VintageView Metal Racks Used by Expert Builders to Create Stylish Custom Wine Cellars in LA

Sophisticated Contemporary Wine Racks from VintageView

Sophisticated Contemporary Wine Racks from VintageView

Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles is one of the leading builders of wine storage rooms in California. We have built all styles of cellars for homeowners and business establishments, which range from traditional to modern and classic to contemporary. When there is a need for steel displays, our experts only use the best – VintageView metal wine racks.  

High-Grade Metal Racking Systems for High-End Contemporary Wine Cellars in Los Angeles 

The best wine storage rooms in Los Angeles are those that meet these two standards: functional and aesthetically superior. Some builders focus too much on the functional aspect of constructing a cellar, and they take for granted the importance of a stylish and effective wine room design. The style of a wine room is essential, because wine enthusiasts don’t only need safe storage of their precious collections, but also a beautiful medium to display their bottles.  

When wine aficionados hold tastings in their home, the goal isn’t merely to serve good wine. It is also their objective to provide their guests with a wonderful overall experience. A grand wine tasting experience is achieved by creating a tasteful ambiance while serving wines. This is the reason why many tastings are held inside wine rooms where the lighting is gorgeously setup, decors are intelligently placed, and prized bottles are elegantly arranged in stylishly designed racks.  

Similarly, business establishments that sell wine invest in the aesthetics of their commercial cellar. A well-designed wine display cellar creates a delightful experience for customers. Happy customers mean a boost in sales.  

To create a distinctively beautiful design for a wine cellar, the appropriate racking system must be determined. Wooden wine racks are the top favorite among homeowners and businesses that want to build a traditional-style cellar. Those, however, who want to construct a contemporary wine cellar in LA should install metal racks.  

VintageView – Trusted Manufacturer of Superior-Quality Metal Wine Racks 

Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles only trusts VintageView for our metal wine racking supply. VintageView is well-known for the superior quality of their steel displays. They offer a wide assortment of contemporary wine racks to choose from with flexible installation choices.  

VintageView offers both modular or pre-made metal wine racks as well as custom-built steel displays. Modular metal racks are ready-made and ready to install. You can choose from a number of sizes and styles available. Pre-made steel racks are ideal for box-type wine rooms and regular-shaped wine cellars. Irregularly shaped wine storage facilities, on the other hand, need customized racks. Examples of irregular-shape wine storage rooms are those that are installed under the stairs. VintageView customizes the size and shape of the racks to fit the storage needs and limitations of your wine cellar.  

VintageView Metal Wine Rack Options: Wall-Mounted and Freestanding 

VintageView offers a wide variety of wine racking styles to choose from. To determine which type of racking system is most appropriate for your custom wine cellar, seek the help of a wine storage specialist, like our experts here at Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles. The steel displays that VintageView offers can be categorized as either wall-mounted or freestanding.  

Wall-Mounted Metal Wine Racks from VintageView 

VintageView’s wall-mounted racks are designed to designed to display wines label-forward. This means that you the labels on your favorite bottles are displays in full view. VintageView’s wall-mounted metal racking systems are a mix of milled aluminum and steel. All of these displays can be mounted on just about any type of wall surface, including wood, concrete, and drywall.  

The Peg Series 

Also known as Vino Series, the Peg Series are sleekly designed metal pins that can easily be mounted on your custom wine cellar wall. The following options are included in the Peg Series of metal wine racks: 

  1. Vino Rails 
  2. Vino Pins 2-Bottle Kit  
  3. Vino Pins Metal Wine Peg 
  4. Vino Pins Acrylic 
  5. Vino Pins Magnum 
  6. Vino Pins 3-Bottle Kit  

The Column Wall Series 

This collection of wall-mounted metal wine racks includes a set of displays that can accommodate more bottles in a single column. The Column Wall Series include: 

  1. 1-foot Wall-Mounted (3 to 9 bottles) 
  2. 2 feet Wall-Mounted (6 to 18 bottles) 
  3. 3 feet Wall-Mounted (9 to 27 bottles) 
  4. 4 feet Wall-Mounted (12 to 36 bottles) 
  5. Magnum/Champagne Bottle Rack (9 to 18 bottles) 
  6. Big Bottle Series (4 bottles) 
  7. Wall Series Single 
  8. Le Rustique (6 bottles) 

The Floating Wall Wine Rack Kit 

This style of wall-mounted metal racks creates an illusion of bottles floating in mid-air. The Floating Wall Wine Rack Kit is available in single, double, and triple bottle-depth choices.  

Freestanding Metal Wine Racks from VintageView 

VintageView’s freestanding metal wine racks, also known as Evolution Series, are an innovative type of displays that can be installed almost anywhere – including very limited spaces. This collection of racks is a mix of metal and acrylic. The designs are meant to help cellar owners achieve a distinctively modern look.  

The following are the racking options included in VintageView’s Evolution Series: 

  1. Evolution Tabletop 3-Bottle Wine Rack  
  2. One (Metal and Acrylic Tabletop Wine Rack)  
  3. Mini 6-Bottle Tabletop Metal Wine Rack  
  4. 180-Bottle Island Display Rack 3  
  5. 234-Bottle Island Display Rack 4  
  6. 288-Bottle Island Display Rack 7  
  7. 378-Bottle Island Display Rack 7 DLX  
  8. Bottle Island Display Rack Endcap  
  9. Bottle Island Display Rack (single sided)  
  10. Point of Purchase Display Rack   
  11. Evolution Metal and Acrylic Wine Case 
  12. Case & Crate Bin Short  
  13. Case & Crate Bin Tall Kit   
  14. Case & Crate Bin Tall Kit   
  15. Case & Crate Locker Tall   

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