California Wine Cellars – Traditional or Contemporary Style?

Residential custom wine cellars in Los Angeles, California vary in designs. There are wine cellar owners who prefer to have a classic or traditional-looking wine storage room, while a rising number of wine collectors choose to have a more contemporary or modern ambiance for theirs. Which design is better?

Residential Custom Wine Cellar Design - Traditional vs. Contemporary Style

Residential Custom Wine Cellar Design – Traditional vs. Contemporary Style

Which is Better? Traditional or Contemporary Home Custom Wine Cellars?

These days, wine enthusiasts and collectors have a lot of options for their custom wine cellar. A lot of materials are available on the market and are markedly improved from before. This does not only give options but also value for money.

Wine collectors tend to prefer materials that are durable, reasonably priced, and will not likely harm their wine collection. Generally, there are two types of wine cellar that one can choose from: traditional and contemporary.

Have your wine cellar built by a trusted wine cellar construction company, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars!

Have your wine cellar built by a trusted wine cellar construction company, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars!

Traditional Custom Wine Storage Rooms

Traditional custom wine storage rooms are wine storage spaces usually found underground, in the basement areas of houses, or in an extra room or garage. Some even build a traditional wine cellar under the stairs to maximize the space. Traditional wine storage rooms often boast old-fashioned and classic designs and fixtures, both in the interior and exterior areas.

Traditional Custom Wine Cellars California

The walls of the wine cellar are usually made of stone, bricks, or cement. Hardwoods are often used as walls, but insulators are placed to prevent heat from the environment from entering the wine cellar. The wall insulators also aid the wine cellar refrigeration systems in maintaining the cool temperature inside the wine cellar.

Custom wine racks in Los Angeles, California are usually made of wood. Designs are traditional or lean towards the classic style. Redwood and pine wood are commonly used as these are proven to be durable and long-lasting.

These kinds of wood also favorably thrive in the cool and mold-inducing environment of the wine cellar. They are also easy to stain and are able to maintain their classic feel and look that adds to the charm of the wine cellar.

Contemporary Wine Cellars

Contemporary wine storage rooms are usually made of glass, steel, and sometimes wood. Modern designs lean more toward being flashy and sleek, without little edges and curves. They are meant to maximize space but at the same time dazzle onlookers.

Most of the time, dramatic effects are part of the design. For example, the bottles may seem to be floating when lights are dimmed. Sometimes, the design may seem hard, as steel or aluminum is used for the contemporary wine racks.

California Contemporary Wine Storage Rooms

The whole wine cellar can become a part of the wall design or a piece of artwork in one corner of the living area or kitchen. Most of the contemporary wine cellar designs are minimalist ones as these are intended to be sleek, uncluttered space-savers.

Commercial custom wine storage rooms in Los Angeles, California are mostly built with a contemporary design to attract customers in hotels, restaurants, bars, and wine stores. Eye-catching wine displays can help increase sales.

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Tips in Choosing the Right Wine Cellar Style

When building a California custom wine cellar, one has to have a concept or preference in mind. One of the factors to consider is the current design of the home where the custom cellar will be built.

If your home is made of wood, classic in design, and the fixtures are made of wood or other “soft” materials, it is better to consider the traditional residential wine cellar for a more seamless and blended overlook look. One wouldn’t want the wine cellar to stick out like a sore thumb against the classic furniture.

However, if your home is made of glass, steel, and the like, a contemporary wine cellar will look better against the modern spread. But for some wine collectors, may want a contemporary wine cellar inside a traditional home or a traditional wine cellar inside a modern home.

Choosing the opposite can probably work as long as the incorporation of the wine cellar in the home is tastefully done and would somehow complement the rest of the home. For example, in terms of color, placement in a particular area in the home.

Another factor to consider is your budget. Although these days there are a lot of reasonably priced materials for you to be able to have your dream wine cellar, one has to search the internet for possible options.

Whichever type of wine cellar you choose, it is prudent to ensure that the wine room design is what you really want; one that you will not tear apart later on or plan to renovate after a year.

Choose a design that you will stick to for a long time so as not to waste money, time, and effort. Do thorough research to create a functional and appealing resting place for your collection.

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