Stunning Los Angeles Home Wine Cellars Designed by Expert Builders  

Vintage Cellars is a Top-Notch Builder of Los Angeles Home Wine Cellars

Vintage Cellars is a Top-Notch Builder of Los Angeles Home Wine Cellars

Vintage Cellars specializes in designing and building beautiful and functional home wine cellars in Los Angles, California. Their expertise makes them one of the most sought-after builders. They have transformed spaces into eye-catching wine displays using innovative wine storage solutions. Let’s take a look at some of their award-winning projects.  

Stunning Los Angeles Home Wine Cellars Designed by Vintage Cellars 

Designing and building wine storage structures requires skills and knowledge in order to ensure that all the components are installed correctly and that the requirements of the clients are met. At Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles, we have completed functional wine rooms that stand out. One of our partners in wine cellar construction is Vintage Cellars. They have shown their expertise in creating wine cellars with form and function in mind.  

Home improvements are increasing, and modern wine rooms are becoming popular features, particularly in the Los Angeles area. Typically, homeowners store their wines on their kitchen shelves, in refrigerator, or in cardboard boxes.   

Investing in a wine storage and display area will preserve the desirable characteristics of the wines stored in it. Moreover, it will also add aesthetic and resale value to the property and create a luxurious-looking wine room.  

Modern Home Wine Cellar by Los Angeles Wine Cellar Master Builders   

Vintage Cellars has completed a project in Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles. They converted a tiny space into a wine room using a clever design. Vintage Cellars chose metal wine racks to create a modern home wine cellar without going beyond the budget.  

Metal wine racks look elegant, making them ideal for contemporary homes. They can be installed even in narrow spaces and tiny corners of a room, offering maximum storage capacity.  

Vintage Cellars utilized metal wine racks from VintageView. The core racking was installed on the back wall of this residential wine room, consisting of custom column wine racks intended for magnum bottles. They also placed floor-to-ceiling mounted wine racks on the left and right walls to create an illusion of bottles floating in mid-air. The wine racks are stained with Brushed Nickel.   

The metal wine racks are manufactured with a label-forward configuration. Since the labels are facing out, browsing for a specific type of wine and reading the wine description will be easier. This modern home wine cellar in Los Angeles is enclosed in glass, providing a clear view of the wine bottles from the outside.  

Traditional Underground Home Wine Cellar in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles   

Traditional Home wine Cellar in Los Angeles

Traditional Home wine Cellar in Los Angeles

With the help of an expert, you can have a safe and beautiful wine room for your collection. Our team will make sure that all your requirements are met. The client in Beverly Hills contacted Vintage Cellars because they needed help transforming a space under the ground into a climate-controlled wine storage area. They wanted to display their Napa Cabernet, Burgundy, and Bordeaux with style and functionality.   

The main challenge in this wine room installation project was the uneven floor. Extra effort was required to ensure that the custom wine racks, flooring, and other components were fitted correctly.  

Jake, the owner and lead specialist of Vintage Cellars, along with the owners of the home, closely worked together to create multiple spaces within the Los Angeles underground home wine cellar itself. They created an area for bottle storage and a separate wine room space for decanting and pouring wine, as well as social get-togethers. 

Wine Racks on the Back Wall 

They installed wood wine racks on the back wall and sidewalls of the Los Angeles home wine cellar. On the back wall, you will see a big arch display opening with a tabletop, providing space for decanting and serving wines. There is a mirror at the backdrop of the arch opening. The wine rack design on the back wall also consists of diamond bins at the bottom section for bulk storage. The diamond bins can accommodate wines in wood cases. There is a display row on both sides of the arch, which holds the bottles at an angle.   

Wine Racks on the Sidewalls  

Vintage Cellars also incorporated many open horizontal bins into the racking on the left and right walls due to cement footings for the house. Every inch of the racking has specific depths to accommodate the different depths of the wall. The bottles displayed horizontally, which are surrounded by individual wine racks, add character to the wine display.  

The lighting was placed strategically to illuminate the wine room beautifully. To complete the setup of the underground home wine cellar with a wine room, the client added a small table and a few chairs.  

Ultra-Modern Home Wine Cellar in Bel-Air, Los Angeles  

Stunning Los Angeles Home Wine Cellar with Contemporary Features

Stunning Los Angeles Home Wine Cellar with Contemporary Features

Another masterpiece created by Vintage Cellars was built in a contemporary home, directly off the living room and kitchen. The stunning design for this ultra-modern home wine cellar in Bel Air, Los Angeles, makes it stand out from the rest.    

The wine room brought the high-end home to the next level using Kessick’s “Wine Art” Pins. The innovative wine storage system makes the bottles look like they are floating in mid-air. Vintage Cellars placed the wine pins on the wall and incorporated a high-revel display row that features the best bottles in the client’s collection. Wine case storage was added below the wine wall. With a glass front, guests and friends will be amazed by this incredible wine display.   

Work with Our Experts in Building Los Angeles Home Wine Cellars  

Our team works with top-notch builders in designing Los Angeles home wine cellars. Let us help fulfill your dream of having an exceptional wine room! Let us transform your space using an innovative wine storage solution tailored to your needs.  

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