California Home Wine Cellar with Impressive Features

California Home Wine Cellar with Attractive Features

California Home Wine Cellar with Attractive Features

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars completed another impressive job building a California home wine cellar. To complement the classic ambiance of the Tuscan-style home, the Coastal team installed high-quality wood wine racks designed with flair to achieve a relaxing and rustic vibe. Read on to learn more about the features incorporated into the wine cellar design.  

California Home Wine Cellar Built in a European-Style Residential Property   

A client contacted Coastal Custom Wine Cellars to help with their wine cellar construction project. The custom wine room was built inside a European-Style property consisting of stonewalls, signature terracotta roof tiles, and wrought-iron railings. When you see the house from the outside, you will think that there is a vineyard situated within the property.  

The homeowners wanted a wine cellar design that would match the natural elements used for the interior of their house. Coastal Custom Wine Cellars installed wood wine racks and natural Terracotta stone flooring to complement the existing décor of the space. This type of flooring creates a vintage feel and warmth to a wine room and is resistant to bacteria and mold with the correct insulation installed.   

Tastefully Designed Wine Racks 

Elegant Wood Wine racks California Home Wine Cellar

Elegant Wood Wine racks California Home Wine Cellar

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars offers ready-made or kit wine racks. However, the owners opted for custom wine racks because they wanted the measurements of their racking to be perfect for the size and shape of their California home wine cellar. Customization options allow clients to add a personalized touch and functionality to the overall design of their wine room. They can request the builder the styles of the wine racks to be incorporated into the design, the sizes of the bottle openings, racking material, and well as additional features such as cigar humidors, cabinets, drawers, and display shelves.   

For this particular project, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars used Oak for manufacturing the wine racks. They waxed the wine racks to produce a smooth and shiny finish, eliminating the need to polish the wood surface with a painted lacquer. The disadvantage of using lacquer is the smell that could stay inside the wine room for a long time. 

Racking Styles  

The total bottle capacity of this beautiful home wine cellar in California is 900 standard-sized bottles and 16 magnums. This does not include the closed cabinets, rectangular openings, and countertop.  

The front wall facing the door consists of a custom arch display with a tabletop where the owners can store a few bottles vertically. Individual wine racks and display rows were added on both sides of the arch, pitching the bottles at an angle. The Coastal team also added horizontal displays for magnums and other large format bottles. You will also find drawers, cabinets, and case storage bins within the racking on the back wall intended for storing tools, wipes, and other wine cellar accessories.   

In the left sidewall, you will find a rectangular opening with a stemware rack that holds the wine glasses upside down and a small countertop where the owners can decant their favorite vintages. The opening is surrounded by individual wine racks. High-reveal display rows were added on its sides. The bottom section of the racking consists of diamond bins, which are recommended for bulk storage.  

Wine racks with 3 3/4 inches cubicles were included to store Champagnes, Burgundies, and standard bottles in a cork-forward orientation.  

Elegant Custom Wine Cellars Door Manufactured and Installed for Proper Insulation

California Home Wine Cellar Door

Mixing wood and metal elements is recommended for achieving aesthetically pleasing wine displays. In this project, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars installed a custom glass door that gave the California home wine cellar a luxurious appeal.   

The Coastal team closed off the front side of the wine room using glass panels. They made sure that the door was well sealed to prevent wine storage issues in the future. Remember that a lack or poor insulation will result in fluctuating temperatures and humidity levels, affecting the quality of the wines and the structural integrity of your wine room.  

To achieve a stable environment, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars used dual-paned glass panels for the walls and single door, fixed onto the walls with stainless steel frames in Satin Black finish. Dual-paned glass is required to prevent heat transfer through the glass and interfere with the cooling performance of the refrigeration unit.

Ordinary glass will cause extreme changes in the temperatures and humidity levels inside the refrigerated wine room. When this happens, the wine cooling unit will be forced to work too much and might cause the equipment to break down. To save on the repair cost or replacement of a broken wine refrigeration system, it is best to work with a knowledgeable wine cellar builder and HVAC specialist like Coastal Custom Wine Cellars.   

Wine Cellar Lighting System  

Proper wine cellar lighting has a significant impact on the overall mood and appeal of the wine room. Coastal Custom Wine Cellars always wants their client’s wine display to have a lighting system that highlights different sections of the racking and provides an ample amount of light for reading the wine labels and moving around the wine cellar. They create a lighting plan suitable for a particular space, considering the style of the racking and the mood the client wants to achieve.   

In this stylish wine cellar built in a California home, the Coastal team installed LED channel lights above the high-reveal display wine racks and puck lights above the arch opening. LED lighting is safe because of its minimal heat emission. Moreover, it does not emit UV light, affecting the quality of the wines.   

Let California Master Builders Create Your Dream Home Wine Cellar   

Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles collaborates with op-notch builders in California like Coastal Custom Wine Cellars. They are known for their expertise in designing and building climate-controlled wine rooms designed with style and functionality.  

In this project, they showed their creativity and extensive knowledge in transforming a space into an impressive wine display using wood wine racks, glass wine cellar doors, and beautiful lighting.  

If you need help and want to talk to a design specialist, please do not hesitate to call us at (323) 825-9846.