How Wine Room Design Experts Transformed a Kitchen Area into a Glass Home Wine Cellar in Los Angeles

Completed Residential Custom Wine Cellar Los Angeles

Completed Residential Custom Wine Cellar Los Angeles Built by a Wine Room Design Expert

We have completed many wine cellar projects in the United States, including California. Often, we would experience unique challenges when constructing a client’s wine cellar. For Example, in one of their projects, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars partnered with us in transforming a tiny niche into a glass home wine cellar for more than 600 bottles. Find out what challenges we encountered and how the team got over them.   

A Challenging Home Wine Cellar Construction Project in Los Angeles  

In California, more and more homeowners are becoming serious wine collectors. In relation to this, residential wine storage rooms continue to increase in demand. Wine enthusiasts are becoming more knowledgeable about the important role of proper wine storage in the aging process. 

Recently, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars worked with us in completing a renovation project in Culver City, a residential area near the Los Angeles Airport. The client sought their help in transforming a messy area near the kitchen into a small yet beautiful wine storage room with a climate control system.  

The Niche Before the Transformation Into a Climate-Controlled Wine Cellar Culver City Los Angeles

The Niche Before the Transformation Into a Climate-Controlled Wine Cellar Culver City Los Angeles

Assessment of the Original Room and Client’s Requirements 

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars visited the home to take actual measurements and assess all of the owner’s requirements. The space is located adjacent to the dining room table just outside the kitchen. Originally, it was a storage area for children’s toys. There was also a cabinet and a mini cellar there.   

The room measured more than 7 feet wide and 2 feet deep. The Coastal team extended the wall of the small wine storage room in California and added a wall on the left and front so they could frame it for the double doors.  

Coastal’s team consulted with the clients and gathered information about how they wanted to manage store, and display their wine collection.  

Creating 3-Dimensional Drawings 

3D-Drawing Los Angeles Residential Wine Cellars

3D-Drawing for a Small Residential Wine Storage Room in California

After making a careful assessment of the specific needs of our clients, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars created CAD images for free. The design package comes with multiple pages that consist of different views and elevations, bottle capacities, and dimensions.  

The 3-dimensional drawings provide better visualization of the completed glass wine cellar for a home in Los Angeles. Clients have the opportunity to modify any detail in the design. After they approved the wine room design, the installation can be started. In this renovation project, the owners agreed with the design.   

After combining various racking configurations, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars came up with a design for 632 bottles. 

Preparing the Room: Requirements for Building a Safe Glass Wine Cellar in a Los Angeles Home

The preparation was difficult for Coastal Custom Wine Cellars. Before starting the installation process, they had to: 

  • Prep the walls for refrigeration 
  • Reroute the electrical outlets 
  • Account the back wall 

The first step they did was to demolish the existing wall coverings to determine the capability of the self-contained wine refrigeration system that would be installed in the refrigerated wine cellar in Los Angeles. They had to make sure that the walls and ceiling had the proper seal.  

A well-sealed wine room has a significant role in preserving the desirable characteristics of the wine. This is the main reason correct insulation is required in building refrigerated glass wine cellars. 

Without correct insulation, there will be extreme temperature fluctuations in the room. Moreover, poor or no insulation will trigger mold growth, which can affect the structural integrity of your wine racks, walls, and ceiling. Mold can also grow on the cork and may affect the overall quality of the wine.   

Stylish Wooden Wine Racks Designed for Increased Bottle Capacity   

Plan Drawing Residential Wine Room Design with a Racking System for 632 Bottles

Plan Drawing Residential Wine Room Design with a Racking System for 632 Bottles

Small wine storage rooms can be stunningly beautiful if installed with stylish racking. With form and function in mind, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars manufactured wine racks to make this small wine storage room in California eye-catching and functional.  

They utilized Premium Redwood, a type of wood known for its natural beauty, high resistance to warping, and durability. The wooden wine racks were finished with lacquer to protect them from spills and scuffs. 

Lower Wine Racks 

3D Drawing Wine Room Design Created by a Los Angeles Expert

3D Drawing Wine Room Design Created by a Los Angeles Expert

Because of the space constraints, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars found a way to maximize the capacity of the room. They installed 23-inch deep individual wine racks at the bottom section so the owners could place one bottle in an opening, push it to the back, and place another bottle in front of it.

They also added square bins on both sides of the bottom rack for bulk storage and better wine organization. 

Spanning the entire width of the wine rack, adding a tabletop was a great idea! It provides a space where owners can sit down and pop the cork of their favorite bottle of wine.  

Upper Wine Racks  

The upper section consists of wine racks that are single deep (13 inches). Coastal Custom Wine Cellars incorporated a high reveal display row above the tabletop. This type of bottle orientation pitches the bottles at a 15-degree angle to keep the cork in contact with the wine.  

They installed lighting just above the display row and added more single bottle storage openings at the topmost section. With 3 ¾” x 3 ¾” cubicles, the individual wine racks could fit standard Champagne, Oregon Pinot, some Syrah, and Zinfandels. 

The racking design also consists of label-forward display wine racks, which display the bottles with the labels facing out for easy browsing. These openings can also store 1.5-liter magnum bottles horizontally. The top center of the racking has a square opening to give room for the wine cellar cooling unit.  

Efficient Wine Cellar Cooling Unit for a Small Wine Cellar in a Los Angeles Home

The correct size, type, and brand of refrigeration system will ensure that your wine cellar environment will be stable. Coastal Custom Wine Cellars offers various cooling options to meet the unique requirements of every client.    

Have a wine cellar built in your home so you can enjoy your wine collection with your family and friends.

In this project, the Coastal Team chose the self-contained 1800 Series wine cooling unit supplied by CellarPro. The installation of the system was easy. It was mounted on the wall through a square opening.  

It was designed for high performance, efficiency, minimal vibration, and quiet operation. It brings fresh air in from the pantry and exhausts the warm air it created into the ceiling. 

The refrigeration unit is equipped with adjustable humidity control, extra-large coils for maximum cooling power, energy-saver mode, auto-defrost cycle, quick-chill mode, audible alarms, and visual alarms. All of CellarPro’s products were ETL tested and certified. 

Turn Your Small Space into a Unique Home Wine Cellar by Hiring Los Angeles Experts 

Wondering what to do with a seldom-used space in your Los Angeles residence like an empty, modern-looking hallway which could fit a small wine cellar?  If you’re a wine lover, why not transform it into a stylish and refrigerated home wine cellar? Coastal Custom Wine Cellars will create an impressive display area in your small wine storage room in a California home. If you need help with your wine room design, contact them today at +1 (949) 355-4376 .