant and bar area inside the hotel, and the owner wanted to create a dividing wall between it and the lobby area.

The wall area they had to utilize was on both sides of the entryway from the lobby going to the restaurant. The Blue Grouse team had to create a well-thought-out plan to design and install this refrigerated commercial wine cellar. It had to be climate-controlled, fully accessible, and attractive using contemporary wine racks.

Features of the Refrigerated Commercial Wine Cellar with Contemporary Wine Racks and Glass Doors

With extensive experience in designing and installing custom wine cellars, Blue Grouse Wine Cellars has proven its reliability and expertise in the construction industry. They have encountered different challenges, but these hurdles never stopped them from creating safe and attractive commercial wine cellars for businesses.

Contemporary Wine Racks from VintageView Provide Ease of Access to the Bottles

This Glass-Enclosed Refrigerated Commercial Wine Cellar with Contemporary Wine Racks is a Perfect Addition to the High-End Hotel

Glass-Enclosed Refrigerated Commercial Wine Cellar with Contemporary Wine Racks Completed by a Top-Notch Builder in Las Vegas

In this project, they had to deal with limited space. The height of the wall is 189 inches, and the width is 182 inches. Blue Grouse Wine Cellars installed floor to ceiling custom wine racks supplied by VintageView.

They mounted these contemporary wine racks to the wall, ensuring that guests could easily access the bottles. The label forward bottle configuration of VintageView’s metal wine storage systems make browsing more convenient and easier. The Satin Black finish complemented the overall design of the luxurious restaurant.

Blue Grouse Wine Cellars also had to make sure that the weight of the upper racking, glass panels, and doors are adequately supported, so they installed a structural beam made of metal through the middle of the entire wall

Glass Components were Added to the Commercial Wine Cellar Design

The Blue Grouse team added glass doors at the center of the bottom wall to allow entry to the restaurant from the lobby and vice versa. All of the glass doors have a bronze tint to blend well with the charm and classy look of the restaurant and lobby. Single-paned frameless glass doors were added to the front side of the commercial wine cellar facing the bar area.

On the back wall of this contemporary commercial wine cellar, they installed double-paned bronzed glass panels, trimmed with bronze powder-coated metal cladding to blend with the doors, handles, and hinges of the structure. The glass panels are also thermally insulated to prevent condensation from forming inside the wine storage facility.

A poor or lack of insulation will damage the structural integrity of the wine cellar, racking, and quality of the wines. Installation of wine room insulation is a standard procedure followed by construction specialists like Blue Grouse Wine Cellars.

Choosing the Best Wine Cellar Refrigeration Unit for this High-End Commercial Wine Cellar

CellarPro Air Handler 24 Wine Cooling Unit with Front Ducting

CellarPro Air Handler 24 Wine Cooling Unit with Front Ducting

One of the requirements in building a refrigerated commercial wine cellar is installing the right wine cooling system. Blue Grouse performed a heat load calculation to determine the size and type of climate-control system.

The factors they had to consider were the amount and type of glass to be used in the wine cellar, as well as the size and location of the wine room. This process helped them determine which refrigeration unit was powerful enough to create the ideal environment inside the refrigerated wine cellar by identifying the right BTU’s required for the space.

Sizing the cooling unit plays a crucial role in keeping the wines safe from heat damage. Keep in mind that a smallsized wine room needs a low-capacity climate-control system. Failure to install the right refrigeration unit will cause temperature fluctuations and varying humidity levels, which can have adverse effects on the wine’s quality.

In this commercial wine cellar project, the wine storage facility is enclosed in glass, and the glass panels on the front side of the wall are single pane. Blue Grouse Wine Cellars decided to install a high-capacity cooling system, the front-ducted CellarPro Air Handler 24, which was an ideal choice for managing the thermal load.

The heat should be ducted to a well-ventilated room. The Blue Grouse team utilized the open space in the basement area. They ran up the ducting through the floor and inside an empty column on one of the wine walls, allowing the cold air to be blown out of a grill through the top of the wall in the commercial wine cellar.

Blue Grouse Wine Cellars provided a 2-year warranty for the cooling system’s components and a 5-year warranty for the compressor.

Let Us Design and Install Beautiful Contemporary Wine Racks in Your Refrigerated Commercial Wine Cellar

Contemporary wine racks designed and installed by a specialist are perfect for refrigerated commercial wine cellars. At Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles and Blue Grouse Wine Cellars, we create captivating and functional wine storage systems to help businesses generate wine sales.

If you need help with your wine cellar project or have any questions about racking designs, please do not hesitate to call us at (323) 825-9846!