Stylish and Economical Wine Storage Solutions for Home Wine Cellars

Home Wine Cellar on a Budget by Los Angeles Experts

Home Wine Cellar on a Budget by Los Angeles Experts

Are you dreaming of building a wine storage facility for your collection but have a tight budget? Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles will help you! We offer budget-savvy wine storage solutions for home wine cellars. Our experts in wine cellar design have extensive experience and knowledge in converting small to large spaces into sophisticated and functional wine display rooms. We design stylish wine cellars according to our client’s budgets.  

Also, see residential wine cellars add value and luxury to your home.

Innovative Storage Solutions for Budget-Savvy Wine Lovers Offered by Master Builders of Home Wine Cellars in California 

As a top-notch designer and builder of home wine cellars in California, Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles aims to provide innovative wine storage solutions to budget-savvy wine collectors.  When you work with us, we will consider your needs, including your financial requirements. We will create a design suitable to your budget without compromising beauty, quality, and functionality.  

We understand the proper way of storing wines. Therefore, we always see to it that we construct every wine room using high-grade components and install them correctly.  Our team offers economical wine storage solutions for those who want to transform a space in their home into a stylish and safe display area for their collection. 

You do not need to have a large space to build a refrigerated wine cellar in your home. All you need is to work with an expert in wine cellar design and installation like Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles. We are composed of trained, creative, and knowledgeable designers who have a passion for helping wine collectors build their dream wine cellar without going beyond their budget. Coastal Custom Wine Cellars, one of our partners in wine cellar construction, has built many residential wine rooms using economical wine storage solutions.    

Home Wine Cellars in a Basement 

New York Basement Home Wine Cellar

New York Basement Home Wine Cellar

A basement is a good place for building a refrigerated wine cellar. It is the ideal option for those who do not have extra space in their home. It is dark and has a temperature conducive to proper wine storage. However, we still recommend installing a wine cooling system to prevent temperature fluctuations and varying humidity levels during hot days.    

Transforming a Basement into a Stylish Home Wine Cellar in New York 

In this project, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars had to create a refrigerated home wine cellar in a basement while keeping expenses under control. The room was only six square feet in size. They had to design a wine storage system that would maximize the storage capacity of the small basement. With the team’s creativity and expertise, they were able to create a wine cellar that could store more than 800 bottles.   

They utilized Premium Redwood, an affordable and high-grade material widely used in manufacturing wine racks. They left the wine racks unfinished to show off the wood’s natural tones.    

On the back wall, the Coastal team installed a square opening with a tabletop where the homeowners can decant ad serve wines. They also incorporated horizontal bins for storing wine bottles in wooden cases below the tabletop and individual wine racks around it.  

The sidewalls consist of the same racking styles, including diamond bins and horizontal bins for storing the wine bottles sideways. You can also see display rows that pitch the bottles at a 15-degree angle. 

Closet Home Wine Cellars 

Closet Home Wine Cellar Built by Florida Experts

Closet Home Wine Cellar Built by Florida Experts

Another trend in construction is converting a closet into a wine room. Closet home wine cellars are increasing in demand. Working with a design specialist will ensure that your dream wine cellar will be built according to your aesthetic and financial requirements.  

Building an Elegant Home Wine Cellar in an Unused Closet in Orange County 

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars did another impressive job in Coto de Caza, Orange County, California. The homeowners sought their help transforming a closet into a storage room for their wine collection.  

Despite the space constraints, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars was able to create a wine storage facility for 404 bottles. They installed elegant wine racks and doors without breaking the bank.   

Different racking styles were combined, including high-reveal display rows diamond X-bins, horizontal display racks, and single bottle storage. Some of the wine racks are 3-bottle deep to maximize the storage capacity of the room. The wine racks were made from Philippine Mahogany and finished with Chappo stain and lacquer.   

Under the Stairs Home Wine Cellars  

Under the Stairs Home Wine Cellar

Under the Stairs Home Wine Cellar

Building home wine cellars under the stairs is also becoming more popular nowadays. If you are a wine lover who wants to build a wine room for your collection but does not have a large space, you can utilize the space under your stairs.  

Let us know your needs, and we will help create a safe and beautiful storage place for your collection according to your budget. Coastal Custom Wine Cellars is one of our dealers in building home wine cellars in California.  

Under the Stairs Home Wine Cellar Project in Playa Vista 

The owners of a new home in Playa Vista had a space under the stairs, which they thought would be a good place for a wine cellar space. Coastal Custom Wine Cellars completed the project in just three months.   

The team installed a descending wine rack on the back wall, consisting of individual wine racks for standard bottles, a high-reveal display row for highlighting some of the client’s favorite vintages, and diamond bins. An extended ledge was added to provide a space for more wine bottles and glasses.   

We Provide Economical Wine Storage Solutions for Home Wine Cellars 

If you have a tight budget and need help building a stylish wine room for your collection, Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles and Coastal Custom Wine Cellars will help you. Please feel free to contact us at (323) 825-9846.