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Expert Tips in Building a Commercial Wine Cellar for Your Business

Hiring a professional is crucial in designing  projectrefrigerated wine rooms. If you are planning to build a commercial wine cellar for your business, it is best to work with a reliable company that has extensive experience and knowledge in building stylish and functional wine storage facilities. Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles will provide tips for building a commercial wine cellar that will help boost your wine sales and preserve your […]

Building a Wine Cellar in Your Home: What You Must Know

There is an increasing demand for wine cellars among homeowners. A well-built wine storage facility offers many benefits. If you build a wine cellar in your home, you can store your wines safely for many years, you will have a hassle-free experience while enjoying a sip of your favorite vintage, you will have easy access to your collection, and you will […]

Turn Your Closet into a Beautiful Wine Cellar with Top-of-the-Line Wine Cabinets

Closet conversion is one of the hottest trends in the construction industry. There is an increasing demand for building a wine closet at home. More homeowners want to utilize an unused closet in their living room, kitchen, or under the stairs. If you are a wine lover, building a functional and stylish wine closet in that space is a smart idea! Learn […]

Building a Glass Wine Room in Your Home: What are the Benefits of this Design According to a Wine Cellar Expert in Los Angeles?

Imagine enjoying your favorite meal while having a good view of your wine collection displayed in a glass wine storage room in your home. Glass wine cellars have been a favorite of homeowners who want their prized wines to be visible to their guests. At Custom Wine cellars Los Angeles, we enjoy creating modern wine rooms using glass and metal components.      Find Out […]

How Master Builders Transformed a Boring Room Into a Contemporary Home Wine Cellar in Irvine Using Floor to Ceiling Metal Wine Racks

Whether you want a traditional, modern, or transitional wine room, it is best to work with an expert. In their recent project, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars, one of our partners in wine cellar construction, created a contemporary wine cellar design for a growing collection. Learn how a dull room was transformed into an elegant wine cellar in Irvine […]

Los Angeles Home Wine Cellar Construction Project 

Recently, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars completed the construction of a residential storage room in Los Angeles, California. The structure had many interesting features, and among them were the wine racks and shelves that were made from Redwood.  Lacquer Finished Redwood Used for the Wine Racking There are various kinds of wood used for building wine […]

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars Construction and Design Project in Los Angeles, California

Wine collections should be kept in a storage structure that is not only functional and dependable, but also beautifully designed. Coastal Custom Wine Cellars, an expert builder in California, recently completed a unique home cellar project for a client in Los Angeles, California. The construction team made sure that the room was capable of providing […]

Yorba Linda Home Wine Cellar Design by Coastal with Wine Cellar Refrigeration System by Arctic

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars, together with Arctic Metalworks, successfully completed a custom home wine cellar design and wine cellar construction, including Yorba Linda wine cellar refrigeration system installation in California. This Yorba Linda home wine cellar design allowed the owner to keep his beloved wine collection in an ideal setting, ready for weeknight dinners and any special occasion. This type of wine storage facility can give your wine collection a […]

Custom Wine Cellars California Coastal Coto De Caza Falcon Ridge Project

  Custom Wine Cellars California Coastal Coto De Caza Falcon Ridge Project – Processed Video Transcription Custom Wine Cellars California – Coto De Caza Falcom Ridge Project . Hi. Thank you for visiting Coastal Custom Wine Cellars California.  My name is Jerry Wilson and I’m going to take you on a short tour today on our wine cellar design processes […]

California Wine Cellars – Know the Benefits of Swirling Wine

Wine is a staple at many celebrations. Have you ever wondered why a lot of wine lovers swirl wine before they drink it? Swirling wine helps make your wine tasting experience more enjoyable.  The Benefits of Swirling Wine Before Drinking It When offered wine at a party, what do you normally do? We often see someone swirl wine […]

Los Angeles Custom Wine Cellars – Wine Faults vs. Wine Flaws

As a wine enthusiast, you would want to have a good quality wine in your wine glass and of course in your wine collection. You pay a good amount of money for every bottle that you buy, thus you should expect to get a good wine inside that tall, dark wine bottle. Because of this, you should know what wine […]

California Wine Racks – Buying Tips and Advice

If you are a wine collector or just planning to start your own wine collection, you have to consider what kind of wine rack you have to avail. Some wine storage racks are readily available on the market while some can be built especially based on your given specifications. In California and other parts of the world, most wine enthusiasts […]

Exceptional Custom Wine Cellar Design Philosophe by Coastal Custom Wine Cellars

Custom Wine Cellar Design Philosophe – Processed Video Transcription Stunning Wine Cellar Design by Coastal Custom Wine Cellars Philosophe . I’ll take you through the policies, procedures, and the timelines involved in creating a beautiful wine cellar by Coastal Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles California.  This job commenced in October 2009 and wrapped up and went to production […]

Wine Cellar Design – Features of Vintage Wine Cellars

Wine aficionados love to stock up on their favorite vintages not only for personal enjoyment, but also to protect the value of their wine selection.  For most wine collectors, a wine cellar is the ideal storage place because it has the right climate conditions for preserving the taste and flavor of wines for a long period […]

Commercial Wine Cellars Orange County California Capital Seafood Irvine

Commercial Wine Cellars Orange County California Capital Seafood Irvine  - Processed Video Transcription Capital Seafood Restaurant & The Commercial Wine Cellars Orange County California . Hi I’m Jerry Wilson, the founder of Coastal Commercial Wine Cellars Los Angeles. I’m proud and very excited to take you on a short tour of the wine cellar that we created for a restaurant […]