Why Store Screw Cap Bottles in Your California Wine Cellar



Cork has been around for centuries and has proven its worth to wine drinkers and wine makers, but as time goes by, there have been problems which have triggered wine makers to looks for alternative ways to seal wine. Cork taint is one of the problems associated with cork, and until now wine makers have yet to find a way to get rid of it.

Advantages of Screw Caps over Wine Corks

WINE CLOSURESWine that has been “corked” (wine affected by cork taint) creates an undesirable smell and taste that could knock your socks off. This problem occurs when cork is contaminated with “TCA”, one of the chemical compounds used to sanitize or fertilize cork.

Unlike cork, wine screws are made up of 100% aluminum. People who dared to break the cork’s tradition have somehow gotten away with it because of the success of screw caps in the wine industry. They used to be associated with cheap wines, but now more big companies have invested in screw caps.

The screw cap is now considered the best alternative to cork. It makes opening a wine bottle from your California custom wine room easier. You can avoid hassle while opening a screw cap wine bottle, thus saving you from embarrassment during wine cellar tasting parties with friends.

No tools or special gadgets are needed to open a screw-cap wine bottle. Storing wines with screw caps inside your California wine cellar or wine cabinet would also not be a problem.

SCREWCAPUnlike cork, wines with screw caps don’t need to be stored in your California custom wine cellar horizontally to keep the cork from running out of moisture. It also takes less space in your wine storage room. Screw-capped wine bottles require less monitoring and less maintenance.

Cork tends to influence or modify the flavor of wine since it is a natural product. On the other hand, a screw cap guarantees consistent aging and remarkable quality control when it comes to flavor and freshness.

Some people still choose wine cork over screw caps because it’s a tradition, old fashioned, stylish, and elegant, but this is not the choice for those who are tired of exerting effort to open a bottle of wine. For those who prefer practicality and convenience over tradition, choose wines sealed with screw caps.

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