Beautiful Custom Wine Cellar Built in a California Vineyard

Custom Wine Cellar Built in a California Vineyard

Custom Wine Cellar Built in a California Vineyard

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars continues to show excellence in building beautiful and functional wine rooms in California and the surrounding areas. Their experience, creativity, and passion for creating stylish wine displays, have helped wine collectors and business owners with their projects. One of these projects was completed in Seasmoke Vineyard in Lompoc, California.  From a simple wine storage room with mediocre wine racks, they transformed the space into an elegant home wine cellar.  

Helping the Seasmoke Vineyard Owners with Their Custom Wine Cellar Project in California    

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars, one of the top-notch builders of refrigerated wine rooms in California, is one of our partners in wine room construction. They have extensive experience and expertise in this field.  

They were contacted by the owners of Seasmoke Vineyard, who produce Pinot Noir grown on the south-facing hillsides above Santa Ynez River in Santa Barbara. With perfect microclimate, soils, and exposure to grow world-class Pinot Noir, it was the perfect location for a vineyard. Their goal is to manage each vine so that it produces wines with exceptional characteristics.    

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars was very proud to be chosen as the builder of this wine cellar in Lompoc, CA vineyard.  Transforming the small bare storage room into a custom wine cellar was fun!   

The Coastal team created a design for 1480 bottles of wine, incorporating many unique elements. They included diamond bins, a quarter-round display, a horizontal waterfall display, wood case storage, and tabletop. They chose a type of wood for wine racks to blend with the existing décor of the home and achieve a rustic appearance. The wine room was completed in the early part of April. 

Transforming a Simple Room in Sta. Barbara Into a Custom Wine Cellar 

Custom Wine Cellar with Style Wood Wine Racks

The original room was bare with a simple wine rack and some wooden cases and boxes, where a few bottles were stored. The room measures 20.25 feet wide and 7.25 feet deep. The ceiling is 9 feet high. 

The design team at Coastal Custom Wine Cellars communicated with the wine manager of Sea Smoke Vineyard to get relevant information, including the number and sizes of bottles they wanted to include and how they wanted their wine display to look. Making a thorough assessment is a crucial process in wine cellar construction as it will help the builder determine the requirements and needs of the client, resulting in an impressive outcome.   

After a few days, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars created a CAD model of their proposed design layout. The images consisted of various room elevations, racking styles, dimensions, and bottle capacities. They submitted the 3-dimensional drawings to the owner, and once approved, they started the construction.   

Bringing Rustic Beauty to a Lompoc California Wine Cellar 

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars built the wine racks from Knotty Alder to complement the rustic theme of the Knotty Alder flooring in this custom wine cellar. It has the physical properties of Pine and the strength of Maple. Its distressed patterns and knots make the wine racks and the flooring a unique look. The wine racks were applied with Wheat stain and clear lacquer.   

Elegant Custom Wine Cellar Racks Designed by California Experts  

Sea Smoke Custom Wine Cellar Design California

The racking system has a significant effect on the aesthetic value of a wine room. In this custom wine cellar project, the wine racks were designed very well, creating a luxurious wine display area.   

The wine racks in this project are eye-catching. The bare room was transformed by Coastal Custom Wine Cellars into a beautiful wine cellar space using wine racks made from Knotty Alder. This type of wood was the perfect choice because it helped achieve the rustic appearance requested by the client.    

The experienced designers at Coastal Custom Wine Cellars incorporated various racking styles and bottle openings to accommodate the different bottle sizes in the client’s collection.  

Back Wall (Racking A) 

The focal point of this custom wine cellar is the racking on the back wall (Racking A). It consists of a square opening with an oval tabletop, which provides a place for decanting and serving wines. Below the tabletop are drawers with a two-level quarter-round display rack on both sides for storing wine accessories like glasses and decanters.  

They are ideally used to make the perfect end to any wall and wrap around the corners. In this project, the quarter rounds added character and depth to the custom wine cellar. Wooden case storage bins were also added at the bottom section of the back wall.     

The top section features the waterfall display, horizontal display, and individual wine racks. The waterfall display racks are intended for storing the bottles individually in a cascading design, similar to a waterfall. The horizontal display wine racks are intended for the 3-liter and 6-liter bottles because they are too tall to be stored in standard racking.  

Sidewalls (Racking B)  

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars installed 87 inched deep wine racks on the left and right sides of the wall (Racking B). The diamond bin racks are intended for odd-shaped bottles, maximizing storage space and proper air circulation in and around the bottles.  

The diamond bins were made a half-height or tabletop height to fit underneath the glass windows. The Coastal team also offers Knotty Alder wine racks that are 6, 7, or 8 feet high manufactured in different wood species. 

Work with Our Custom Wine Cellar Experts in California 

The custom wine cellar built by Coastal Custom Wine Cellars was created perfectly to accommodate the delicious Pinot Noir grown in our client’s Santa Barbara vineyard. The owners were very pleased with the completed wine storage room.  

If you need help with your project, please call Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles at (323) 825-9846.