A Small Space was Transformed Into a Gorgeous Glass Closet Wine Cellar by Experts in Los Angeles

Modern Glass Closet Wine Cellar Los Angeles with Metal and Wood Wine Racks
Modern Glass Closet Wine Cellar in a  Los Angeles Home Installed with Metal and Wood Wine Racks

Another exceptional residential wine room was completed by Wine Cellar Designers Group, a partner of Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles in building modern glass wine cellars. Recently, the client contacted them to transform a small room into a wine closet with modern features.      

Another Pride of Wine Cellars Designers Group: Amazing Transformation of a Closet into Glass Wine Cellar   

Elegant Glass Custom Wine Cellar Built by Los Angeles Master Builders
Elegant Glass Custom Home Wine Cellar Built by Los Angeles Master Builders

Wine Cellar Designers Group is led by Steve Pantalemon, who is an expert designer and builder of closet wine rooms. They recently transformed a small space into a modern glass wine cellar. The client is a builder who worked with Steve in his past projects. When he was building his new home, he decided to create a wine closet adjacent to their elegant dining area. He wanted his wine cellar to stand out from the rest.  

Before finalizing the design, Wine Cellar Designers Group had many conversations with the client. We had to take note of all the details to ensure that we meet all of our client’s requirements. Failure to make a thorough assessment will result in wine storage problems and a waste of investment.               

They finished designing the project after about two weeks. Before the construction started, some changes had to be made because the owner made adjustments to the layout of his house that would affect the wine cellar plan. 

As an experienced and professional builder in Los Angeles, Steve and his team were able to accommodate the requests and modifications by working closely with the client. The construction of the glass wine cellar was completed after about six weeks. 

Creating a Design That Would Impress Guests and Hold a Few Hundreds of Bottles    

Glass Wine Cellar Designed for a Modern Home by Los Angeles Experts
Glass Wine Cellar Designed for a Modern Home by Los Angeles Experts

The owner of the high-end home requested Wine Cellar Designers Group to build a glass wine cellar that could be a conversation starter. With many years of experience and passion for designing wine closets, the team came up with a stunning design that exceeded the client’s expectations.     

Sleek Custom Wine Rack Features for a Closet Glass Wine Cellar  

Since the space was limited, Steve and his team installed the wine racks only on the back wall of the wine closet designed by one of Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles’ partners in wine room construction. Steve had to complement the modern design of the house while maximizing the storage capacity of the small room. The total capacity of the glass wine cellar is 220 bottles.  

Wooden Components 

The dining area and the rest of the house consist of stained white oak. To tie the racking to the existing décor of the home, he used the wood with custom stain for the cabinetry, tabletops, shelves, and walls. The two drawers under the tabletop and the three shelves above it were intended for additional storage space for more bottles, wine accessories, collectibles, or accouterments.         

Metal Wine Racks  
Metal Wine Racks Installed in a Glass Wine Cellar Los Angeles
Metal Wine Racks Installed in a Glass Wine Cellar in a Los Angeles Home

Wine Cellar Designers Group utilized triple-deep metal wine racks by VintageView. These modern wine racks with a black satin finish were the perfect choice for this glass wine cellar installation project. The metal wine racks were mounted on the wooden wall. They display the bottles like they are floating in the air. With a sleek design, VintageView’s metal wine racks are truly pleasing to the eye. 

The bottles are displayed with the labels facing out. This label forward configuration offers advantages. One of these benefits is convenience in locating a specific bottle stored in the wine closet 

The owner does not have to flip the bottle to see the wine’s description on the label. It prevents the sediments from being disturbed when the bottle is flipped. Keep in mind that flipping the bottle will affect the flavor and texture of the wine.   

Elegant Mirror Tiles at the Center of the Back Wall 

The unique feature of this glass closet wine cellar the style of the middle wall. Wine Cellar Designers Group wanted to create something that they have never done before. They made use of mirror tiles. Installing the shelves on the mirror tiles was a challenge for the team, but they said that they would love to do this style of wall in the future because it is one of a kind and is visually appealing.  

Simple Yet Dramatic Lighting System for a Small Glass Wine Cellar  

Wine cellar lighting is another vital element in designing wine closets. Proper illumination plays a significant role in preserving your wine’s quality, as well as in reading the wine labels.  

For this particular glass wine cellar installation project, Wine Cellar Designers Group installed 2” recessed can lights into the wooden ceiling. Dimmers switches placed nearby are available to provide convenience to homeowners in adjusting the brightness of the wine cellar. The owner can choose their glass wine cellar to be bright or dim. 

Best Choice of Wine Cellar Refrigeration 

White Oak Wooden Grill Covers Conceals the Fan Coils Glass Wine Cellar Project Los Angeles
White Oak Wooden Grill Covers Conceals the Fan Coils Glass Wine Cellar Project in Los Angeles

The correct choice of wine cellar refrigeration unit is crucial to ensuring that the desirable characteristics of your prized wines will be preserved before they are ready for consumption. Regulating the temperature and humidity levels in your wine closet will ensure that your wines are in their best condition.  

In every project that they do, Wine Cellar Designers Group, we performed a heat load calculation to help us determine the correct type, brand, and size of the climate control system.  

After making a thorough assessment, Steve chose a split wine cellar cooling unit for this modern glass wine cellar.  

They placed the fan coils in the ceiling of the wine closet and the condenser outside the room. With the absence of the condensing unit inside the glass wine cellar, the noise coming from the equipment would never be a problem.   

Wine Cellar Designers Group concealed the fan coils in the ceiling with a stylish wooden grille cover. The removable grille prevented any unsightly equipment inside the wine closet. We use only commercial-grade wine cellar cooling units with functional features to enhance our client’s experience.    

Build a Unique Glass Closet Wine Cellar for Your Home or Business with the Help of Los Angeles Experts 

A partner of Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles transformed another small space into a unique glass wine cellar with modern features. If you need the help of creative and experienced wine cellar designers, please call us at (323) 825-9846. 

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