Contemporary Wine Racks Transformed a Large Room Into a Luxurious Home Wine Cellar

Contemporary Wine Cellar with Glass Walls and Metal Wine Racks Los Angeles

Contemporary Wine Cellar with-Glass-Walls and Metal Wine Racks Los Angeles

More wine collectors are going for residential wine cellars with a luxurious appeal. Contemporary wine racks are increasing in popularity in building modern wine rooms. Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles has been working with expert designers and builders, including Blue Grouse Wine Cellars. In their recent project, their team was contacted by the homeowners to seek help for their wine room conversion project. They installed contemporary wine racks to achieve the look that the clients desire and add aesthetic value to the property.

Creating a Luxurious Wine Display Area Installed with Contemporary Wine Racks by Los Angeles Experts

3D Drawings of Contemporary Wine Racks Home Wine Cellar Los Angeles Builders

3D Drawings of Contemporary Wine Racks Home Wine Cellar Los Angeles Builders

Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles has completed many wine cellar conversion projects with trusted wine cellar dealers like Blue Grouse Wine Cellars. They received a call from the homeowners of a modern home to transform a space into a luxurious wine display and storage area.

Blue Grouse Wine Cellars started building the wine room while the client’s home was under construction, which minimized the costs. They worked closely with the contractor to help them ensure that the wine cellar would be designed to function with efficiency.

Outstanding Contemporary Wine Rack Design by Los Angeles Expert Installers

Contemporary Millesime and Peg Wine Racks Home Wine Cellar Los Angeles

Contemporary Millesime and Peg Wine Racks Installed in a Custom Home Wine Cellar by Los Angeles Experts

As a professional wine cellar installer, Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles always wants to meet all of their client’s requirements. In addition to proper framing and insulation of the room, they also make sure that the wine racks are designed with sophistication and functionality.

Before designing the wine racks, Blue Grouse Wine Cellars made a thorough assessment to help them determine the client’s requirements. After that, they created a plan and a wine rack design that would exceed the homeowner’s expectations.

The design included 3-dimensional images, showing the elevation views, dimensions of the residential wine room, styles of the wine racks, and bottle capacities. When the clients approved the proposed design, Blue Grouse Wine Cellars started the construction of the wine room.

Creativity is one of the skills that you should look for in a wine cellar builder. Blue Grouse Wine Cellars has been one of Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles’ partners in providing wine storage solutions to wine collectors who want to create a stylish wine room in their home.

Sleek Metal Wine Peg Contemporary Wine Racks Offer Many Benefits

Label-Forward Contemporary Peg Wine Racks Designed by Los Angeles Master Builders

Label-Forward Contemporary Peg Wine Racks are In-Demand in Building Modern Wine Rooms

For this particular project, they installed contemporary wine racks, which make use of metal wine pegs. Metal components help achieve a minimalist look, and because of this, wine pegs are becoming more popular in the design industry. This type of wine rack offers more benefits in addition to adding a luxurious touch to your wine cellar.

Design Flexibility, Label-Forward Orientation, and Easy Expansion

Another advantage of the metal peg wine rack system, aside from its contemporary appeal, is its design flexibility. You can arrange the pegs according to your desired style.

The metal wine peg system, which was installed on the right and back walls, makes use of pegs or rods attached on a walnut back panel. Two pegs can hold one bottle of wine in a label forward orientation, allowing easy perusal of the wines.

There is no need to flip the bottle to see the description of the wine. Furthermore, the sediments that settled at the bottom will not be disturbed. Keep in mind that disturbing the sediments will cause off-flavors to the wine.

Moreover, expanding your collection is much easier with these luxury contemporary wine racks. The clients wanted to display a small wine collection.

The Blue Grouse Team constructed a contemporary wine rack system that could accommodate 290 bottles. In the future, the owners can add more storage space by changing their single deep wine racks to double or triple deep metal wine pegs.

This wine peg system requires only the addition of pegs or pins for increasing the storage capacity of your wine cellar. There is no need to modify the whole racking for additional storage, saving you from the cost of labor.

Millesime Contemporary Wine Racks with Wood Accent: a Favorite Choice in Building Wine Cellars for Homes

Contemporary Label Forward Millesime Wine Racks Los Angeles Builders

Contemporary Label Forward Millesime Wine Racks Designed by a Wine Cellar Builder in Los Angeles

Blue Grouse Wine Cellars also installed Millesime wine racks. Millesime is one of the top-notch manufacturers of contemporary wine racks.

These wine racks were placed on the left side of the contemporary wine cellar behind the seamless glass wall. The rails and posts are made of anodized aluminum, a material known for its high resistance to corrosion.

Large-format and standard bottles can fit in the metal railings. Blue Grouse Wine Cellars added clear-coated walnut caps, which blend well with the walnut back panels where the metal wine pegs are attached.

Seamless Glass Wine Cellar Door and Walls

When choosing a door for your wine room, it is crucial to choose one that goes well with the overall style of your custom home wine cellar. In this project, Blue Grouse Wine Cellars installed a glass wine cellar door to complement the contemporary wine peg and Millesime wine racks.

The seamless glass walls provide a great view of the client’s prized wines from the outside. There is no need to enter the wine room to see the bottles cradled in contemporary wine racks designed by experts in Los Angeles.

Work with Experts in Building Modern Residential Wine Rooms

Blue Grouse Wine Cellars was happy to be part of this custom home wine cellar project. They installed two eye-catching contemporary wine racks. They created an elegant wine storage facility that allows for more room for a growing wine collection.

If you are looking for a professional designer and builder of modern wine rooms in your area, please do not hesitate to contact Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles at (323) 825-9846!