Choosing a Finish for Wooden Wine Racks in Los Angeles, California

Wooden wine racks are a popular choice among wine enthusiasts in Los Angeles, California. They are among the most beautiful and durable types of wine racks in California. One of the advantages of having wooden wine racks is getting to choose from an array of finishes. A finish, when chosen and applied correctly, can enhance the beauty of a wooden wine rack.

Wine Racks Options in Los Angeles, California

Wine enthusiasts understand how important it is to invest in a good wine storage solution. Genuine wine enthusiasts know that wine collection is not just a hobby, but also an investment. Investments, no matter what their form, are things that increase in value, and therefore have to be protected. Having a quality wine storage solution will not only keep your wines safe, but also allow them to age tastefully.

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Wine Racking Systems in Los Angeles, California

There are various types of wine storage solutions in California. Wine racks are the most ideal resting place for wines. In Los Angeles, California, wine racks come in various shapes, sizes, designs, and materials. The most popular choice among wine lovers are wooden wine racks.

Wooden wine racks are very durable, and are beautiful to look at. Aesthetically, wooden wine racks create a classy and elegant vibe. Their beauty can be further enhanced by applying stains and finishes.

Tips on Choosing the Right Finish for Wooden Wine Racks

Wooden wine racks are a popular choice of wine storage solution in Los Angeles, California. On their own, wooden wine racks are already beautiful. But their beauty can further be enhanced when a wine rack stain is applied. Generally, wine rack stains come in a wide array of options. There are a few things to consider when choosing a finish for a wooden wine rack, and they include:

1. Do Your Really Want a Finish?

Before choosing any stain for your wine racks, you first need to decide if you really want a finish on them. Some types of wood used for wine racks, like Mahogany and Oak, are solid hardwoods. This means that they do not need a finish in order to last a lifetime in a wine cellar. Solid hardwoods age beautifully, and their colors reveal gradually over time. There are also some softer types of wood, like Cedar, that do not necessarily need to have a finish applied. Cedar is a very durable type of wood, and is known to hold up in a dark and humid environment (without developing mold or pest infestations).

If you do not necessarily have to have a finish on your wine rack, you can save more money by not having a finish applied. But of course, you can choose to have a finish applied if you really want to.

2. Choose a Finish that Doesn’t Have Foul Odors.

Wine racks are going to be placed in an airtight and enclosed environment. This is so that the temperature and humidity inside the wine cellar can be controlled and maintained to provide the ideal conditions for wine storage. This means that, if the finish you choose for your wooden wine racks produces a foul odor, it may seep in through the wine corks and negatively affect the flavor and aroma of your wines. Avoid stains and finishes that have strong odors.

3. Choose Between a Water Based or Oil Based Finish.

Wooden wine rack finishes can either be water based or oil based. One of the things you need to decide one when choosing a finish for your wine racks is whether you want to use a water based or oil based finish.

a. Water Based Wine Rack Finishes.

Water based finished are made with a combination of ingredients including, synthetic resins, film forming ingredients, and plasticizers. These ingredients make water based finishes very resistant to moisture. Water based finishes are fast drying finishes, and produce no irritating fumes.

b. Oil Based Wine Rack Finishes.

Compared to water based finishes, oil based finishes are easier to apply, and they are less temperamental, too. Generally, two or three applications of an oil based finish is enough to protect your wine racks. The most common complaint with oil based finishes is that they never fully dry. Although this characteristic makes oil based finishes more durable than water based finishes, the disadvantage is that the chemicals from the stains are more likely to penetrate the wine corks and affect the flavor of your wines.

5. Decide on Who Should You Have Apply the Wine Rack Stain.

If you do want to have a stain applied on your wooden wine racks in Los Angeles, California, you can choose to apply it yourself, or have an expert apply it for you. Most wine cellar construction companies not only design and build wine cellar and wine racks, but also provide wine rack stain application services. You can have them stain or finish your wine racking to match the existing trim, or change the color to suit your personal preference.

Wine Rack Designer and Builder in Los Angeles, California

A residential custom wine cellar with durable wooden custom wine racks is the most ideal storage option for wines. In Los Angeles, California, there are many wine rack designers and builders, and one of the most trusted is Coastal Custom Wine Cellars.

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars is a reputable wine cellar design and construction company in California, known for creating efficient, durable, and beautiful wine storage solutions. Coastal creates custom wine cellars, both for commercial and residential purposes. Also, they manufacture both modular and custom wine racks, that fit their clients’ various storage requirements. Coastal also has experts that can apply wine rack stains according to their clients’ preferences. They offer free wine cellar design services, and provide their clients with 3D drawings of their desired wine cellar.

Coastal has teamed up with different wine cellar cooling unit manufacturers in California, too, in order to create effective wine storage solutions. One of their long term wine cellar cooling manufacturer partners is US Cellar Systems.

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