How to Masterfully Build A Beautiful Wine Cellar for Los Angeles Residence: A Guide

Traditional Wooden Wine Cellar Racking Los Angeles Project

Traditional Wooden Wine Cellar Racking Los Angeles Project

Designing and building a wine cellar requires technical skills to ensure that all of the components installed are correct and meet the requirements of the owner. Working with a professional will help you have safe and outstanding wine storage and display area for your collection.

In this article, we will go through the important steps on how to build a wine cellar for Los Angeles residence and discuss how we converted a large basement room into a custom wine cellar with function and aesthetics in mind. 

A Guide to Building a Custom Wine Cellar for a Residence in Los Angeles 

Along with many benefits, wine cellars are increasing in demand among homeowners. However, wine room constructions have technical requirements.  

Thus, you will have to hire a company with extensive experience, passion, and creativity when considering starting your project. A well-built wine room will store your favorite vintages safely and beautifully for many years to come.  

Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles was contacted by a homeowner in California in transforming an area in the basement into a refrigerated wine room. 

We have been working with knowledgeable designers in their installation projects. With comprehensive knowledge on how to build a wine cellar in residence, we are considered one of the most reliable builders in our area.  

We will customize any space in your home, small or large. The initial step you must do is request a design, which we offer free of charge. We worked with Harvest Wine Cellars and Saunas in this installation project. 

How to Build a Custom Wine Cellar for Los Angeles Residence 

Residential Wine Cellar Installation by Los Angeles Builders

Residential Wine Cellar Installation by Los Angeles Builders

There are crucial steps to take to be able to build a wine storage facility equipped with high-quality components. Your builder must understand the importance of correct wine storage and its role in preserving the complex characteristics of the wine.

If they don’t, they may end up using the wrong wine cooling system, door, wine racks, and lighting.   

Creating 3D Drawings 

The first step in wine room construction is to create 3-dimensional or concept drawings, which consist of the dimensions, racking styles, and bottle capacities. Together with creating CAD images, we recommend an on-site consultation. These processes will provide the client a better visualization of the completed wine cellar.  

Anyone who works with us will receive a custom design for free. In this particular project, the room to be converted into a functional wine cellar has a dimension of 15’ long x 12’ wide x 9’ high.  

Insulating the Wine Room  

Poor storage conditions can be detrimental to the quality of the wine.  It will eventually result in a waste of investment. This is the main reason sealing the wine room should not be ignored.

At Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles and Harvest Custom Wine Cellars, we were trained on how to build a wine cellar for Los Angeles residence with proper insulation. 

Prevents Extreme Changes in the Temperature and Humidity Levels 

Residential Wine Cellar Cooling System Los Angeles

Residential Wine Cellar Cooling System Los Angeles

Insulating the wine room is a standard procedure before construction. We know that proper insulation will prevent the cold air from escaping the room and the warmth from entering.  

It will help stabilize the conditions in the wine cellar, helping to protect your collection from storage problems caused by extreme changes in temperature and humidity levels.  

Helps the Climate-Control System to Work Efficiently 

When there are optimum conditions in your wine cellar, your wine cooling system will not be forced to work harder than its normal operation.  

Working with a wine storage expert, like Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles, will ensure that your wine room is sealed properly for efficient cooling, to consume less energy, and to prevent breakdowns of your refrigeration unit. 

Framing, Plumbing, and Installation of Electrical Wirings and Outlets 

After the insulation of the walls and ceilings of a wine cellar, the next step is to frame the room. We use wood studs for the walls.

The studs can have the following dimensions: 2 inches x 4 inches or 2 inches by 6 inches. This will depend on the owner’s personal choice and storage requirements.  

The next steps are plumbing and electrical works, which must also be completed by an expert contractor. 

Installation of the Wine Racks 

Tripe Deep Custom Wine Racks Los Angeles

Tripe Deep Custom Wine Racks Los Angeles

In this project, Harvest Custom Wine Cellars and Saunas took measurements over the phone, which was a big challenge for them. However, since the client’s home was close in proximity to their office, they decided to take on-site measurements to ensure that the wine rack dimensions would fit the space perfectly, especially in Elevation C where there it is like an alcove.  

The entire racking in this home wine cellar is triple-deep. They combined various racking styles to achieve an awe-inspiring design. They also made sure that the wine racks were manufactured from high-quality and attractive material.  

Left Wall 

Both sides of the left wall (Elevation A) consist of individual rack openings at the top section and a diamond bin storage at the bottom.  

The top center consists of a space where the Wine Guardian cooling unit was installed. Below this area are horizontal wine racks.  

Back Wall 

Traditional Wooden Wine Cellar Racking Los Angeles Project

Traditional Wooden Wine Cellar Racking Los Angeles Project

The back wall (Elevation B) is the focal point of the wine room. The center consists of an arch that was customized to provide space for a map. The map shows the vineyards that the owner wanted to visit in Australia. The arch comes with a tabletop where the client could decant and serve his favorite wine. 

Below the tabletop is another diamond X bin storage. There are vertical bottle storage racks on both sides of the arch. On the left and right sides of the back wall, more individual wine racks were installed.  

A display row that runs the middle section pitches the bottles at an angle. 

Right Wall and Curved Corners 

Functional Wine Racks for Los Angeles Residence

Functional Wine Racks for Los Angeles Residence

The right wall (Elevation C) is like an alcove. The area provides a bigger space for the client and his friends to sip their favorite wines while chatting.

Stemware and Tabletop Los Angeles Wine Cellar

Stemware and Tabletop Los Angeles Wine Cellar

The top section of the furniture has a stemware rack that stores the wine glasses upside down. In both sides are four storage openings for storing the bottles vertically. Below the tabletop are two drawers at the center, wooden case bins at the bottom, and two shelves on each side.  

Elevation D is the curved corner wine rack that connects the left wall to the back wall is a kit wine rack. Its true radius curve helped create a smooth transition from one wall to another.

Cooling the Wine Room with a Professional Who Knows How to a Build a Wine Cellar for Los Angeles Residence 

Wine will be protected from external factors if it is kept in a climate-controlled room. This is the main reason an efficient wine cooling system is required for wine storage. 

In this project, Harvest Custom Wine Cellars and Saunas chose the 0018 through-the-wall Wine Guardian refrigeration system. It was the best option because it is the largest through-the-wall unit.   The model was chosen based on the ambient temperature of the room and heat load calculation. 

Illuminating the Residential Wine Cellar 

Display Row Custom Wine Rack design Los Angeles

Ribbon Lighting Above the Display Row_Custom Wine Rack Designed by Los Angeles Builders

The wine cellar lighting was customized for this project. A puck light was installed at the center of the back wall. The light valance was installed above the display rows for the ribbon lighting. 

All of the lights are on separate switches so the owner can turn one or both at the same time. There are also overhead lights. 

Work with Master Builder in Your Wine Cellar Project 

CWC LA will help you connect with a professional who knows how to build a wine cellar for the Los Angeles residence. They can expertly cover all the foundational elements that are needed when building a wine room. 

Need help? Contact us today at (323) 825-9846. 

About Harvest Custom Wine Cellars and Saunas: The company is dedicated to creating stunning residential and commercial wine storage and saunas. Their local Richmond-based company has decades of experience in wine cellar design and construction. Whether you know exactly what you need or you would like an in-depth design consultation, their friendly team is available to create a custom wine room that meets your needs.  

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