Turn Your Closet into a Beautiful Wine Cellar with Top-of-the-Line Wine Cabinets

Wine Closet Cabinets

Wine Closet Cabinets

Closet conversion is one of the hottest trends in the construction industry. There is an increasing demand for building a wine closet at home. More homeowners want to utilize an unused closet in their living room, kitchen, or under the stairs. If you are a wine lover, building a functional and stylish wine closet in that space is a smart idea! Learn more about the benefits of working with a professional on your closet construction project and the requirements that have to be met 

Wine Closet Cabinets: What You Should Know 

A wine closet is one of the favorite areas in the home where wine lovers display their prized collection. At Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles, we collaborate with top-notch designers, builders, and manufacturers to create wine storage systems that will fit everyone’s budget, space, and aesthetic requirements.  

You do not need to have to a large room to turn your small closet into stunning custom home wine cellar using wine cabinets. With so many styles and brands of wine cabinets in the market today, it can be challenging to choose the best storage unit for your space. Therefore, you must work with a master wine cellar builder to ensure that the cabinet you purchase suits your needs.    

When you work with our team, we will make sure that your wine closet cabinet can accommodate the number of bottles you intend to store, fits your space, budget, and aesthetic preferences. We will sit down with you and discuss all your requirements and the different options available. We will also make sure that your wine closet cabinet is installed correctly.   

We offer elegant and high-quality wine cabinets from Le Cache, VinoproEurocaveand Wine KoolR cabinets. These wine cabinets are designed with durable and elegant wine racks. They are equipped with an efficient built-in cooling system to replicate the conditions of refrigerated wine cellars. It is crucial to keep the temperature between 55 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit and the humidity level from 60% to 70%.    

Questions We Need to Ask to Help Us Determine the Best Wine Cabinet for Your Closet 

During the assessment stage, we will ask you some questions that will help us determine the best wine closet cabinet for your project. 

  1. In what area of your home are you going to build a wine closet? 
  2. How many bottles do you intend to store in your wine closet? 
  3. Are you planning to add more bottles to your collection?    
  4. What is the ambiance that you want to achieve?  
  5. How large is your budget? 

Different Brands of Wine Closet Cabinets 

Le Cache Wine Closet Cabinets

Le Cache Wine Closet Cabinets

Some wine enthusiasts fall into the trap of choosing a wine cabinet for their closet. They do not take time to research or consult with a specialist and end up buying a wine cabinet that is too small for their collection or does not suit the requirements. At Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles, we are a distributor of reliable brands of wine cabinets.     

State of the Art Wine Closet Cabinets from Le Cache 

Le Cache has been manufacturing high-quality wine cabinets since 1991. Their upright wine closet cabinets are famous for being functional and stylish. Since their cabinets are manufactured using the SB/0™ Technology and equipped with a top vent cooling system, these units can be installed against a wall.  

One of the requirements for installing a Le Cache wine closet cabinet is the clearance above the unit for proper heat dissipation. You may choose between a rear vent and a front vent. It is equipped with a wine refrigeration system from CellarPro that comes with an electronic thermostat for controlling the temperatures and humidity levels.   

Styles of Le Cache Wine Cabinets 

  • Contemporary Wine Cabinets 
  • Mission Wine Cabinets 
  • European Country Series Wine Cabinets 
  • Loft Series Wine Cabinets 
  • Credenza Wine Cabinets 
  • Loft Wine Cabinets 
  • BILD Wine Cabinets 
  • Wine Furniture 

Economical and Reliable Vinopro Wine Closet Cabinets 

Vinopro Wine Closet Cabinet with Stainless Steel Door

Vinopro Wine Closet Cabinet with Stainless Steel Door

Wine cabinets from Vinopro are also ideal for closet wine cellars. If you are looking for a wine fridge designed with style, functionality, and reliability, purchasing one of these wine cabinets is a smart idea.    

Depending on the number of bottles you plan to store in your wine closet, you can choose a cabinet with a 24- to 194-bottle capacity. Most of Vinoprpo models have dual temperature zones. You can also choose an all-glass or steel-trimmed door. In 2016, they were upgraded with an Embraco compressor to provide wine closet cabinets with superior cooling efficiency. 

Models of Vinopro Wine Closet Cabinets 

  • BU-490 – stores up to 194 bottles (Vinopro’s largest wine cabinet) 
  • BU-145 – Stores up to 64 bottles 
  • BI-130 – Stores up to 41 bottles 
  • BI-56 – Stores up to 24 bottles (microwave-sized wine cabinet) 
  • BU-490 DS – Stores up to 149 bottles 
  • BU-58 – Stores up to 19 bottles 
  • BU-22 – Stores up to 7 bottles (used for filling a small gap in your cabinetry)  
  • BU-145 DS – Stores up to 42 bottles 

Elegant EuroCave Wine Cabinets with Impressive Features 

Eurocave Wine Closet Cabinets

Eurocave Wine Closet Cabinets

Euocave offers top-of-the-line wine cabinets recommended for closets. This French-made brand is known for its superior quality wine cabinets that exude style and elegance.  

Their wine cabinets consist of a twin-process thermal control, which keeps the temperature stable. They have stucco aluminum walls that distribute moisture to achieve a consistent humidity level of more than 50%.  

Eurocave also equipped its wine cabinets with CQI cellular insulantsfor better insulation. The intake vent has a charcoal filter for purifying the air. The alarm system lets you know when you left the door open, the humidity level has gone wrong, or the temperature is too high or too low. The shelving is sturdy, designed to maximize storage capacity, and can accommodate bottles of various shapes and sizes.  

  • Models of Eurocave Wine Cabinets  
  • Revelation S 
  • Revelation L 
  • Inspiration XS Built-In 
  • Inspiration S Built-In 
  • Inspiration M Built-In 
  • Inspiration L Built-In 

Get One of Our Wine Cabinets for Your Closet Conversion Project 

If you are looking for a stylish, practical, and budget-savvy wine storage solution, our high-quality wine closet cabinets are perfect for you! If you need help, please call us at + 1 (323) 825-9846!