Want to Get Rich? Start a Business in Los Angeles that Includes a Commercial Wine Cellar

No one wants to be an employee forever. If you plan to stick to being a worker for a longer period, at some point, you know you’ll have to retire. Everyone wishes they could start their own business. You can think about opening your own business soon, or you can wait for your retirement to begin entrepreneurship. Whether you want to be a businessperson now or in the future, you should start thinking now about what kind of business you’d want to venture. According to the most reliable entrepreneurial forecasts, wine is a good product to invest in, especially in California. If you’re planning to put up a wine store, restaurant, or country club in Los Angeles, you might want to include a commercial wine cellar, with contemporary wine racks, in your plans!   

Commercial wine cellar in a restaurant in Los Angeles.

Premium Wine Displays in a Commercial Wine Cellar

We recently had a project with a client who had just retired from a company that he served for 20 years. As soon as he left the company, he ventured into a food business. He opened a restaurant in Los Angeles using his retirement funds. His business had started operating last September 2017. So far, the restaurant has been doing well, but he wanted to find ways to increase his sales. And so, he considered building a commercial wine cellar within his restaurant.   

Metal wine racks.

Wines Displayed on Commercial  Metal Wine Racks

The client told us than in the few months that his restaurant had opened, he noticed that a great bulk of his returns were from the wines sold. Apparently, wine sales in California have steadily increased in the past few months.

According to the Wine Institute, it was in 2016 that wine sales in California had hit a staggeringly high record of 238 million cases with a retail value of $34.1 billion. Since then until now, wine sales have continually increased.  Country clubs, wine stores, and restaurants all over the State have taken advantage of this by investing in a commercial wine cellar. 

As a prudent businessman, our client was determined to invest more in wines. That is why he decided to call us, Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles, to build him a commercial storage space in his restaurant.   

Restaurant in Los Angeles Gets an Upgrade with a Contemporary Style Commercial Wine Cellar  

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High-End Commercial Wine Cellar

Our team of builders has constructed wine storage systems for homes and businesses. Building a commercial wine cellar is a completely different challenge compared to building a residential wine room. That’s because although they both store wine, a commercial cellar needs to be more robust since it is used more frequently than a residential cellar.  

The client in this project wanted a commercial wine cellar with a contemporary design, in order for the storage facility to match the style of his restaurant. He also asked us to create a commercial cellar that would wow his customers, which in turn could help make his business more popular in the area. 

We sat down with the client to discuss the details of the commercial wine cellar design. Once we got everything that he wanted, our designers prepared a set of 3D drawings for the client. We presented these sketches to him, so that he could have a clear visualization of the planned construction. As soon as the drawings were approved, we began building the wine storage structure.  

Commercial wine cellar design drawn by our team.

Glass and Metal for a Contemporary Design Wine Cellar  

The 7-feet square commercial wine cellar was 10-feet in height. The client wanted a unique design for his storage facility. To achieve that distinctive contemporary style for his commercial wine cellar, our team used a mix of glass and metal materials as an innovation. 

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Contemporary Wine Racks were used for Building this Commercial Wine Cellar

All except one wall was made of dual pane glass. The client decided to choose glass for two reasons: aesthetics and functionality. Glass is elegant and is the perfect wall for cellars that have a contemporary design. Glass is also great because customers can view the displayed wines from outside.

This was particularly important because the client wanted to impress his customers with his select labels. Having the customers see the inside of the cellar also minimizes the need to open the storage facility often. Frequent opening of the wine storage space can cause fluctuations in the temperature inside, which can be detrimental to the quality of the vinos stored.  

For the racking, the client chose to use metal displays. We installed a mix of modular and custom steel racks from VintageView. The metal wine racks were all applied with a black satin finish. In mounting the metal displays, our team used floor to ceiling frames. We secured single, double and triple depth horizontal wine displays on those frames. After all of the racking systems were completely installed, the commercial custom wine cellar could accommodate a total of 1,100 bottles.  

Robust HVAC System for this Commercial Wine Cellar in Los Angeles  

Metal Commercial Wine Racks from VintageView.

No wine room is completed with dependable refrigeration equipment. The temperature in a commercial wine storage facility should be managed and maintained through a reliable cooling system.

Considering the dimensions of this Los Angeles commercial wine cellar and its estimated bottle-capacity, we installed a high-grade cooling system for the storage facility. An expert HVAC technician mounted a ducted self-contained air handler up in the ceiling 20 feet from the cellar itself.  

Invest in the Construction of a Commercial Wine Cellar in Your Los Angeles Business 

Whether you own a business now or planning to start one soon, consider venturing into one that involves wine, such as a country club, restaurant, or a wine store. Knowing that wine sales have steadily been increasing the past few years, you can be sure that it’s a good investment to make!

We can help build the storage facility for you to make your wines more appealing to your customers. Our team can create a commercial wine cellar design for you that fits your preference and style. Contact us, and we’ll provide you with a 3D drawing of your planned commercial wine cellar in Los Angeles! Call us today, and we’ll give your contemporary wine room design for FREE! You can reach us through (323) 825-946!