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Glass Wine Room in Gorgeous Dana Point Home

Incredibly SMALL yet SPACIOUS Glass Wine Room in a California Home   We love designing and building custom wine cellars, and are always up for a challenge! Many of the houses in Dana Point, California have their own home-built wine rooms. It’s a high–end area known for modern and beautifully designed and decorated houses. The […]

A Stunning, Modern Glass Residential Wine Cellar in a Manhattan Beach Home

Designing and Building a Glass Residential Wine Cellar The dining room in any home is a place where people gather to eat, talk, socialize, and gather with family and friends, as well as colleagues and associates. It’s a venue for exchanging ideas, and a central location in your house. It’s often one of the first […]

A Small Room was Transformed Into a Modern Glass Closet Wine Cellar with by Experts in Los Angeles

Another exceptional residential wine room was completed by Wine Cellar Designers Group, a partner of Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles in building glass wine cellars. Recently, the client contacted them to transform a small closet into a wine storage room with modern features.       Another Pride of Wine Cellars Designers Group: Amazing Transformation of a Small Closet into […]

Contemporary Wine Racks Transformed a Large Room Into a Luxurious Home Wine Cellar

More wine collectors are going for residential wine cellars with a luxurious appeal. Contemporary wine racks are increasing in popularity in building modern wine rooms. Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles has been working with expert designers and builders, including Blue Grouse Wine Cellars. In their recent project, their team was contacted by the homeowners to seek help […]

Wine Cellar Designers Group: Uplifting the Standards of Wine Storage Construction in Los Angeles 

We, at Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles, have always valued excellence. This is the reason why we make sure that all of our builders and designers are well-trained, highly skilled, and widely knowledgeable in their respective fields of expertise. We want to consistently meet our clients’ expectations and provide them with satisfaction by building effective, efficient, and […]

VintageView Metal Racks Used by Expert Builders to Create Stylish Custom Wine Cellars in LA

Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles is one of the leading builders of wine storage rooms in California. We have built all styles of cellars for homeowners and business establishments, which range from traditional to modern and classic to contemporary. When there is a need for steel displays, our experts only use the best – VintageView metal […]

Steps on How to Organize Your Wine Cellar in Los Angeles

As a wine collector, you don’t intend to enjoy your vintages by yourself. You want to have time to share the experience with friends and family. This is why you hold wine tastings, so that you can show off the best bottles in your collection to people who matter. Keeping your cellar organized can help make wine […]

How Master Builders Transformed a Boring Room Into a Contemporary Home Wine Cellar in Irvine Using Floor to Ceiling Metal Wine Racks

Whether you want a traditional, modern, or transitional wine room, it is best to work with an expert. In their recent project, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars, one of our partners in wine cellar construction, created a contemporary wine cellar design for a growing collection. Learn how a dull room was transformed into an elegant wine cellar in Irvine […]

Why It is Important to Hire Orange County Experts in Your Home Wine Cellar Cooling Installation Project

One of the main reasons wine becomes undrinkable is because it was not stored in a stable environment. Correct storage conditions are the key to preserving the desirable characteristics of wine for many years to come. Vintage Cellars, one of our wine cellar dealers in Los Angeles, collaborated with M&M wine cellar systems in completing […]

How Wine Room Design Experts Transformed a Kitchen Area into a Glass Home Wine Cellar in Los Angeles

We have completed many wine cellar projects in the United States, including California. Often, we would experience unique challenges when constructing a client’s wine cellar. For Example, in one of their projects, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars partnered with us in transforming a tiny niche into a glass home wine cellar for more than 600 bottles. Find out what challenges […]

How to Masterfully Build A Beautiful Wine Cellar for Los Angeles Residence: A Guide

Designing and building a wine cellar requires technical skills to ensure that all of the components installed are correct and meet the requirements of the owner. Working with a professional will help you have a safe and outstanding wine storage and display area for your collection. In this article, we will go through the important […]

Want to Get Rich? Start a Business in Los Angeles that Includes a Commercial Wine Cellar

No one wants to be an employee forever. If you plan to stick to being a worker for a longer period, at some point, you know you’ll have to retire. Everyone wishes they could start their own business. You can think about opening your own business soon, or you can wait for your retirement to […]

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How Los Angeles Specialists Fixed an Inefficient Home Wine Cellar Cabinet Refrigeration Unit

An inefficient or a poorly installed wine cellar cooling system can ruin your wine collection. An expert must choose the correct size of refrigeration unit, or else, it will not be able to safeguard your favorite wines. In one of our home wine cellar refrigeration projects in Los Angeles, California, we were asked to replace the wrong cooling system […]

Awesome Transformation of a Basement Wine Cellar by Los Angeles Experts

Some homeowners who lack knowledge about proper wine storage just store their collection in an area where there is no stable environment. They let external factors harm their wines. In one of our construction projects in Chicago, Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles worked with Wine Cellar Specialists to turn a basement into a gorgeous wine […]