Building a Glass Wine Room in Your Home: What are the Benefits of this Design According to a Wine Cellar Expert in Los Angeles?

Glass Wine Room Contemporary Wine Cellar Design

Glass Wine Room Contemporary Wine Cellar Design

Imagine enjoying your favorite meal while having a good view of your wine collection displayed in a glass wine storage room in your home. Glass wine cellars have been a favorite of homeowners who want their prized wines to be visible to their guests. At Custom Wine cellars Los Angeles, we enjoy creating modern wine rooms using glass and metal components.     

Find Out if a Refrigerated Glass Wine Room is Perfect for Your Home Wine Cellar Project  

More and more wine enthusiasts, interior designers, architects, contractors, and builders are leaning towards modern design. Our team has received questions from homeowners about wine storage rooms with glass enclosure or glass doors. They wanted to know if this style of refrigerated wine cellar would suit their needs, including the advantages and disadvantages. 

At Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles, we work with experts in wine room design and construction. Our goal is to create not only safe wine storage rooms but also attractive wine display areas.

When you choose to work with us, we will discuss all of your requirements and make an on-site visit to see the location and measure the size of the room that will be used for constructionAfter gathering the necessary information and making a careful assessment of your needs, we will create a design proposal for you.  

If you want a minimalist wine room design, we recommend that you go for a glass wine cellar. Our customers who chose a contemporary glass wine room informed us that they were very proud of their wine display area.  

When building wine storage rooms with seamless or framed glass walls and doors, we recommend metal wine racks to achieve a contemporary appeal. Metal looks sleek and goes well with glass. However, if you love to combine classic and modern features in your custom wine cellar design, you may opt for wood wine racks, which also look good in a glass wine room  

A Glass Wine Room is a Relaxing Place for Entertaining Friends and Hosting Wine Tasting Parties 

One of the reasons many homeowners invest in a modern glass wine room is to have a relaxing place for entertaining their guests and an excellent venue for hosting wine tasting parties.

You can utilize an area in your kitchen or living room to build a wine cellar with glass walls and doors. Our partners in wine cellar construction have built glass wine storage rooms for homeowners who love a modern and elegant wine room design. They are known for creating innovative wine cellar designs for clients in California.     

Aquarium-Like Glass Wine Room with Metal Wine Racks by Blue Grouse Wine Cellars  

Aquarium-Like Glass Wine Room

Aquarium-Like Glass Wine Room: a Contemporary Wine Cellar Design Created by a Specialist in Los Angeles

Others also want an aquarium-like wine display area, just like one of the projects completed by Blue Grouse Wine CellarsThe homeowners love to socialize and entertain guests. The Blue Grouse team created an excellent design for the glass wine room.   

They utilized 12mm tempered glass with a black frame. They also installed double-deep VintageView metal wine racks on the front and single-bottle deep wine racks on the rear of the mounting frame.  VintageView is known for their durable and elegant metal wine rack systems.

The Glass Wine Room with Frameless Door by Coastal Custom Wine Cellars   

Glass Wine Room with Wood and Metal Custom Wine Racks

Glass Wine Room Design with Wood and Metal Custom Wine Racks

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars has been our partner in designing and installing wine storage rooms. In this particular project, they had to convert a small office space near the kitchen into a glass wine room.

They installed a seamless door to make the space look bigger. The client wanted to have a transitional wine room design, so they installed wood wine racks made from Malaysian Mahogany on the right wall and metal wine racks on the left wall.  

The Coastal team had to match the wood with the cabinetry and flooring in the kitchen. They applied a dark stain (Sherwin Williams) to the wood to achieve this.    

An Attractive Glass Wine Room Will Enhance the Value of Your Home 

If you sell your residential property in the future, having a beautiful contemporary glass wine cellar will increase its resale value. It is a unique feature that can entice potential homebuyers.  

How Does an Expert Builder Construct Glass Doors for Wine Storage Rooms?  

Proper construction of glass plays a primary role in maintaining a stable environment for wine storage rooms. Heat is the number one enemy of wine. Therefore, glass doors for climate-controlled wine rooms must have the correct insulating properties to create an airtight seal.  

At Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles, we construct our glass wine cellar doors using thermally insulated and dual-paned glass. We do this by attaching two panes that are 1/2 inch thick each. The next step is to seal the edges around the door. We will add a special gas or dehydrated air to the small space in between the panes.  

Benefits of a Well-Insulated Door for Your Glass Wine Room 

Working with an experienced and knowledgeable wine cellar builder will ensure the safety of your wine investment. When you work with Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles, you will experience the following benefits of a sealed glass wine room door: 

  • Prevents heat from affecting the temperature and humidity levels inside your wine room. 
  • Prevents the formation of condensation and mold growth 
  • Prevents your wine cellar cooling unit from breaking down because of working too hard to achieve the optimum wine storage conditions 
  • Prevents high-energy bills 

Different Styles of Door for Your Glass Wine Room 

Our glass entryways are available in pre-hung (ready-made) and customized doors. Our ready-made doors come in different styles, including glass doors that are seamless, with wooden frame, hand-forged wrought iron grill, or etching.    

Let Our Wine Cellar Expert Build a Glass Wine Room in Your Home and Enjoy the Benefits!  

A glass wine room offers many benefits when it comes to displaying your collection with style and appeal.  You must work with a design expert like Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles to ensure that it is constructed correctly and all of your aesthetic and functional requirements are met.  

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