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California Wine Cellars – Traditional or Contemporary Style?

Residential custom wine cellars in Los Angeles, California vary in designs. There are wine cellar owners who prefer to have a classic or traditional looking wine storage room, while a rising number of wine collectors who choose to have a more contemporary or modern ambiance for theirs. Which design is better? Which is Better? Traditional […]

Wooden Wine Racks for Wine Lovers in California

Custom wine racks in Los Angeles, California are the ideal place for wines to rest and age. Custom wine racks paired with a well-built custom wine cellar in California, and a quality wine cellar refrigeration system creates a true haven for any kind of wines. Although wine racks can be made from various materials, the most popular type is wooden wine racks. Almost everyone loves the […]

4 Ways To Install Custom Wine Cellar Cooling Systems

A custom wine cellar cooling unit is a necessary part of a custom wine cellar. A refrigeration unit makes sure that the inside of a wine cellar has the temperature and humidity ideal for wine storage. It is best to have a licensed technician install a custom wine cellar refrigeration system. There are basically 4 […]

Custom Wine Cellar Flooring in Orange County, California

Your custom wine cellar cannot be complete without wine cellar flooring. In fact, the wine cellar flooring is just as important as the other elements of your wine storage room. What’s fun about wine cellar flooring is that you can choose from a variety of design options, to suit your taste and complement the rest […]

Storing Wines in Los Angeles Wall Mounted Wine Cellar Racks

Wine racks in California come in various styles, sizes, designs. One of the most popular types is the wall-mounted racks. Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of wall-mounted wine racking systems by reading through this article.  Wall-Mounted Wine Racking Systems in Los Angeles California Wine collectors and enthusiasts have a wide array of choices for wine […]

Famous California Wine Brands and Wine Storage Facts

California is not only famous for its sandy beaches, but also for its world-class wines and wine storage facilities.  Nearly 90 percent of wine production in the US takes place in the state of California.  Most of its wine regions are located between the Pacific Coast and the Central Valley, where climates are ideal for viticulture.  There are over […]

Why Store Screw Cap Bottles in Your California Wine Cellar

  Cork has been around for centuries and has proven its worth to wine drinkers and wine makers, but as time goes by, there have been problems which have triggered wine makers to looks for alternative ways to seal wine. Cork taint is one of the problems associated with cork, and until now wine makers have yet to find a way to get rid of it. Advantages […]

Protect Your Wines in California Wine Cellars & Wine Racks

How much do you value your wine collection? Do you think you are doing your best to protect it? For something that has sentimental value or something that is so precious like your wine collections, I think they really deserve TLC.  Here are the things that you can do to show that you really love your […]

Wine Cellar Builders Create Quality Wine Cellars for Famous New Zealand Wines

Grape vines are grown, harvested and made into wine and stored in wine cellars all over the world.  They come from some of the finest wine producers, including those of New Zealand.  New Zealand is a country of luxury, with gentle, rolling hills, gourmet food and, of course -wine.  Wine started out in New Zealand many years ago, dated at […]

Journey: Vineyard to Residential Wine Cellar & Wine Storage

Wine has been one of the most famous alcoholic beverages for hundreds of years, its popularity going strong throughout the ages.  Almost everyone has heard of wine, but less know how it’s made, or that it can be created from fruits other than grapes, as well as plants and nuts. The wine-making process is pretty […]

Wine Cellar Storage -a Look at What Types of Wine to Store in Your Home Wine Cellar

Typically when people think of wine, the fruit they associate it with is grapes.  Though grapes are popularly used in wine making, they certainly aren’t the only fruit that goes through the process.  There are plenty more wine types you can discover and collect.  Just about any fruit you can think of would be a […]

Wine Cellar Construction Los Angeles – San Diego Home Rennovation Project

In this recent project the Los Angeles Wine Cellar Builders community just completed a project in San Diego, California.  This home wine room construction project was part of an overall residential home renovation plan.  The basement of this large home being completely finished with the wine cellar as the focal point. This was to be […]

Dedicated Custom Wine Cellars & Wine and Cheese Pairing

Custom wine cellar owners tend to be very committed and outgoing people.  Indeed anyone who is prepared to dedicate a room to their passion will want to make good use of it and share their love of wine with others. Custom wine cellars therefore can be a catalyst and a focal point for strengthening relationships […]