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Manhattan Beach Los Angeles Wine Cabinet Custom Cellar Project Tour

Manhattan Beach Los Angeles Wine Cabinet Custom Cellar Project Tour – A

Processed Video Transcription

Hi.  We’re driving today in Manhattan Beach, California, to visit a project recently completed by Coastal Custom Wine Cellars.  When we were initially contacted in July 2014, we learned that the wine enclosure would be one aspect of a large renovation that was actually underway.

Manhattan Beach California

Manhattan Beach California

So, we got started creating the Manhattan Beach Los Angeles wine cabinet in October.  But long before we got started we met with the homeowners to discuss the refrigeration options, take some field measurements, and learn how he wanted to manage, display, and store his collection.

The space is 15 ft. wide and 9 ft. tall.  It’s quite beautiful, I think you’ll agree.  The challenge was the depth of the area.

Manhattan Beach Los Angeles Wine Cabinet Project

Elegant Barolo Style Glass Wine Cellar Door

Elegant Barolo Style Glass Wine Cellar Door and the Stunning Wine Racks

Our custom wine racks are 13 1/2 inches, so accessing bottles to the left and to the right would be difficult.  As a result, we decided on a pair of the Barolo style glass doors that you just saw a picture of there to fill each of the two 64-inch wide openings.

To make it easy to access the bottles where the fixed walls and fixed glass window were in place, we used label forward displays and some open bin storage much like the diamond bin we just looked at there.

Our Barolo style glass doors include dual pane glass, weather stripping, and concealed door bottoms to ensure the wine cellar remains air tight.  There are lots of finishes to choose from and lots of options.

Our client selected our Chestnut finish that contrasted nicely with our Premium Redwood wine racks.  The chestnut also blended really nice with the other color schemes of the opening dining and the kitchen area.

To cool the wine cellar, you can see this louvered grill cover area right here behind the fixed glass window.  We utilized a split wine cellar refrigeration system.

Wine Cellar Refrigeration System Covered with a Louvered Grill

Wine Cellar Refrigeration System Covered with a Louvered Grill

The evaporator is concealed behind that redwood grill cover and the condenser was placed in the garage.  These condensers of this wine cellar refrigeration system can also be placed outdoors and they include exterior housing to protect them from the elements.

The large 3-liter bottles were placed just below the grill cover here.  They were label forward horizontal displays and some wood case openings were placed just below that.  Those were actually flanked by some single bottle storage openings and large diamond bins were situated on the ends for bulk storage.

Horizontal Wine Display with LED Lighting

Horizontal Wine Display with LED Lighting

All of our single bottle storage openings are 3 3/4″ x 3 3/4″ and our high reveal display rows allow for LED ribbon lighting to illuminate the displayed bottle and add a really nice touch to an already stunning wine display.

Our client was so pleased with our customer service, project management, and our craftsmanship.  He took the time to share his story at Yelp San Juan Capistrano and the design site known as Houzz.

If you have a project we can help you with, please contact us at Cheers!

Choosing a Finish for Wooden Wine Racks in Los Angeles, California

Wooden wine racks are a popular choice among wine enthusiasts in Los Angeles, California. They are among the most beautiful and durable types of wine racks in California. One of the advantages of having wooden wine racks is getting to choose from an array of finishes. A finish, when chosen and applied correctly, can enhance the beauty of a wooden wine rack. 

Wine Racks Options in Los Angeles, California

Wine enthusiasts understand how important it is to invest in a good wine storage solution. Genuine wine enthusiasts know that wine collection is not just a hobby, but also an investment. Investments, no matter what their form, are things that increase in value, and therefore have to be protected. Having a quality wine storage solution will not only keep your wines safe, but also allow them to age tastefully.

Wine Racks CA

Wine Racking Systems in Los Angeles, California

There are various types of wine storage solutions in California. Wine racks are the most ideal resting place for wines. In Los Angeles, California, wine racks come in various shapes, sizes, designs, and materials. The most popular choice among wine lovers are wooden wine racks.

Wooden wine racks are very durable, and are beautiful to look at. Aesthetically, wooden wine racks create a classy and elegant vibe. Their beauty can be further enhanced by applying stains and finishes.

Tips on Choosing the Right Finish for Wooden Wine Racks

Wooden wine racks are a popular choice of wine storage solution in Los Angeles, California. On their own, wooden wine racks are already beautiful. But their beauty can further be enhanced when a wine rack stain is applied. Generally, wine rack stains come in a wide array of options. There are a few things to consider when choosing a finish for a wooden wine rack, and they include:

1. Do Your Really Want a Finish?

Before choosing any stain for your wine racks, you first need to decide if you really want a finish on them. Some types of wood used for wine racks, like Mahogany and Oak, are solid hardwoods. This means that they do not need a finish in order to last a lifetime in a wine cellar. Solid hardwoods age beautifully, and their colors reveal gradually over time. There are also some softer types of wood, like Cedar, that do not necessarily need to have a finish applied. Cedar is a very durable type of wood, and is known to hold up in a dark and humid environment (without developing mold or pest infestations).

If you do not necessarily have to have a finish on your wine rack, you can save more money by not having a finish applied. But of course, you can choose to have a finish applied if you really want to.

2. Choose a Finish that Doesn’t Have Foul Odors.

Wine racks are going to be placed in an airtight and enclosed environment. This is so that the temperature and humidity inside the wine cellar can be controlled and maintained to provide the ideal conditions for wine storage. This means that, if the finish you choose for your wooden wine racks produces a foul odor, it may seep in through the wine corks and negatively affect the flavor and aroma of your wines. Avoid stains and finishes that have strong odors.

3. Choose Between a Water Based or Oil Based Finish.

Wooden wine rack finishes can either be water based or oil based. One of the things you need to decide one when choosing a finish for your wine racks is whether you want to use a water based or oil based finish.

a. Water Based Wine Rack Finishes.

Water based finished are made with a combination of ingredients including, synthetic resins, film forming ingredients, and plasticizers. These ingredients make water based finishes very resistant to moisture. Water based finishes are fast drying finishes, and produce no irritating fumes.

b. Oil Based Wine Rack Finishes.

Compared to water based finishes, oil based finishes are easier to apply, and they are less temperamental, too. Generally, two or three applications of an oil based finish is enough to protect your wine racks. The most common complaint with oil based finishes is that they never fully dry. Although this characteristic makes oil based finishes more durable than water based finishes, the disadvantage is that the chemicals from the stains are more likely to penetrate the wine corks and affect the flavor of your wines.

5. Decide on Who Should You Have Apply the Wine Rack Stain.

If you do want to have a stain applied on your wooden wine racks in Los Angeles, California, you can choose to apply it yourself, or have an expert apply it for you. Most wine cellar construction companies not only design and build wine cellar and wine racks, but also provide wine rack stain application services. You can have them stain or finish your wine racking to match the existing trim, or change the color to suit your personal preference.

Wine Rack Designer and Builder in Los Angeles, California

A residential custom wine cellar with durable wooden custom wine racks is the most ideal storage option for wines. In Los Angeles, California, there are many wine rack designers and builders, and one of the most trusted is Coastal Custom Wine Cellars.

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars is a reputable wine cellar design and construction company in California, known for creating efficient, durable, and beautiful wine storage solutions. Coastal creates custom wine cellars, both for commercial and residential purposes. Also, they manufacture both modular and custom wine racks, that fit their clients’ various storage requirements. Coastal also has experts that can apply wine rack stains according to their clients’ preferences. They offer free wine cellar design services, and provide their clients with 3D drawings of their desired wine cellar.

Coastal has teamed up with different wine cellar cooling unit manufacturers in California, too, in order to create effective wine storage solutions. One of their long term wine cellar cooling manufacturer partners is US Cellar Systems.

For more information about Coastal Custom Wine Cellars and their products and services, contact them today at +1 (888) 735-8889!

Tips on Storing Wine Bottles of Various Sizes

Wine collection is a fun hobby. More and more people are getting into the pursuit in California. One of the most important things when starting your own wine collection is to have a safe place to store the wines. A custom wine cellar with durable custom wine racks is ideal for wine storage.  

When you start collecting wine, you may encounter wines with different bottle types and sizes. The common challenge that wine enthusiasts face when they find these odd shaped and large size bottles is where and how to store them. Do not hesitate to buy unique wine bottle shapes. There are many at-home accommodations and off-site wine storage solutions that can help you store your varied wine collection.  

Here are a few tips on how to store wine bottles of varied sizes: 

1. Standard Wine Bottles 

Different Sizes Wine Bottles

Wine Bottles of Various Sizes

When people hear the term “standard” with regards to wine bottles, they think of the typical red and white wines, like Sauvignon Blank, Merlot or Bordeaux. Basically, standard wine bottle sare high-shouldered bottles with straight sides. Standard wine bottles are generally uniform in shape and size. They are usually 3” in diameter and they fit most wine racks 

What’s good about standard-sized bottles is that they are easy to store in a wine rack. If your wine collection is made of standard-sized wine bottles, you do not need to use bulk storage, and you will therefore be able to maximize your storage space capacity.  

2. Wide-Bodied Wine Bottles 

Burgundy wines, such as Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, usually come in wider wine bottles. Compared to standard wine bottles, wide-bodied wine bottles have sloped shoulders and a much wider bottom. Some of these bottles can have very sloped shoulders, depending on the region of France from whence the wine came.  Generally, wide wine bottles are 3.5” in diameter.  

Wide wine bottles cannot be stored in typical wine racks. You can forgo individual racking in favor of bulk storage, but this can be inconvenient when you are looking a particular bottle. Another option is to use a magnum wine rack. Magnum racks are designed to store large format wine bottles. If you intend to store wines in a wine refrigerator or cabinet, you will find that most have large slots included, but may be very limited.  

3. Champagne Bottles 

Champagne bottles are similar to burgundy or wide-bodied wine bottles, because they are also about 3.5” in diameter. The difference is that champagne bottles are thicker, heavier and are under more pressure. This type of bottle is more capable of enduring pressure. Champagne bottles are designed to withstand 90 pounds per square inch of pressure, which is three times the pressure in a car tire. Moreover, champagne bottles also have distinct indentations at the bottom.  

Champagne bottles have the same storage problem as wide bottles. Although the solution to storing them is the same, it is important to note that the wine racks for champagne bottles should be very durable. Since champagne bottles are heavier than Burgundy bottles, their weight may cause cheap wine racks to bend. Additionally, since these bottles are under pressure, they should be kept away from bulk storage like diamond racks. Magnum racks are a better option for storing champagne bottles.  

4. Tall Wine Bottles or Flutes 

German wine bottles, or flutes, are known to for their tall and slim bodies with long, elegant necks. Riesling, a white wine made from the Rhine region of Germany, usually comes in these tall wine bottles.   

The most common problem with German wine bottles is their height. Double deep wine racks are the solution, so that there is enough space to accommodate their length. But even if you store them in double deep wine racks, you can’t stack them end to end. They cannot be stacked with standard-sized bottles either. If you use a wine refrigerator or wine cabinet, you’ll have problems closing the door if they are stacked in this manner.  

5. Large Format Wine Bottles 

Most wineries make extra large wine bottles to showcase vintages. Large format wine bottles are great for celebrations and commemorations.  

Storage for this kind of wine bottle is usually a problem. Magnum and diamond racks are generally the solution. Storing a bottle larger than a magnum in a wine rack in your wine refrigerator or cabinet is very unlikely. If you do not have a wine rack to accommodate this kind of wine bottle, you may need to simply keep it in its original packaging. Just make sure that the conditions where you keep it is close to ideal is possible.  

Various Kinds of Wine Racks 

Wine Racks for All Bottle Sizes

Wine Racks for Bottles of Various Sizes

Wine racks in Los Angeles, California come in various shapes, sizes and designs. If your collection includes wine bottles of various sizes, it is best to have your wine racks custom made to accommodate them all.  

Wooden custom wine racks are the most common option for wine storage in California. Wooden wine racks can be made from a variety of wood types. The most common include Mahogany, Pine and Redwood.  

You custom wine racks should not only be durable and functional, but also beautifully designed. This is especially true if you want to flaunt your wine collection and your wine cellar to your guests. To make sure that your wine racks are gorgeously designed, have them planned and built by a trusted wine rack designer in Los Angeles, California. 

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars is one of the most trusted designers and builder of custom wine racks in California. They make wine racks from the most durable materials, and they offer you the opportunity to choose the material you want. Coastal helps their clients build their dream wine storage solutions by getting their clients’ personal preference and creating a 3D design to interpret their desired wine storage. Coastal accompanies their clients in creating their desired wine storage solution, from the designing or planning phase up to its completion. 

For more information about Coastal Custom Wine Cellars and their products and services, contact them at (888) 735-8889.

Wine Racks – An Essential Part of Wine Storage

Wine Racks Coastal California

Custom Wine Racks in CA by Coastal

If you love wine and are fond of collecting it, you should know that wine needs a proper storage place in order to age tastefully. The most ideal wine storage place is a residential custom wine cellar.

A custom wine cellar must be well designed in order to effectively keep wine at its best. Every single aspect of a wine cellar must be planned properly. One of the key parts of a custom wine cellar is the wine racking.

Wine enthusiasts spend a lot of time planning for the perfect wine racks. Custom wine racks are the best option in California. Custom wine racks can be made according to your personal preference, and can be constructed to fit your wine storage needs.

Here are tips on what to think about when choosing the custom wine racks for your wine collection:

What Materials to Use for Your Wine Racks

Custom wine racks can be made from a variety of materials. In fact, they can be made from virtually any material. The most common type of materials for wine racks are plastic, metal, steel, iron and wood.

Wine Racks California

Different Types of Wine Racks in California

1. Wrought Iron Wine Racks

Wrought iron is one of the most popular choices of materials for wine racks in CA. It is a good choice, because it is durable and long lasting. Wrought iron wine racks can be made in different styles, that range from traditional and antique to modern and contemporary. A lot of people opt to use wrought iron for their wine racks because the material can be made into fluid and artistic shapes.

2. Wooden Wine Racks

Wood is also another popular material when it comes to wine rack construction in California. There are various wood species to choose from, and they include Redwood (Premium Redwood and All Heart Redwood), Mahogany, Pine, Oak, Fir, etc. With wooden wine racks, you also get to choose from a variety of stain and finish options.

3. Plastic Wine Racks

Plastic is one of the newest materials that are being used today to build designer wine racks. What’s great about plastic wine racks is that they can be made into almost any design, and stacked to any shape.

4. Metal Wine Racks

Metal is not very easy to work with when building wine racks, but it is a very durable material. Just like wrought iron racks, metal wine racks can be made into fluid and flowing shapes and designs. You can also opt to paint metal wine racks, so that they match your existing décor.

Many wine storage experts say that metal wine racks should only be used for short term storage, because they tend to be smaller, and thus hold fewer wine bottles. Metal wine racks should be used for display purposes only, and not for wine aging. Metal wine racks can be of good use for commercial wine storage purposes.

5. Stainless Steel Wine Racks

Stainless steel is a durable material for wine racks. Stainless steel wine racks are highly resistant to corrosion and staining. They are also easy to clean. Stainless steel wine racks are great if you want a more modern or contemporary look for your custom wine cellar. They come in a variety of shapes, designs and sizes too.

Decide on How Big Your Wine Racks Should be

When planning for a wine rack it is imperative that you have a clear goal of how many wines you intend to store. Are you planning on a small wine collection of 10-15 bottles, or are you planning to have a continuously expanding collection? The size of your wine collection will determine the size of the wine racks that you need. Moreover, you also need to decide on what kind of wines you plan to collect. Different wines come in different bottle sizes. There are bottles that are larger than others, like those of sparkling wines and champagnes. The wine racks you need should be made to accommodate the wine bottles sizes of your wine collection.

Decide Whether You Want Your Wine Racks Horizontal or Vertical

Wine racks can either be horizontal or vertical. Which is appropriate for your wine racks depends on how you intend to use them. Horizontal wine racks are great for long term wine storage because the angle of the wine bottles keeps the corks moist. In long term wine storage, corks should always be kept moist, otherwise they shrink and air can get inside the bottle and spoil the wines. Vertical wine racks are good for short term storage, and with this configuration, sediment is allowed to settle at the bottom of the bottle, rather than around the cork.

Do you want your Wine Racks Wall Mounted or Free Standing?

You can opt to have your wine racks either mounted on the wall, or free standing. Wall mounted wine racks are great for display purposes, so that your guests can see the wine labels immediately. Wall mounted racks maximize space and can be very decorative. Free standing wine racks are great for those who have a continually expanding wine collection. You can remove these kinds of racks easily if you need to move your wine collection to another location, too.

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars: Trusted Wine Racks Designer & Builder

Wine Racks Designer

Wine Rack Builder California

It is important that your custom wine racks are not only beautifully designed but also properly constructed. To make sure of this, it is best to have a professional wine storage expert design and construct your custom wine racks. In Los Angeles, California, there are many wine storage designers and builders. Coastal Custom Wine Cellars is one of the most trusted wine rack and wine cellar builders in California. They boast of consistent customer satisfaction.

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars offers free consultation as well as a 3D design of your desired residential custom wine cellar. They will also be with you from the designing of your wine cellar up to its complete construction. Entrust your home custom wine cellar to Coastal. For more information about their products and services, contact them today at +1 (888) 735-8889!

Custom Wine Cellars Orange County Wine Geek Part Four


Custom Wine Cellars Orange County Wine Geek Part Four – A Processed Video Transcription

Wine Cellar Designs Orange County California Newport Coast Project

Tim:  Well, this is now looking very rich.

First Bottle in the Wine Cellar

First Bottle in the Wine Cellar

Leslie:  Yup.  Now this is a cute story actually.  I really was torn with the first bottle to put into my custom wine cellars Orange County California.  I didn’t know which one.  I didn’t have any good bottles at home.  I had kind of like my daily drinkers at home.  FedEx shows up and I get so excited because I think its stains for my doors, so my doors are going to get stained before my party.  So I opened up this box and I pulled it out and it’s a 2002 Penfolds Grange, which I don’t know if you know Grange is not a cheap bottle of wine.  It was a gift from a customer in Australia to welcome my cellar home.

Tim:  Oh, that’s nice!

Leslie:  So it came that day and I thought, “You know what, there’s my first bottle.”

Tim:  It does look a little lonely there, doesn’t it?

Leslie:  Exactly.  I even sent him a photo and what you’re seeing is you’re seeing light cards that basically are telling me, because I made Excel spreadsheets that said this row is going to be for this wine, this type of wine, and this type of wine.  So I put it.  It was the first bottle to enter my custom wine cellars Orange County California and it had the place to itself the entire first night.

Jerry:  Almost like an only child.

Leslie:  Yes, exactly.  I just love the fact that now when you look at all these photos it’s just sitting there by itself.  This is another silly story – my wine storage locker was cardboard wine tubes, custom made cardboard wine tubes.  So you’d open the locker and there’d be rows and rows of cardboard tubes.  Basically, I bought these moving boxes and we were able just to take those tubes and put them into moving boxes to move my wine home.

Sourcing of Different Wine Bottles

Tim:  I see.  So typically where do you source your wine?

Wine Storage Room for the Client's Wine Collection

Wine Storage Room for the Client’s Wine Collection

Leslie:  Source is mainly a lot of list, among a lot of Cab and Syrah list.  When they come out with an offering, I’ll jump on it.  There are certain wineries that you don’t want to miss an offering because they will bump you off that list in a second.  May 5th, I believe, was the day all the wine showed up.  I didn’t have room for all the boxes, so I literally got boxed into a corner.  My contractor brought in all the boxes.  We ran out of room so I stayed in a corner and started shoving bottles wherever I could fit them.  And he goes, “Either you have to leave this room or you don’t have access to the wine cellar racks or I actually box you in” and so he boxed me in.

It took me about three hours to work my way out because I had different wines.  I just put them randomly until I could figure out where everything should go.  It took me nine hours or half the night.  In that photo you’ll see the little video camera I shoved in the wine storage rack.  It took me nine hours to simply put the bottles in the correct location, but not categorized or not inventory where they’re at.  It took me usually a day and a half to actually, because I’m very anal retentive with my organization, so I’ve marked every single section of the wine cellar racks.  Every single space I know where the bottle is.  But for party it’s fantastic.

Organizing and Managing a Vast Wine Collection

Organizing Wines in Wine Cellar Racks from Coastal

Organizing Wines in Wine Cellar Racks from Coastal

Tim:  Do you have any particular plan as to how you’re going to organize it?

Leslie:  I already do.  There’s a wonderful website, if you’re not familiar with it, called Cellar Tracker (  It’s basically a web 2.0 way of organizing your wines.  Anyone could add a bottle.  If a new vineyard comes out with a new bottle, I can go and add that bottle.  When someone else buys that bottle, they can then find that bottle online and then they can add that bottle, add their purchase information.  If it gets professional scores they could then add that professional scoring information.

Wine Bottles in a Display Row

Wine Bottles in a Display Row

For example, if I have a friend that drinks a bottle, they can then post their own personal review on it and shows up on the page for that wine.  What’s really neat about it, and this is a perfect example, so I have everything organized so I know where the Clos Pepe Pinot is and someone said to me, “Leslie, I’d like to try a Copain Syrah” and so I was able on Cellar Tracker to use my iPad and go ‘Syrah Copain, show me by drinking window’ and it will show me by drinking window what Copain was ready and where it was located in my cellar, and  I was able to go straight to that wine storage rack and pull that bottle out.

Tim:  So this is the area where it goes into the closet area behind?

Leslie:  Those two rows that you see out of the three at the bottom go straight back to the closet.  The third one with the splits is actually against the wall that doesn’t contain the closet.  A lot of times people ask me to really put that closet in play and to me I thought it took away considerable from the aesthetic value of the cellar.  I just love the way it looks and if we put that closet into play I think it would have taken it away, which is why I really liked the idea of the modular wine cellar racks because I still have a way of being able to get back there.

Wine Tasting Event and Cheese Party Catering

Having Fun at the Wine Party

Having Fun at the Wine Party

Tim:  Now we’re getting into party time.

Leslie:  Now we’re getting into the party which I have a wonderful, wonderful cheese place and the boyfriend of one of the owners just moved back from Napa where he was a sous chef.  He put together all the food and they did all the cheeses, mince and everything else.  I had 40 people over and we just went crazy.  And it goes on.  I have three pages worth of photos here.  We just had a great time.  If you head over to the next page, you’ll see at one point, I’ll be very honest with you, I was a little tipsy.

Food for the Wine Party

Wine Party at the Wine Cellar

At one point, I was wondering do we really have enough food because I kept seeing them, usually they hang out near the wine, but they kept hanging out in the kitchen.  They were going crazy for this guy’s food.  I mean, they were just going gaga for it.  He did such a great job catering and it was so much fun.  He was in the kitchen the entire party.  He was making all sorts of different things.  It was so much fun and these were lamb sliders.  If you look around you could see all the other food out on the table or in my kitchen.  But people could care less because any time he brought something else new, they wanted to try it.

Tim:  I loved the way you finished on that.  It looks like he certainly had a good time.  What is this?

Leslie:  I do a cheese on wine offline at the Cheese Cave every three months.  It’s only open to twelve of us and we always do a different theme.  So the theme we have in July is going to be white wines, beers, and sticky wines.  The very first cheese cake we did, they were having so much fun.  They thought, “Let’s make an extra dessert.”

So it is Effie’s oatcakes with crème fresh and caramel.  They just whipped it together at the last minute and all of us loved it so much we annihilated their entire inventory to put back together, which they have never put together before.  Every time we go back and do another event we still continue to annihilate all of their oatcakes crème fresh and caramel.  Anything else they serve usually we just sell them out of it because they do such a good job of putting things together.

Custom Wine Cellars Orange County California Project for a Wine Geek

Custom Wine Cellars Orange County California Project for a Wine Geek

Tim:  I love the way it ended in the party.  I think you’ve done a great job with these pictures and I think the custom wine cellars Orange County California looks absolutely beautiful.  Nice one.

Leslie:  Thank you.

Wine Rack Materials, Designs and Buying Tips

Wine racks are an essential part of a wine collection. They hold and display one’s bottles in many ways. As a wine collector, your main goal is to preserve wine until it has reached its full potential. This is why high quality wine racks must be chosen. In addition to quality, one must also consider beauty and functionality.

These days, there are a lot of attractive wine racks on the market. They can be placed inside a California wine cellar or in any vacant spot in your home (in the living room, family room, kitchen, or on the wall).

Designers have thought of space-saving ideas for wine collectors who have limited space in their homes as more and more are beginning to be initiated in the world of wine. Other’s priority is the material and decorative function of wine racks. Storage racks come in many shapes, sizes, materials, and designs.

Wine Rack Materials



Wood is durable, easy to work with and obtain, flexible, easily matches any décor, and adds elegance to your space. Wooden wine racks can be stained according to your person taste.

Wooden Wine Racks

Wooden Wine Racks

There are semi-custom wooden wine rack kits offered by Coastal Custom Wine Cellars California, allowing you to create a semi-custom wine cellar. Included in their kits is the wine rack with a table top, a favorite of many wine cellar owners. This allows a space for decanting and serving wine and for additional storage space too. Visit this link to view the Coastal Series line of semi custom wine rack kits:


Metal Wine Racks

Metal Wine Racks


Metal wine racks help you achieve a contemporary look in your wine storage space and stunning wine storage displays. They are commonly used in commercial wine cellars to attract customers’ attention. They allow easy viewing of wine labels and are adjustable, making them ideal to be placed even in small corners of your house.

Wrought Iron 

Wrought Iron Wine Racks

Wrought Iron Wine Racks

Racks made of wrought iron are very stylish and creates a classic ambiance in your wine storage space. Durability and versatility are the characteristics that make wrought iron one of the favorite materials in wine rack construction.


Wine Rack Designs & Tips for Choosing the Right One

There are traditional, decorative and vintage types of wine racks to choose from. Wine rack styles include free-standing, stackable, countertop, wine rack with stemware storage, and wall mounted wine racks. Wall-mounted wine racks (designed for direct installation to the walls) are ideal when space is sparse.

Each style has its own advantages, so it’s best to have knowledge of them before purchasing one. You also have to determine the size of your collection or how many bottles you intended to store for a long time, the size of your wine bottles, the location where the rack will be placed, your budget, and of course, the look that you want in your wine storage space.

California Wine Cellar Builder

For quality and reliability of your custom wine rack, contact Wine Cellars by Coastal at (888) 735-8889. They also offer a FREE 3D wine cellar design.


Custom Wine Cellar Flooring in Orange County, California

Your custom wine cellar cannot be complete without wine cellar flooring. In fact, the wine cellar flooring is just as important as the other elements of your wine storage room. What’s fun about wine cellar flooring is that you can choose from a variety of design options, to suit your taste and complement the rest of the cellar’s design.

The following are a few of the most interesting choices of wine cellar flooring:

1. Cork Flooring

Cork is a great material for wine cellar flooring, as it is an effective heat and sound insulator. Thus, your wines are protected not only from heat damage, but also sound vibrations. Cork also contains a substance called “subherin,”a natural insect repellant that protects the cork from termite infestation. If you do choose cork flooring for your custom wine cellar in California, the installers will treat the corks with Microban to protect it from mold and mildew. They will also apply a moisture protection system, so that the cork will last longer. Finally, cork flooring is a good choice because it is gentle on the feet!

2. Wine Barrel Flooring

Reclaimed wine barrels are another good choice for a wine cellar flooring. Wine barrels have 3 basic parts, and these are the cooperage, the stave and the infusion. The cooperage refers to the top and the bottom of the barrel, the stave refers to the outside of the barrel, and the infusion refers to the inside of the wine barrel. The different parts each create their own unique appeal inside the custom wine cellar. For example, the barrel’s infusion has beautiful coloring from the wines that used to be stored in them. When this part is used for the flooring, a warm and earthy ambiance is created. The stave, on the other hand, has a lot of distinct markings on it, so these will create an artistic feel in your wine storage room.

3. Tile Wine Cellar Flooring

Tiles are a great choice for wine cellar flooring, more so if you use tiles with hand-painted designs. The designs can be up to you. They can be a hand-painting of your favorite wine labels, of beautiful vineyards, or of anything that involves wine. Tiles are a very durable material for wine cellar flooring, and easily washed too. Tiles, generally, are able to retain color, even if they are scratched or chipped.

4. Mosaic Cellar Flooring

A mosaic is another good idea for your wine cellar flooring. A mosaic can be made by using a mixture of different materials, such as stained glass, porcelain tiles or antiques fine china. Break these into pieces and fit them into each other to form a design like a vineyard, a bundle of grapes, or whatever you like. A protective glaze is applied to the mosaic to preserve and protect the work of art.

Wine Storage Essentials for the Wine Collector in California


It doesn’t matter if your wine collection is only a handful of wine bottles or thousands of vintages that you have gathered from different places, one thing is always important: storing these wines properly in order to keep them at their best quality.


The following are a few tips that you need to remember when building your own custom wine rack in Los Angeles:


1. Know the Basics of Storing Wine


Proper wine storage is the key to making sure that wines age tastefully. You should know the essential conditions for proper wine storage. First and foremost, wine should be kept in a temperature-controlled room. Ideally, the temperature in this wine storage room should be between 45 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Moreover, your wine collection should be kept away from sunlight and other sources of ultraviolet light and heat.


2. Consider Storage Space


It is important that wines are stored on their side so that the wines touch and moisten the corks. This position is necessary to prevent the corks from drying out and shrinking, which would otherwise result in air going into the bottle, thereby exposing the wines to untimely aging. Since all wines need to be resting horizontally, you must consider the space that you’ll be building your custom wine cellar in Los Angeles in. The space should be able to accommodate the number of wines that you intend to store.


3. Building Custom Wine Racks


Wine racks can be made from different kinds of material, like plastic, metal or wood. Wine racks will be the resting place for your beloved wines. You can get creative in building wine racks. You might want to use reclaimed materials, such as old wine bottle cases, and turn it into a unique wine rack.


4. Have a Wine Cellar Cooling System Installed


Different custom wine cellars in Orange County vary in wine cellar cooling units. One reason why they vary is that heat load has to be calculated inside the wine storage room, and the result of the calculation will determine the right wine cellar refrigeration unit for that specific wine cellar.


5. Consult a Wine Cellar Specialist


Although there are many aspects of designing and building a wine cellar that people can choose to do themselves, it is still safer and wiser to seek the help of an expert. If we do things ourselves, we might miss certain details that can be detrimental to the quality of the wines that we will be storing. There are very competent professional wine cellar designers and builders in California. Seek one and ask for his or her help in creating your dream custom wine cellar in CA. Wine Cellar Specialists are one of the few who have the best wine cellar designers and builders.


Custom Wine Cellar Tips: Knowing Which Wine Cellar Accessories You Need

Custom wine cellars in California should not only be beautifully designed, but also functional. Wine cellar accessories can help make your custom wine cellar more functional and improve how it looks. There are many wine cellar accessories to choose from, such as wine racks, wine holders, wine bottle openers, corkscrews, etc. Among the many wine accessories on the market, which ones do you really need and which ones don’t you? Here are a few of the essential wine cellar accessories that your custom wine cellar in Orange County should have:

1. Barcode Readers

Barcode readers will specifically benefit those who have large wine cellars in Los Angeles. Barcode readers will help you keep track of wine bottles that have recently been added to or removed from your wine storage room. You might want to consider using plug and play barcode readers that can be plugged into the USB port of a computer. These types are easy to use and are usually at 120 to 175 USD. These USB barcode scanners are able to automatically distinguish between all the popular barcodes. You may even choose to use your own barcode tags and other information on each wine bottle. Once you add or remove a bottle from your wine cellar in California, you simply need to scan the barcode label on the scanner and your records will automatically be updated.

2. Printable Wine Tags

Printable wine tags are another way to keep large custom wine cellars in Orange County, California organized. Regular wine tags can be hand written, but there are also those that can be put into your inkjet printer and you can print your own layout or notes. You may even include a barcode too. Of course, hand written wine tags are cheaper than those that need to be printed. These tags can also be made of plastic instead of paper. Plastic, of course, is more durable than paper, and these usually fit securely around the neck of your wine bottles. Plastic wine tags are reusable, so, although they are more expensive at purchase, you save more in the long run because you can use them over and over for many years.

3. Hygrometer or Hygro-Thermometer

Wines require specific conditions to be stored in. The right temperature and humidity have to be maintained in the custom wine cellar in order for wines to age tastefully. Hygrometers or hygro-thermometers detect changes in temperature and humidity and are capable of adjusting these accordingly.

Los Angeles Wine Cellars – Know the Calories in Your Wines

Nowadays, people are becoming more health conscious and critical with what they eat and drink. Most people tend to gear towards a healthy lifestyle. Nutritional facts that we see on the back of grocery items are commonly taken for granted by many.

Now these pieces of information are commonly being read by consumers, especially those who are health conscious. They don’t just buy what is affordable and trendy, but products which are good for them.

There are many people in different parts of the world, including Los Angeles, California, who love to drink wine because of its health benefits. Just because drinking wine is healthy doesn’t mean you have to drink more than what your body needs.

You must be aware of the calorie content of every wine you grab from your Los Angeles custom wine cellar or wine cabinet. You can even share this knowledge with your guests during a wine tasting party.

Factors that Determine the Calorie Content of Wines in Your Los Angeles Wine Cellars



Wine’s calorie value varies depending on its alcohol content. Alcohol contains 7 calories per gram. Wines with high alcohol content, including Zinfandel, have higher calories.

Sweetness is another factor that determines calories in wine. Dessert wines are sweet so they are higher in calorie content compared to other types of wine. Calories in a glass of white wine are slightly lower than a glass of reds because whites usually have lower amounts of residual sugar than reds.

On average, a glass of red or white wine has 100 calories. Examples of white wine that have a count of 25 calories per ounce are Chardonnays, Pinot Grigio, and Sauvignon Blanc. Wines that have high calories are Sherry, Port, and Vermouth. This is why these wines from your wine storage racks need to be served in glasses smaller than standard ones.

Another factor that contributes to wine’s calories is the wine’s density. The higher the density, the higher the calorie content is.

If you consume more calories than you burn, you gain weight. Thus, if you consume less calories than what you burn, you lose weight. Those who drink two glasses of wine regularly tend to gain less weight than those who drink water.

It is necessary to know how many calories are in your glass of wine to be able to make it a part of your low-calorie diet. Yes, drinking wine can provide some health benefits to your body, but you should drink moderately.

Considering your own wine cellar project? Contact Wine Cellars by Coastal at (888) 735-8889 to help you design and install your dream wine cellar. Click here to get a FREE 3D wine cellar design.

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars

Quality Wooden Wine Racks from Coastal Custom Wine Racks Los Angeles

Custom Wine Racks Design and Features

Custom Wine Racks Los Angeles California

Custom Wine Racks Los Angeles California

For wines to develop to their full potential, they not only require a wine cellar space that has a stable environment, but also one that is equipped with the appropriate wine storage solutions.  Wine racks are specially designed to facilitate proper placement of bottles during storage.  Storing wine bottles on their side allows the cork to maintain contact with the wine, which is essential to ensuring its sealing quality and preservation of the taste and flavor of wines.

Wine storage solutions are purpose-built to hold wine bottles at an angle and to provide a platform upon which wine lovers can showcase their collection.  They come in a variety of styles, sizes, and storage capacities that can suit different design preferences and storage needs.  Wood and metal are the most common materials used in manufacturing custom wine racks Los Angeles California.

Wine rack designs by Coastal Custom Wine Racks Los Angeles California provide a range of storage solutions that can accommodate both residential and commercial applications.  They offer racking systems made from metal pieces for wine enthusiasts who want to bring a contemporary look to their wine cellar.  Wooden wine racks are also available for collectors wishing to maintain a traditional feel.

Coastal wood wine rack displays are handcrafted by skilled craftsmen, using only the best wood varieties in wine rack construction, such as Northwestern Pine, Premium Redwood, and Malaysian Mahogany.  To help accentuate the natural beauty of the wood product and enhance its aesthetic quality, a range of wood stain options are available, including Rustic, Chappo, Cherry, and Chestnut.

Single Bottle Storage Wine Racks

Singel Bottle Storage Wine Racks

Single Bottle Storage Wine Racks

Single bottle storage racks have high reveal display rows that are pitched at a 15 degree angle to prevent the drying up of the cork and to allow for easy visibility of the finest labels.  This storage solution is available in 6′, 7′, and 8′ heights.  It has a bottle opening of 3 3/4″ that can accommodate all 750 ml wine bottle sizes.

Curved Corner Display Wooden Wine Racks

Curved Corner Wooden Wine Racks

Curved Corner Wooden Wine Racks

Curved corner display wooden wine racks are specifically built to provide a smooth transition between walls.  It also comes with a display row where wine aficionados can present their favorite wine bottles.

This display rack features a true radius curve that offers a continuous appearance and also adds to the structural integrity of the frame.  Check out these curved corner display wooden wine racks we installed for a wine cellar project.

Split Bottle, Magnum and Champagne Wooden Wine Racks

Magnum, Champagne and Split Bottle Wine Racks

Magnum, Champagne and Split Bottle Wine Racks

6′ Two-column split bottle wine racks are designed to hold 375 ml wine bottles or half bottles.  It has a total bottle storage capacity of 46 split bottles.  This display rack measures 74 1/8″ by 8 1/6″, and has a depth of 12 1/4”.

6′ Two-column magnum and champagne wine racks are specially made for storing large format bottles.  It has a bottle cubicle opening of 4 1/2″ for magnums and champagne bottles.  This racking system has a storage capacity of 32 bottles.

Diamond Bins and X-Cube Custom Wine Racks

Diamond Bin Wine Racks

Diamond Bin Wine Racks

X-Cube Wine Racks

X-Cube Wine Racks

For storing wines in bulk, Coastal offers Diamond bins and X-Cube storage racks.  Both wine racks are ideal for bulk storage and storing large format bottles.  Diamond bins have a total storage capacity of 200 bottles, while X-Cube wine racks can hold up to 132 bottles.  These storage solutions are designed to maximize storage capacity and to promote better air flow between bottles.

All wooden wine racks designed by Coastal Custom Wine Racks Los Angeles California are built with 1 1/2″ toe-kick base that elevates the wine racks off the floor and protects wine bottles against damage.  Their wine storage solutions are equipped with rear stabilizer bars to provide structural integrity to the entire frame, hand sanded to prevent scratches on wine labels.

California Wine Cellars – Wine Cork & Proper Wine Storage

In order to enjoy wine fully, it has to be stored properly. Besides a good residential custom wine cellar, there are other factors that contribute to the proper storage of wines. Wines corks are a vital element to keeping wines at their best. 

The Role of Wine Corks in Wine Storage

How wine is stored affects how wine tastes. Wine cellars are an ideal wine storage solution. Beside cellars, wine corks also play a vital role.

How wine is stored affects how wine tastes. Wine cellars are an ideal wine storage solution. Beside cellars, wine corks also play a vital role.

Wine corks are essential in proper wine storage. Since ancient times, cork has been used as wine bottle closures particularly in an Etruscan amphora in Tuscany way back in 16th century BC.

Due to technology and modernization, many have tried using alternative wine stoppers like plastic stoppers and screw caps as replacements to wine corks, but nothing beats the tried and tested wine corks to seal wine bottles.

Corks are derived from the bark of cork oak tree.  Cork is usually harvested from early May to late August when the corks can be removed from the tree without causing any permanent damage to it. It is an in demand material for flooring, thermal insulation in house walls, bulletin boards, wine stoppers, and many other projects.

Some of the countries which massively produce corks are Algeria and Tunisia in Africa, France, Spain, and Portugal in Europe. Among all these countries, Portugal is said to be the largest producer of corks.

Cork cambium is where the cork tissue is derived from. It is part of the outer bark of the cork oak tree. The cork tissue is composed of several layers of tiny cells. Each cell consists of a small amount of air. Lignin, suberin, and wax are the materials which make up the cell wall of the cork.

Let’s find out the properties of cork and why it is the best material for sealing wine bottles.

Properties of Wine Corks and How they Affect Wine Storage in California Wine Cellars

Wine corks are durable. They do not degrade easily when in contact with wine. Woody or vanillin odors may be imparted to wine, but this does not affect the flavor.

Cork is also highly coefficient to friction. Wine corks do not slide easily on glass, making it a really good wine bottle closure. This is also the reason why it is hard to remove wine corks in wine bottles when you try to open them.

Moreover, wine corks are compressible and resilient. When you compress the cork, it does not cause notable lateral expansion. In addition to that, it is resilient for the reason that it can return to 85 percent of its original volume in a few minutes.

Wine corks are also said to be elastic. The elastic property of the cork is because of the structure of its cells. This is why cork has the ability to adjust well to the shape of the wine bottle’s neck, creating an effective seal for wines in your wine cellar.

Moreover, the moisture content of the wine cork affects its microbial status and elasticity. 5% to 7% moisture is desired and should be maintained. If the moisture of the cork is high, the cork is prone to microbial growth and when moisture is too low it can cause the cork to dry out, become brittle, and may crumble when you remove it from the wine bottle.
Storing wine in a Los Angeles custom wine cellar with the ideal humidity level will prevent cork from drying out. This can be achieved with an efficient wine cellar cooling system. Making sure that wine bottles in your wine cellar racks are stored sideways so that cork is in contact with wine will also preserve the cork’s moisture.

Moving on, another essential characteristic of cork is its impermeability. Since cork has tightly pack cells, liquid and gas cannot easily get in the wine bottle, thus preventing wine oxidation which can ruin wine.

However, cork can have low permeability depending on some factors like genetic origin, soil, climate, tree dimensions, growth conditions, and age. Gases can pass through very small channels of wine corks, thus it is not advisable to expose wine bottles near vinegars, soaps, or any other substance which has acetic acid because it may affect the taste and quality of the wine.

Remember, wine corks may be just a piece of wood. They may be small, but they play a vital role in keeping your wines delicious and aromatic.

California Pine Wine Racks – Well-Loved by Many

Wine racking systems are an essential part of proper wine storage. Wine racks in Los Angeles are made from various types of materials. Wooden wine racks are among the most in-demand types, and Pine is one one of the most popular wood species chosen by wine cellar owners.

Pine as the Material for Wooden Wine Racks

Choosing the kind of wood that will be used for wine rack construction requires careful planning and research. This is important to avoid wasting money, time, and effort and for you to know the kind of wood that will best suit your taste and style. Here is some significant information that might help you when familiarizing yourself with one of the most commonly used materials for wine racks – pine wood.

“Pine” comes from the Latin word pinus. These are trees from the family Pinaceae and are said to have around 115 species. They are usually native to most part of the Northern Hemisphere, but have been introduced in most subtropical and temperate regions in the world. In Benguet, Philippines there is the Khasi Pine; while in Anhui, China they have Huangshan Pine.

Pines can reach the age of anywhere from 100 to 1,000 years. They can grow from 3 to 80 meters tall, but the majority of pine trees grow 15 to 45 meters tall. They are widely distributed in California and Mexico. Most species of pine wood are used as ornamental plants in large gardens or parks. In most countries, they are used as Christmas trees during the holiday season.

Wooden wine racks in Los Angeles made from Pine.

Wooden wine racks in Los Angeles made from Pine.

Pine needles are used for making baskets and trays. In addition to that, the nuts coming from pine trees- called pine nuts- can be eaten and are also processed to make oils used for cooking.

Pines are one of the most commercially important species of tree. They are valued for their wood pulp and timber. Pines that are usually used for commercial purposes are grown in plantations and are commonly used for furniture making, roofs, panels, and floorings.

Pine trees are an evergreen tree which means that they do not lose their leaves seasonally. This signifies that they are trees with good quality wood. They are also decay resistant, hence they are recommended to be used in most indoor construction.

Because of the characteristics given above, pines have been commonly used in manufactured wine racks. Pine wine racks installed in your California custom wine cellar, or any area in your home, have many advantages.

Why California Pine Wine Racks are Loved by Wine Connoisseurs & Manufacturers

Pine wine cellar racks are very versatile. With an expert in wine rack manufacturing, you can customize your wine racks to accommodate any number of wine bottles in your collection.

Many California wine cellar owners love pine wine racks because of their beauty. It is also easy to complement the existing décor of the living space where you want to display your wines using wine storage racks made from pine. Depending on your personal preference, pine wine racks can be painted, polished, or stained to make them more appealing.

In addition to versatility and beauty, many wine collectors love pine wine racks because of their strength, durability, workability, and cost-effectiveness. They are widely produced in the market, thus you will not have a hard time getting one for your home.

Custom Wine Racks Los Angeles – Stylish and Affordable Wine Storage Solutions

Proper placement of wine bottles is an important factor in wine storage.  Wine bottles need to be laid on their side in order to keep the cork in constant contact with the wine, and prevent it from shrinking and drying out.  A dried out cork loses its sealing quality and can cause wine faults that can damage the taste and flavor of wines.

Wine racks Los Angeles are specifically designed to facilitate proper bottle placement.  They allow wine bottles to be stored at an angle to maintain cork-wine contact.  They are available in a range of styles to suit various design requirements, as well as different storage capacities to accommodate various storage needs.

Wine racks can be used for commercial or residential purposes such as building custom wine cellars.  Some of the most popular wine racking styles are tabletop wine racks, wall mounted racks, stackable wine racks, Cube box wine racks, rectangular bins, island racks, and quarter round displays.

Different Wine Racking Systems for Various Wine Storage Needs


Wine Racks Los Angeles California

Wine Racks Los Angeles California


Tabletop wine racks are perfect for storing wines on a small scale.  These wine storage solutions can fit three to twelve bottles.  Tabletop racks can be placed on kitchen countertops or on a side table.  These racks have a decorative appearance that can bring elegant appeal to a small collection.

Wall mounted wine racks are ideal for small living spaces.  These racks don’t take up floor space because they are installed on the wall.  Racks that are mounted on the wall are a great way to utilize wall space for storage and are excellent for showcasing an impressive collection of wines.

Stackable wine storage solutions provide flexibility in storage options.  Additional units can be added as the need for storage space increases.  These racking systems are space efficient and provide ease of assembly, as they are simply placed on top of another.

Cube box wine racks and rectangular bins have large compartments that are ideal for bulk storage.  Cube racks can hold a large number of different wine bottle sizes while rectangular bins can accommodate cases of wine.  These wine racks Los Angeles can be used for residential and commercial purposes.

Island racks are mostly used in commercial storage and displays such as in wine retail stores.  They are designed to provide a clear view of wine labels to allow for easy browsing.  These are floor standing wine racks that can be placed in any part of a wine shop in order to maximize floor space.

Quarter round display racks are used to fill in corner spaces in a wine storage room.  They are perfect for storing large wine bottles upright such as magnums.  These display devices can also be used to store decanters and other decorative pieces.

Choosing Custom Wine Racks

There is also an option to have the wine racks custom made to match the design specifications of a given wine collector.  Custom wine racks Los Angeles are made to accommodate the uniqueness of each wine cellar.  Each space and architectural constraint of a wine room is taken into account.  This creates a racking system that fits the room perfectly, and at the same time adds a one of a kind appearance to the space.

Many wine collectors and wine retail business owners choose custom wine racks Los Angeles because of their flexibility. They are available in varying heights, widths and storage capacities. They also come in different finished, stains and wood specie used. Take a look at these custom wine racks:

Exquisite Wine Racks Los Angeles

Exquisite Wine Racks Los Angeles
Elegant Custom Wine Racks for Wine Cellars

Elegant Custom Wine Racks for Wine Cellars

Coastal Custom_Wine_Racks Los Angeles California

Coastal Custom Wine Racks Los Angeles California

California Wine Racks – Buying Tips and Advice

Written by

If you are a wine collector or just planning to start your own wine collection, you have to consider what kind of wine rack you have to avail. Some wine storage racks are readily available on the market while some can be built especially based on your given specifications.

In California and other parts of the world, most wine enthusiasts prefer to have their own residential custom wine cellar for their growing collection and for wines intended for long-term storage.

California custom wine cellars are designed and built specifically to allow wines to mature properly. The wine cellar cooling system and wine cellar door contribute a lot to proper wine storage, so it is essential that you choose a reliable California wine cellar builder.

But for those who are on a tight budget prefer to store wines in California wine racks. Hence, here are some questions you have to ask yourself before choosing your own California wine rack.

Questions you Need to Ask Yourself before Buying California Wine Racks


1)    Where will I place my wine rack?

Wine racks are not only for the purpose of keeping wine bottles in place, they can also be used as a home décor. Thus, you have to consider where you will place it. Whether you plan to put your wine cellar racks in your kitchen, living room, or dining area, you must make sure that your wines are not exposed to direct sunlight, heat, or vibration.



2)    How many wines do I intend to collect?

Are you going to collect only a few or a hundred wine bottles? This should be considered so that you will know the size of the wine rack that you have to buy. Stackable wine racks are also a perfect choice for a growing wine collection.



3)    What style of wine rack do I want to have?

The style of your wine rack will actually depend on your personal style and preference. You also have to consider the existing decor of the area so that your wine rack will enhance its beauty and create a good atmosphere.


4)    How much money will I spend for the wine rack?

It is important to know your budget for your wine rack. There are various wine rack designs and sizes that you can choose from. Nonetheless, if you want something more specific or you want your wine rack more personalized, there are many wine rack manufacturers that can custom-make them for you, but this can sometimes be more costly than ready-made wine racks.


GET YOUR OWN 3D WINE CELLAR DESIGN!!!These are only a few things to consider when purchasing a wine rack to ensure that your requirements, budget, and personal style are met. Remember that collecting wines is all about having fun and is a great experience. Every wine has its own story to tell, so include a wine rack in that fun-filled journey of wine collecting.

For any custom wine cellar needs, feel free to contact Wine Cellars by Coastal at (888) 735-8889 or click here to get your FREE 3D wine cellar design package.